26 June, 2012

My Week of Training, 6/18 - 6/24

Monday, 6/18:  CrossFit

I've officially found my least favorite WOD so far. 

Junk Yard Dogs & Over Unders

5 Rope Climbs
5 Clean Jerks
4 Rope Climbs
4 Clean Jerks
3 Rope Climbs
3 Clean Jerks
2 Rope Climbs
2 Clean Jerks
1 Rope Climb
1 Clean Jerk

Total:  19:03 but that was totally cheating with the fake rope climbs

Rope climbs were the devil.  I have sucked at them ever since we were forced to do them in gym class.  I did one full one to the ceiling in practice but that was it and that was only b/c the coach was holding the rope at the bottom.  I couldn't get more than halfway up on each of the reps on the first round of 5.  My fingers (I had on lifting gloves so the rest of my hands were ok) and my ankle/arch were killing me.  I felt like such a baby lol.  After the complete failed attempts, we finally modified them to baby rope climbs.  :( 

Clean jerks weren't bad.  Def tougher after the rope!

Tuesday, 6/19:  Rest Day

Wednesday, 6/20:  CrossFit

Just wasn't feeling it today!

Warmup: Burgenor Warmup

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
started out at 55# - 55# - 60# - 60# - 60# - 65# (failed) - 65# (failed)

Just could NOT get the 65# over my head whatsoever. Throw in 30 burpees in there whenever I failed, blah! It was already over 80 degrees when I got to the box this morning so that didn't help matters!

Post WOD: 100 situps

Thursday, 6/21: Rest Day

Friday, 6/22: CrossFit

Warmup: 800m run, Burgenor Warmup

WOD: "Amanda" in 20 mins
Three rounds, 9-7-5 reps, for time (up to 20mins):
- Muscle-up (we did 3x pullups & ring dips instead....so 27-21-15) (used blue & green band)
- Squat snatch, I did 55#

Wasn't bad!! Was definitely hard and the humidity didn't help though.

Final:  I got through 2 full rounds plus 7 pullups from the 3rd round.

Saturday, 6/23 & Sunday, 6/24: Rest Day and total gluttony!

My friend and I went to the Governor's Ball at Randall's Island in NYC this weekend.  Great weather, great music, awesome all around.  And no, I didn't keep Paleo AT ALL!!!!  Omg I think I ate everything in site and it was all (well mostly....)  AMAZING!

Passion Pit the first night
Day 1 Grub:  Crispy Brussel Sprouts & 3 cheese grilled cheese, banana foster ice cream w/choc choc cookie, tacos
Day 2 Grub:  Brisket taco, beer & pretzel ice cream w/choc chip cookie, grass fed beef dog Bahn Mi style, bacon maple waffle

18 June, 2012

My Week of Training, 6/11 - 6/17

Monday, 6/11:  CrossFit

This WOD scared me when I first walked in due to the handstand pushups but I really liked it!

Warmup: 2 rounds...
Burgener Warmup 55/25#
Junk Yard Dogs (w/partner)
Over/Unders (w/partner)

- Hang Squat Cleans w/Dumbells (I used 25#)
- Handstand Pushups

The cleans were definitely tough but the hardest was the handstand pushups!  At first used a 45# and 2 10# plates to decrease the distance I had to pushup.  2nd set took out a 10# plate and by the 3rd set I only used the 45# plate.  I liked them! Used the wall for support.

Final:  14:54

Tuesday, 6/12:  Rest Day

Wednesday, 6/13:  CrossFit

Warmup: 3 rounds x 5 reps
- Deadlifts, 115#
Not sure why these were SO hard today.  I attempted 135# and got one rep in and couldn't do anymore. Dropped it down to 115# and it was still near impossible.  Ugh.

Hero WOD:  "Michael"
So this was my first Hero WOD and I had NO idea what to expect.  Holy butt kicking!  

Hero workouts are a symbolic gesture in honor of a fallen soldier, Marine, sailor, etc.  The Hero WODs are a way to immortalize the fallen and remind ourselves that even in their untimely deaths these fellow CrossFitters were committed to the safety and freedom of the rest of us. (from their site)

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael McGreevy, 30, of Portville, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28, 2005.

3 Rounds for Time:
- 800 meter run
- 50 Back extensions
- 50 Situps

Doesn't sound horrible, right?? Right??? Another caveat is that the WOD has to be done in 25 minutes, or as much as possible in that time frame.

First round wasn't horrible.  Legs were a little iffy after the deadlifts but I got through the run & was the first done with the back extensions.   Then came the situps.  Full situps and I do NOT get along.  Holy hard, I have NO ab muscles apparently.

