30 January, 2014

Welcome to Healthy Dose of Pixie Dust!

So I think I can finally make it official!  Eat, Sleep, Run Disney has finally transitioned completely over to Healthy Dose of Pixie Dust.  Even I surprised myself by not breaking anything too bad while trying to switch the domains over!

Overall, the content will stay fairly the same, I just wanted to be able to talk about anything and everything, and not feel obligated to talk about runDisney stuff all the time.

On your ends, everything should stay the same.  All Eat, Sleep, Run Disney links will still work and reroute.  Any hard coded links that people have posted in their blogs and other sites will also reroute to the correct web site seamlessly.  Even my email address will forward to the new one I created under the new domain.

If you subscribe to the RSS feed, that will also continue to work.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Tasha Hobson, who's the mastermind and creator of the layout and header/logo.  My friend Jennifer recommended her and Tasha was amazing to work with at a very reasonable price.  I told her all of my ideas and thoughts for the site and she took it and ran with it.  I honestly didn't even have to tweak much when she sent me the first version, I loved it instantly.  Tasha has a great etsy site if you want even the smallest things on your site recreated or updated.  She works with both Blogger and Wordpress sites, just tell her which one you have.

To find Tasha's site and links to her work, her website is mycutelobster, and she also has an etsy page!

Also, if you guys see any links that don't work or anything that might need tweaking, please let me know!  And another big thanks to Justin at Always Running Forward for being my official QA guy last night.  :)


  1. Looks great! (And it really does take a village to make a blog work!)

  2. It looks great! I really want to redesign mine but it seems like so much effort!

  3. Love the new look! Everything looks great! :-D I know when I was redesigning my blog, I couldn't figure out how to do anything on my own...thank goodness for designers/people who know what they're doing!

  4. Looks great! Looking forward to the new content!

  5. Love the new name and the new look!!