12 March, 2014

Weekly Recap, 3/3 - 3/9

Another week filled with a few attempts at the current CrossFit Games Open workout, a fabulous weekend away with the ladies, and some yummy food.  :) Ready?

Monday, 3/3:  Rest Day

After work I decided to skip the gym so that I could cook up a storm in the kitchen for the remainder of the week.  Chicken adobo, mashed sweet potatoes, grilled asparagus, and even a few more goodies.  Also started preparing some dishes for the next few nights.

Chicken Adobo (w/gravy), Grilled asparagus, mashed sweet potatoes

Tuesday, 3/4: CrossFit

We're still working on low weights and high reps this month so today was:
- 3x15 back squats, I did 125#... slowly but unbroken!
- 3x15 push press, I did it at 65#.  Failed after 11 on my 3rd set. 

Oh! Have you guys ever tried cherimoya? I tried this fruit when I was in Peru and it was so delicious. I think some people also call it the custard fruit bc the consistency of the flesh is similar to a custard. I've really never had a fruit this sweet before and when I saw them at Whole Foods, I had to get one. It was crazy expensive but by pure luck the cashier didn't ring it up!  She couldn't find it in the system so just smiled and said "Enjoy!"  

yummy cherimoya

Wednesday, 3/5:  Rest Day

It was my mom's bday so I hung out with her the entire night!

Thursday, 3/6:  CrossFit / Open 14.2

I knew I wouldn't be around during the weekend so I had to do the workout right when it was announced, just in case I didn't have time by the deadline on Monday.  Jumped in with some of the coaches and attempted this beast of a workout.

Photo From CrossFit Games

I knew there was NO WAY I was going to make it to the 2nd round from 3:00 to 6:00 because my chest to bar pullups are horrendous.  Ugh!  The last time I really did them was in the Open the year before and they were miserable.

My first attempt I got through the overhead squats pretty quickly and then was only able to get 5 chest to bar pullups.  Womp. 

I think we killed a coach...

Friday, 3/7:  CrossFit / Open 14.2

I had some spare time before having to drive to PA so I quickly ran to the box and attempted 14.2 again.  Ugh...SAME EXACT SCORE!

Afterwards, I drove out west to PA to celebrate my college bff's bachelorette party!  They had rented a gorgeous house right on the Delaware River and we spent the entire weekend relaxing and having fun.  Nice few days of R&R.


I was in love with these floors...sorry for my gross feet!

My sleeping quarters for the weekend!

Saturday, 3/8: Rest Day

More relaxing at the ladies' weekend.  It was a lazy morning pretty much until 11:30 or so.  I was one of the first to wake up so I brewed some coffee and then a few of us cooked up breakfast for the gang.

We then headed to a pottery making class and then a winery for the next few hours.  The entire afternoon was great!  After the winery we headed back to the house to bum around and get ready for dinner.  After we had full bellies, we yet again relaxed and enjoyed some of the wine we had purchased at the winery. 

Wine, anyone? 

The view from my room

Yes, roasting marshmallows from the fireplace

Sunday, 3/9:  Rest Day

Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, it was an even lazier morning than the day before.  I was still one of the first ones awake so started up the coffee making.  After breakfast we all started getting our things together and headed home.  Definitely a great weekend and just what we all needed.  And now I want to permanently live in this house! 

On my way home I quickly ran some errands and then spent the rest of the day cleaning up the apartment.

Can't wait for the weather to warm up next week!!!!


  1. Nice relaxing weekend and that rental house looks gorgeous!

    1. I'm missing it big time this week! :)

  2. Nice job on your workouts! That relaxing weekend sounds amazing. I love winery trips - though haven't been to one in a long time!

    1. Thank you! This winery was decent but I need an amazing winery trip soon :)

  3. Looks like you had lots of fun! :)

  4. Didn't that WOD totally suck? I'm praying for something I'm at least able to complete, regardless of how many reps I get. Dang C2B. Dang Dave Castro.

    1. Dave Castro has been drinking way too heavily when he creates these freakin wods. How are you liking 14.3??? *sigh*

  5. I think my favorite part about the Games workouts is seeing my coaches collapse of the floor! It's sick and twisted but it makes me feel better to see that they're human too! (Especially since that's how I am after normal WODs lol).

    And ummm, yeah, that house looks fabulous and proximity to a winery only helps it! :)

    1. haha...yes!!!!!! Watching the coaches wod is def awesome. They don't always wod with us so it's great watching them go all out.