Second round is where I konked out.  Got through the run sluggish and then the back extensions took forever.  I really think I only got 40 situps before my poor abs refused to do anymore.

Third round I only got through 500m of the run before the 25 minutes was up.  OW!

However, I still loved the WOD and can't wait to do it again to see how I improve!

Thursday, 6/14: CrossFit

Warmup: Stretching
Front Squat Warmup: 45# x 5, 65# x 3, 85# x 1

WOD: Front Squats
95#, 115#, 115#, 115#, 115#

Totally didn't think I could do 115 for that many reps but success! Wrists got sore and collarbones hurt like hell. Need to work on that.

Post WOD:
As Many Rounds As Possible, 7 Minutes:
- 100m Row
- 20 Mountain Climbers (10 each side)
- 20 Pushups
I got through 3 full rounds and an extra 100m row.

Friday, 6/15:  CrossFit

Warmup: 500m run

WOD: "Hope"
3 Rounds, each exercise is 1 min long, rest for 1 min after each full round
- Burpees
- Power Snatch, 35#
- Box Jump, 20"
- Thrusters, 35#
- Chest to Bar PullUps, green band for assistance

Add up all reps for your total
Final: 45 reps, 49 reps, 40 reps = 134 total

Post WOD: 800m run

Totally kicked my butt but definitely felt better on the burpees than I ever have!

Saturday, 6/16:  Rest Day

Sunday, 6/17:  Rest Day


The week was kinda messy in terms of food.  Went down the shore for 3 days with my friends and tried being as good as possible but the wheels always fell off towards the end of the night.  Then there was Father's Day.  Gahhh!!!

But I did make Coffee Marinated Steak Fajitas, again from PaleOMG.  SO good!  Added a lot more lime and it was perfect.

Photo from PaleOMG

And I also attempted my first dessert... Simple Blueberry Muffins!  Yes, from PaleOMG too.  :)

Photo from PaleOMG
I totally enjoyed these but some of my friends that had them did NOT.  I thought there was a lot of almond butter in them when I saw the recipe so next time I think I'm going to cut it in half and replace it with some applesauce or something.  They were also pretty oily so maybe I won't use as much coconut oil.  I'll try them again...but I totally did like these!

12 June, 2012

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Registration Now Open!

Runners Get Second Chance to Earn Their “Fairy Wings’’ at Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland Resort

Registration opens today for the second annual event Jan. 18-20, 2013; nearly 20,000 runners expected to sign up for the women-focused weekend of events centered on health, fitness and active lifestyles

ANAHEIM, Ca. (June 12, 2012) — Starting today, runners interested in earning their ‘fairy wings’’ can sign up for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon at Disneyland Resort in January.

Registration is open at www.runDisney.com for runners interested in the weekend of events aimed at health, fitness and active lifestyles for women and girls. The second annual runDisney race weekend, scheduled for Jan. 18-20, will again be anchored by the 13.1-mile half marathon through Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park - including the new Cars Land - and the streets of Anaheim. The half marathon course will include music, entertainment and Disney characters at various junctures as well as runners in colorful Tinker Bell costumes. Runners who finish the half marathon will receive a Tinker Bell medal with its own set of wings.

The race weekend, hosted by Disneyland Resort and the City of Anaheim, features a variety of events, including The Never Land Family Fun 5K and the runDisney Kids’ races on Saturday (Jan. 19), and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon on Sunday (Jan. 20). There will also be a health and fitness expo Friday and Saturday (Jan. 18-19) showcasing the latest running merchandise, as well as guest speakers – all geared toward women.

The Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend is one of two women-focused event weekends in the runDisney series along with Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend, which takes place every spring at Walt Disney World Resort.  Both event weekends are among the largest women-specific events in the country.


So who's registering?? :)  And just because this is a women's focused race, it doesn't mean that men can't register too! 

11 June, 2012

My Week of Training, 6/4 - 6/10

For the Week of 6/4 - 6/10

Monday, 6/4:

Shoulder Press, 3 sets of 5
45# warmup - 65# complete fail, couldn't even get it over my head - 55# - 55# - 55#

- 25 Pushups (did the 'real' pushups, yay!)
- 5 Deadlifts 315/285 - I did 115#
- 25 Pushups (still did the 'real' ones but it took a tad longer lol)
- 10 Deadlifts 225/185 - I did 95#
- 25 Pushups (switched to girly pushups & even those were near impossible!)
- 15 Deadlifts 135/95 - I did 95# again

It's days like this that make me realize I'm such a weakling!  :)

Tuesday, 6/5: Rest Day, my hip flexor still hurt from the 5k

Wednesday, 6/6:

10k Run

OK so I'll categorize this as both CrossFit and a regular run.  Kinda like when they mesh together.  :)

Finish: 59:57... although my Garmin said we only ran 6.05 miles.  Regardless, still a butt kicking.  I haven't ran 6 miles in FOREVER and it was a wakeup call.  My time was decent (for me) but I just felt kinda run down.  Need to look more into Paleo for Athletes.

