06 March, 2014

A 3 Day CrossFit Competition... at Disney!?

Because apparently Disney insists that I must give them money for athletic events.  And since I've been cutting back on runDisney events... let's create a Disney CrossFit competition!!

Photo courtesy of Disney

From a Press Release I just received... (They also posted the same information here)

The sport of competitive fitness, which is growing rapidly nationally and internationally, is coming to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort, the site of the inaugural Disney Fit Challenge this September.
 Disney Fit Challenge will be a three-day event (Sept 26-28) involving athletes competing in different fitness challenges that test a participant’s speed, strength, skill, endurance, balance and power.  Challenges are designed based on age and skill level with more experienced athletes competing in movements such as muscle-ups and double-unders while recreational participants compete in movements that may include box jumps, kettle bell swings, push-ups, squats and broad jumps. Competitors with the highest scores in their division and age group from the first two days advance to the final day of competition. 
A Health & Fitness Expo will feature the latest fitness merchandise, products and apparel during the competition.
“Competitive fitness is one of the fastest growing sports domestically and internationally with hundreds of thousands of competitors with more and more getting involved every day,’’ said Mike Millay, Director of Sports Development for Disney Sports. “We have uniquely designed the Disney Fit Challenge so that there are a variety of skill levels and age groups which will allow every competitor to test their true fitness abilities while also having plenty of fun, and then celebrate their achievements with a family vacation at Walt Disney World Resort.’’
 Disney Sports is collaborating with I AM CrossFit, one of the leading competitive fitness organizations in the Southeast, on the staging of Disney Fit Challenge. The event is the first of its kind held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, which hosts more than 350 sports events each year, and builds on the complex’s wide variety of athletic events geared towards athletes of all ages and abilities. 
Registration opens March 18, with competition slated for indoor and outdoor venues at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Daily admission for spectators is $16.50 for adults and $11.50 for children and can be purchased at the sports complex box office.

Um...and did I mention that the event falls on my birthday!??!?! No word on how much registration is or what the events are...

Photo courtesy of Disney News

Anyone interested??   


  1. Very important...how do I convince my husband that I NEED to go to this?!?! I'm thinking taking full advantage of DVC and annual passes?

    1. I have a feeling he won't need TOO much convincing. I mean...you DO have the DVC...and AP. :) right?

  2. SHUT UP. I die. I'll be right in the middle of recovery from my skin removal surgery or I'd be there for sure. gaaaaahhhhh

    1. Oh no!!! Hopefully you'll be able to still come watch though? I remember you said your surgery is planned for August. I think just coming to spectate will be awesome enough. CrossFit AND Disney...our two worlds are colliding! :) And we can finally meet!

  3. So I've been on the verge of trying CrossFit for soooo long (but I've been intimidated). Of course now that there is a Disney competition? I"m thinking this will push me over the edge and help me conquer my fears.

    1. Don't be intimidated! I know, easier said than done b/c I was petrified before I walked in there too. :) But Disney and CrossFit? perfect :D