28 January, 2014

Co-Ed CrossFit Total Competition

Morning everyone!  

*** If you haven't noticed yet, the blog has made the layout switch, however I haven't had time to sit down and actually make the website name change yet.  Will hopefully get to that tonight if I have some time to sit and dedicate to tinkering.  If anything isn't working right or doesn't load correctly, please let me know!  ***

So I was going to jump back into my weekly recaps that I used to do but then realized that this past week I've pretty much done absolutely nothing.  I was sick the week prior and then this past week my back was bothering me a little bit so I just stretched and rolled out a lot.  Not much else.  

However, this past Saturday a bunch of us from my CrossFit box/gym headed up to a competition in NY to test out our strength.  It was a co-ed team competition so one guy and one girl per team.  I convinced my boyfriend to do it with me.  :)  The goal was to find your max weight in a back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift.  You have three chances at each lift and your score is the max weights for both of you combined.  In CrossFit, we call this the CrossFit Total (CFT) and it's a great way to measure your progress every few months.  

As an example, some of my past CFT:
June 2012:  340 (115# back squat - 70# shoulder press - 155# deadlift)
Dec 2012:   425 (180# back squat - 80# shoulder press - 165# deadlift)
May 2013:  505 (225# back squat - 90# shoulder press - 190# deadlift)

My deadlift has always been atrocious compared to my other lifts.  I think I baby my back a lot and am always worried I'm going to hurt myself.  Normally, your deadlift should be your heaviest weight and it's usually my back squat.  I'm a freak of nature.  :)  However this time, I borrowed my friends lifting belt for all of my heavier lifts and I think it made SUCH a difference.  I know a lot of it is mental, but I felt that I didn't have to worry about my back as much and could just focus on lifting that damn bar.  

I knew going into this competition that my back squat is no longer at 225#.  We haven't been working on heavy weights lately and the past few times I've tried 225#, I've failed.  I did know that my deadlift was slightly better than it has been though so I was hopeful!  

Oh, did I mention the competition was broken down into weight classes too?  There was lightweight (under a combined weight of 320#),  midweight (321# - 350#), and then heavyweights (anything over 350#).  Now, if you've seen me or my boyfriend, you'd know there's no chance for us to be in any weight class OTHER than the heavyweights!  

Seeing the other teams that were in the heavys though was entertaining.  Some of these guys were legit powerlifters who only lift heavy weights every single day.  "I pick things up and put them down".... all day. Some of these guys were easily 360# by themselves, not including their female partners, who were also pushing 200# each.  Some big time lifters!  You can see some of these guys in the background of some of the photos.  

We knew we weren't going to win so we just went out and had a great time!  

We were given a few minutes to warm up but it was pretty chaotic trying to get 40+ people to warm-up on just a few lifting racks.  The competitors were all great and were sharing bars, but it was still a bit nuts.  

Warming up the back squat

First up?  The back squat....I knew I could hit 205# but I wanted to start out slightly lower than that as a 'safety'.  My first attempt was 195# and I hit it easily.  My next attempt was 205# and I again hit that pretty confidently.  Third attempt?  I went for 215#, which I hit the week prior when I was testing out the weights back home.    

Getting my bar ready for the first lift
Probably discussing my game plan, ha!

Hitting 205#

So one of the rules for the competition is that you had to wait for the judge to say your back squat went deep enough before you stand up.  Your butt has to go below your knees, or go past parallel.  When the bar gets heavy, I tend to squat shallow and it's always been one of my problems.

For my 215# attempt, I squatted and hit what I thought was the correct depth.  Unfortunately I didn't wait for the judge to tell me that it was a good lift and I started standing up too soon.  It was just habit to stand right up and not pause.  Everyone around me told me that my squat was legit but the judge said it wasn't b/c I didn't wait for him.  Totally my fault but I felt he should have called it earlier.  Oh well.  So my final score for my back squat was 205#.

Getting ready to squat 215#

You can tell by my face that I knew the squat wasn't going to count.  Boooooo
Yup, slightly annoyed my last squat didn't count!

My bf did awesome too, and hit some pretty impressive numbers.  Sadly I can't remember exactly what they were for his back squat! :)  I want to say 385#?

Next up?  The shoulder press.  I've hit 90# pretty consistently lately but just can't seem to get over that little hump and go any higher than that.  Sure enough, this time was no different.  My safety lift was 80#, and then I hit 90# with a teeny bit of a struggle.  My third attempt?  95# and that did NOT budge too far past my nose.  I had to admit defeat and moved on.  But I was happy with 90#!   The bf then went on to hit at least 215#.

Pressing my way to 90#

The bf hitting I think 215#

And now onto my dreaded lift, the dead lift.  Like I said earlier, I'm SO not a fan of this lift.  Not sure why I'm so weak in it compared to all my other ones, but I just am.  A month or so ago I finally hit 205# as my new PR but haven't had a chance to try to go heavier.

I was originally going to start at 185# but then in warm ups, I tried 175# and it felt fairly 'easy'.  Hmmm, this might not be so bad?  So on my first attempt, I went for 195# and...it went up easily.  My next lift?  I went for 205#, my current PR.  And?  That also went up fairly easily.  I was blown away.  When the judge asked me what I wanted to try for my third and final attempt, I quickly said 215# without much thinking.  Then I realized what I said.  WHAT?  I want to attempt a deadlift 10# heavier than I've ever tried?? Crazy, I know.  :)

After just hitting 205#

When it was my turn again, 215# was thrown on the bar and I asked one of our coaches to tighten up the lifting belt I was wearing.  Walked right up to the bar and boom!  Got that 215# up pretty easily too!  When the judge called the lift good, I quickly dropped the bar and turned to where everyone was standing and couldn't believe what just happened.  Did I actually just hit 215#?!  WOOT!

One of our awesome coaches helping me tighten my belt

Pretty sure this was the 215# lift!
Another view of 215#

After I finished, I watched and cheered on the guys doing their deadlifts.  My bf killed it with I believe a 470# or so deadlift.  Easy.  :)  Then I headed over to the lightweight area to cheer on our team.  

This kid right here?  A beast! 

The entire crew!

When the event finished, everyone hung around waiting for the winners to be announced.  The hosting gym brought in some pizza for everyone and it was gone in a matter of seconds.

Happy to say that everyone that came to compete from our gym did well!  In the lightweight division, we took fist and third, which is awesome!

My boyfriend and I came in 15th out of I believe 18 in the heavyweights but definitely happy with how we both did.  The teams that won and placed ahead of us moved some serious weight.  Impressive!

The lightweight winners!

Overall it was definitely a fun event.  Parts of it were a little unorganized but as the day went on, things started running smoother after they made a few tweaks.  Consensus is that we would all do this event again since we all had such a great time cheering each other on!


  1. I like the new look - nicely done!

  2. Forget lifting anything I can't even get my butt below my knees in a squat! Although maybe all that weight above me would help push me down...

    Haha, go you guys and congrats on the dead lift PR!

    1. Hmmm, that might actually work! :D Thank you :)

  3. Wow that's crazy awesome - good for you!

  4. Yeah, I think I just rewrote my New Year's resolutions to get to your level in CrossFit. Awesome and amazing job! Congrats! :)

    1. Thank you :) And baby steps! I definitely couldn't do this when I started, or even a few months ago!