Thursday, 6/7:

1/2 mile run
Also did 5 reps of each move from CFT right before going into first set.  Warmup weight was lower.

CrossFit Total (CFT):  1 Rep, 3 times.  Adding weight each time to find max weight

- Backsquat:  95# - 105# - 115#
- Shoulder Press:  65# - 67.5# - 70#
- Deadlift:  115# -135# - 155#

Total (take last number from each move and add them):  340

Felt good with this!  It was my first time doing back squats but I think I could have gone a little heavier.  Shoulder press is always hard for me since I still don't have much upper body strength.  And deadlift surprised me.  That last one at 155# was hard as CRAP but I got it done!

Cooldown/Post WOD:
- 50 Burpees  (blah!)

Friday, 6/8: Rest Day to get rested for the 10k tomorrow!

Saturday, 6/9:  
NYRR Mini 10k

I was debating making a separate entry for the 10k but the way the morning started out, I decided not to.  :) 

So I knew the race wasn't going to be amazing when I woke up at 3am and proceeded to puke for about an hour. Was finally able to get to bed but woke up at 5:45 to head to the race.  The NYRR Mini is the very first all women's road race and they were celebrating their 40th anniversary.  Pretty cool! 

Met up with some friends from ROTE and we had a fun morning!  

Race wasn't horrible but started getting bad stomach cramps and side stitches the first 3 miles. Slowed down a bit and they went away. After that just decided to coast to the finish!  The hills in Central Park get me every time!  LOVED the ice pops at the finish line though, perfect way to end the race.  And every woman that finished received a carnation.  See?  I made the NYRR page!!

Sunday, 6/10:  Rest Day


As for the whole food and Paleo thing... this week was a toughie.  The weekend consisted of a Yankee game and a graduation party.  Not to mention the oven has STILL not been delivered.  Thanks a lot, Sears! So trying to cook meals for myself is near impossible unless I drag all my groceries to my dads house...which I did.  Eating out hasn't been impossible but I was getting bored with the options. 

However I did try two new Paleo recipes from PaleOMG that I liked.  And yes, I was on a curry kick for some reason.  I think I'm curried out for a few weeks now.  :)

Coconut Curry Chicken Noodle Bowl
**  Used 3 cups kale, chicken broth instead of vegetable, no coconut cream concentrate (didn't have any), no fish sauce (just added more coconut aminos), plus threw in a small can of water chestnuts for a little crunch. Awesome! 

Minus dad's tablecloth, I think it looks good!

Curry Meatballs
** Used bison instead of beef, and only 1 can of coconut milk.  Really easy!

Photo from PaleOMG

06 June, 2012

Happy National Running Day!

I've been trying to write this post all morning but work kept getting in the way!

Happy National Running Day to everyone!

Luckily I was able to get in a 6 mile run today this morning before work!  It was actually the WOD today for CrossFit so that fit in perfectly.  The WOD was supposed to be a 10k but I think the course was slightly short.

Did I ever say I love him?? :)

Did you guys get out and run?  Even if it's 1 mile or 20, it still counts! 

05 June, 2012

My Week in Training, 5/28 - 6/3

Let's see if we can get back to the weekly training recaps!  I haven't done one of these in god knows how long!

I'll also try to save a lot of you from the 'boring' details of the CrossFit WODs (Workout of the Day).  :)  Instead of posting full videos in the post for all of the exercises, I'll just try to post links.  I will be posting my measly weights for now so I can keep myself accountable and I'm able to go back and see how I've improved (if any!)

For the Week of  5/28 - 6/3

Monday, 5/28:  Rest Day

Tuesday, 5/29:  CrossFit

WOD:  "Helen" 
** All WODs that are named after women are benchmarking workouts.  They're a way to judge your improvement over a period of time.  Benchmarks, from what I understand, aren't done too regularly, to give you time to improve.
3 Rounds for time:
- 400m Run
- 21 1.5 Pood (55lb) Kettlebell swings, I used 35#
- 12 Pull-Ups, I used the green band to assist

Total Time: 20:09
Warmup: 400m run
Post WOD/Cooldown: 500m rowing

Was the only one in class this morning and I think the instructor took great pleasure in kicking my arse.  :)

Here's a quick look to see what Helen looks like.... 

