10 February, 2014

Weekly Recap, 2/3 - 2/9

Like I mentioned in my last recap and on Facebook, I was sick as a dog early in the week so to say things were uneventful is a huge understatement!  I pretty much spent the beginning of the week on the couch with a box of tissues, a book (I ended up reading three while sick!), my laptop (which I hardly touched), a blanket, and pillow.  Oh, and comfy boyfriend who I proceeded to nap on and drool all over during the Biggest Loser finale.

Monday, 2/3:  Rest Day

I knew when I woke up that I shouldn't go to work but I also knew that my boss is rarely understanding of calling out sick.  Sitting at my desk was miserable, I felt bad for everyone around me while I sneezed and coughed up a lung or two, and I ended up leaving an hour or two early.  I proceeded to sleep on the couch the remainder of the night until about midnight when I finally stumbled to my bed.  Didn't get any sleep that entire night since I couldn't breathe and couldn't stop coughing.  FUN!

I did see this DVC pic and had to share though. Love it!


Tuesday, 2/4: Rest Day

I was finally smart and called out sick.  I didn't feel ANY better than the day prior.  I assumed my position on the couch and took 2 hour naps throughout the day, only getting up to blow my nose, try to snack on stuff, and drink lots of water.

My bf came over later in the evening to bring me dinner and that's when I proceeded to fall sound asleep during the end of the Biggest Loser and missed the entire Rachel fiasco.  I still haven't finished watching the episode but I've seen photos and read all the blogs.  I'm debating if I want to address the issue completely but, something needs to change in the Biggest Loser rule book.


Wednesday, 2/5:  Rest Day

Luckily, Mother Nature helped with yet another sick day.  One of the multiple snow storms to hit the NYC area was rearing it's ugly head and commuting into NYC for work was near impossible.  My friends that did all had horror stories of buses not making it up hills, hours of delays, streets not plowed in NYC (thanks DeBlasio!) and wading through inches of slushy ice water to cross streets.  Glad I decided to stay home again.

The bf and I spent the morning relaxing, making breakfast, and watching tv.  And then while he was on a conference call for work, I decided to bake up a storm in the kitchen and made two sets of pumpkin cookies.  One was much better than the other so I'll be posting that recipe soon!

The ones on the left were the winner!

Thursday, 2/6:  CrossFit

It was a quiet day at work so I decided to grab a relaxing solo lunch at one of my favorite Mexican spots around the corner.  I can't even begin to explain how much this is one of my fave salads ever.  I could probably eat it every day.  The chicken was a little iffy but the rest of it?  NOMNOMNOM.

Jicama, orange wedges, avocado, mulato balsamic vinaigrette, and sesame seeds..and chicken

This was also the day I played "Try not to die walking on sidewalks"

Walking to the bus stop from my house...that's a pure sheet of ice the entire length

Around the corner from work trying to get to lunch

After work I headed to CrossFit, still slightly under the weather.  My body felt fine but I was definitely still congested a little bit and sniffly.

Squat Clean, 8x1
In between sets:
- 1 Rope Climb, 20' target
- 20 pushups

During warmups, the congestion in my head was seriously messing with me.  I got winded SO easily and slightly light headed every time I would do a full squat.  Fun!  But since this workout wasn't for time, I took it slow and steady and didn't rush through anything.

115#-120#-125#-130#-135#-140# (failed)

I only got to 135# because I failed it a few times trying to drop under the bar.  Finally got it after 3 tries and then when I attempted 140?  I was just exhausted.  Called it a day.  Happy with it though since 135# is my current PR!

Friday, 2/7:  Rest Day

Seriously, this congestion and plague I have NEED to go away.  I feel a million times better, but still off.  Still coughy, stuffy, sniffly.  Meh, not cool.

After work I didn't have time to head to the gym.  Instead headed to my bff's house and we had an Olympics opening ceremony party!  We're slightly obsessed with the Olympics and I can't wait to watch the athletes compete over the next few weeks!  Just hoping all the #SochiProblems don't cause any issues.

Saturday, 2/8:  Rest Day

Yup, still congested.  I woke up and instead of heading to the gym, I went on a cleaning rampage.  I guess being stuck home in the house all week got me antsy to be organized.  Still not 100% done but the apartment is looking so much better!  I then met my bf for breakfast/lunch before he had to head to work and after headed out to do some pampering and errands. 

Not the best pic but I sent this to my bff after waiting FOREVER!

Later in the night I went to an old co-workers house and had a mini reunion with a bunch of people.  It was great to catch up and see what everyone is up to!  Seriously one of the best teams ever and we all miss working together!

Sunday, 2/9:  Rest Day

Umm...yeah....still congested and feeling off.  *sigh*  The bf and I had planned to head to the gym but we ended up having breakfast in bed and started watching The Following with Kevin Bacon.  Anyone else watch this???  I think we watched 4 episodes on Netflix already!

Finally getting motivated we went food shopping before heading to a friends house for a little bday party/Olympics watching party.  I'm so glad I'm not the only one of my friends obsessed with the Olympics!

All gathered around the tv!

And when I got home?  I went on a cooking SPREE!  I wanted to have a ton of things prepared and ready to be thrown together throughout the week so a ton of food prep.  2 hours later?  Finally ready for bed...whew!!! 

Salad stuff prepped and ready to go!


  1. Ugh, the weather in NYC has been so frustrating. Running outside is basically my only workout option, and I'm going stir-crazy as I've barely been able to WALK on the sidewalks without falling ... not even going to attempt running until the city becomes less of an ice palace.

    1. Seriously, it's SUCH a mess! What about heading to like Central Park? I know it's a pain in the arse but I'm sure that's all de-iced and ready to run on. And of course we're getting more snow this week. Hate this.

  2. Yikes, that is a very icy sidewalk!! This winter weather needs to go away - I am ready for spring lol

    I wrote about my thoughts on the BL15 controversy for my blog because I agree, something needs to change. I really hope that they promote weight loss towards a healthy lifestyle, not just a number on a scale...

    1. I can't believe it's supposed to snow AGAIN this week. It needs to stop! Totally agree about BL15. Granted I understand that this has never happened before so possibly they weren't prepared. I saw a youtube video with the two sisters from BL from a few seasons ago discussing the issue. They said that the BL show and trainers are in constant contact with the contestants while they're home before the finale checking in on food, exercise, weight. So who knows what happened. I also know they go to extreme measures 2-3 weeks before the finale to remove all excess water weight, etc. It's insane. She was in it to win it, and she did. But I honestly think the show needs to put a goal weight and then contestants aren't allowed to go below a certain percentage UNDER that or they're disqualified, etc.

  3. Feel better soon!! I haven't had nearly as much snow / ice as you guys have had, but I am so over it!! I just want temps in double digits already! When is spring going to get here?

    1. Thank you! Definitely feeling better :) And luckily today is a balmy 35 degrees. I just wish it would keep getting warmer!