Wednesday, 5/30:  CrossFit

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) for 20 mins
- 5 Chest to Bar Pullups - used green band for assistance (& normal pullups, not chest to bar)
- 5 Ring Dips - used blue band for assistance
- 15 squats

Final: 11 rounds & 5 extra pullups
Warmup: Deadlifts:  3 sets of 5 reps.  110# warmup, 120# for 3 sets.

For some reason, I really liked this WOD! 

Thursday, 5/31:  Rest Day

Friday, 6/1:  Rest Day

Saturday, 6/2:  CrossFit

Cleans, 7 Sets of 3:  (Since I was a newbie they had me do power cleans instead, which just removes the squat)
65# (warmup) - 70# - 70# - 70# - 75# (Failed) - 75# (Failed) - 75# - 75#

Post WOD:
100 Gorilla Jumps
Failed to do a full set of 3 all in one shot when I first went up to 75#. I was just having problems getting enough power to throw my elbows under the weight in one smooth motion and it was throwing off my balance so I just kept dropping the weight. After I think every instructor and a few other members came by to offer suggestions, I finally started getting it!

Sunday, 6/3: 5k Run

Ran the Matthew Fenton 5k, which honored a 24 year old Marine who was killed in Iraq in 2006.  For such a small town, I was definitely surprised with the amount of people that showed up and ran.  It was pretty awesome.

Hadn't ran a 5k for over a year prior so this run kicked my butt!  Ran my 3rd fastest 5k but I just felt completely sluggish!  Blah!  28:00


As for food?  I went on a cooking spree at my dad's house since my oven decided to konk out on me and had two of my favorite Paleo dishes so far!  I was sad when I finished the last of each of them.  :( 

Date & Shallot Rosemary Chicken (from PaleOMG)

Photo from PaleOMG

Pistachio Pesto Chicken 'Pasta' (from PaleOMG)

Photo from PaleOMG

And keep checking the Paleo Recipe page at the top of this blog to see what else I've been making!  All always try to post them here in a post too but I'm constantly adding new things!

04 June, 2012

Two Weeks of CrossFit & Paleo...and I'm in Love!

So I've officially finished two weeks of 'official' CrossFit classes.  Plus I've stuck to the Paleo eating plan for those same two weeks.  I seriously seriously love it!


The classes have totally kicked my butt.  Big time.  I love that I can get a great workout in usually under 30 minutes and am completely dripping sweat when I'm done.  Granted there is a warmup workout that isn't included in that 30 minutes but everything goes by so quickly.  I know I'll come across a few WODs (Workout of the Day) that I despise but so far I haven't stumbled upon any.  As I get more in the groove of things, I'll go into more detail!  I'm still trying to figure out how to post my training/food info without boring everyone to death.  Maybe just highlights every now and then. 

As for running, I still haven't done much of it.  However I did run a 5k yesterday with the box crew and did semi-ok.  3rd best 5k time for me.  It was HOT those last two miles plus I haven't ran a 5k in over a year.  I guess I'll take it!  There's also a 10k lined up as one of the WODs this week (Wednesday I think), and I'm running in they NYRR Mini-10k this Saturday.  Nothing like diving back into running head first, right?  :) 

And then there's the whole Paleo thing.  It's really NOT as hard as I thought it would be at all.  Obviously I'm not perfect and have had a few 'cheat' snacks & bites here and there but it's really only been 3 meals out of the 2 whole weeks.  If you guys haven't heard of Paleo, it's pretty much grain free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, bean free, and sugar free (usually, small quantities of honey and stuff is allowed).  Sounds crazy and impossible, right??  It's really not!  The main staples of the plan are lots of healthy protein (lean grass fed beef, free range poultry, uncured/nitrate free bacon, etc), veggies, and some fruit.  Plus a few added caveats.  Whole Foods has become my new best friend.  My wallet hated me after that first 'stock up' trip but after that, it really hasn't been that bad.  Yes, the meat is slightly more expensive but I've found myself eating home a LOT more, which saves me a ton of money.

 I scoured the interwebs for amazing recipes and have struck gold in a few of them.  PaleOMG  in particular.  This girl is hilarious and makes some seriously delicious Paleo food.  I mean seriously...how good does this look?!  (And yes, it's amazing...it's the Pistachio Pesto Chicken 'Pasta'...link in my recipe section and the caption of the photo!)

Souce:  PaleOMG

 So far eating Paleo, I feel really good.  I definitely have more energy, I'm not as bloated, I've dropped between 5 and 7 pounds.  I sleep better and I usually wake up before my alarm.  When's the last time THAT ever happened??? I know there's a period of time early on in going Paleo that some people feel run down and exhausted so I'm waiting for that to hit.  

A few people have asked me to post my favorite Paleo recipes and items, and I always want to remember my faves, so I created a new tab at the top of the blog for Paleo Recipes.  None of these are my own (yet!) so I always link back to the original site for the recipe itself.  I try to attempt at least 2 or 3 new recipes a week so keep checking back.  I'm constantly updating it! 

01 June, 2012

Guest Post: MeetUp & Fly Away runDisney Tinker Bell Event

Trying to keep this streak of guests posts going! 

For awhile now runDisney has been putting together meetups with runners every race weekend usually a day or two before the official race.  They've always been informative and a ton of fun for everyone involved.  So I wanted to get guest posts for all of the ones that my friends attend.

Since we're still working on the Tinker Bell weekend recaps, my friend Megan offered up her recap for the guest post.  A few of the Running of the Ears gang were selected and it seems like they all had a great time!

Tinker Bell Half Meetup!

Thanks to runDisney, I had the opportunity to attend a Meetup with Jeff Galloway (and other fabulous guests) the day before the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.

The morning started early – we met near the Disneyland hotel at 6:15 (not bad for someone still on East Coast time).  We were all given runDisney shirts to wear and set off on a 2 mile run through Disneyland.  Running in Disneyland and California Adventure at that hour was amazing.  I ran with my friend Carrie from ROTE and my new blogger friend Mallory.  Mallory took some amazing photos – I don’t know how she was able to tweet and run as well as she did!  We were told to be ready to run at a 12:00 pace.  I’m more of a 12:50 kind of girl, but I thought I could handle it for 2 miles.  We were running a 40 second run/20 second walk pattern, and well, I just couldn’t keep up.  We weren’t too far behind, but my heart rate kept skyrocketing, so I had to slow up a bit.  Mallory and Carrie stuck with me though, and we had a lot of fun.  We finished the run and I was shocked to see that we actually stuck to around an 11:30 pace!

We then headed into the Art of Animation theater for a few presentations.  It was fantastic.
We listened to runDisney’s Bob Hitchcock talk about runDisney and social media.  Bob’s a great guy and he definitely organized an amazing event.

Then he introduced Robin Trowbridge, who discussed all of the entertainment and special touches that go into a Disney race, such as having Tinker Bell fly during the 5K and having characters out on the course.  Someone asked what happens when Snow White needs a break – does another Snow White come out?  We were all appalled.  Of course there is only one Snow White!

We also heard from Lori, the runDisney member of the Disney Mom’s Panel.  What a sweetheart.
Megyn Price was the “celebrity runner” for this race, and trained up for this as her first half. She got to wear Bib #1!  She was awesome to listen to.  She was so normal and down to earth and, like every new runner, was terrified that she wouldn’t finish her first race.  (Spoiler alert – she did!)   She talked about how she had never been an athlete and how she wanted to do this to show her daughter how strong women can be.  It was fun when the tables sort of turned and instead of asking questions, people started reassuring her that she would be just fine.

And of course, the man himself, Jeff Galloway.  This was a great Q&A session – plenty of time to ask questions, anything from how to figure out run/walk intervals to the best way to start.  And he has a great rule – one that I follow myself: No puking.  I know many people who throw up after a hard run.  No run is worth that to me.  Jeff had great tips about listening to your body and doing what’s right for you.

At the end of the event, Minnie came out in her cute running outfit and posed for pictures!

Then we were treated to a wonderful surprise – we were invited to tour the Disneyland Dream Suite!

The Dream Suite is in New Orleans Square, by Pirates of the Caribbean.  It’s in a space that was originally intended for the Disney family, but it wasn’t built until 2007.  The space is amazing and is based off of the original plans for the apartment.  There were many sweet touches to the space.  We weren’t allowed to take photos, but I found a great online walk-through here.

What an amazing event.  And this was only a small part of the weekend, as the next day was the main event – the Inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon!


Thanks again, Megan!  Slightly jealous (ok...really jealous!) about the awesome meetup, and the tour of the Dream Suite!! Seems like runDisney keeps upping their game and out does themselves each time.  

If you want to read the recap directly from Megan's site, check it out here