06 November, 2012

Disneyland Eats: Steakhouse 55

On our first night in Disneyland, we wanted to splurge a little and start off our vacation right! One place that neither of us had been yet was Steakhouse 55.

Walking in it looks like a typical Steakhouse, dark woods, white table cloths, etc.  They want you to feel as if you stepped back in time to an old Hollywood club.  There are huge photos on the wall of celebrities at parties having meals so we assumed that the photos were taken here, when it was originally called Granville's but were told that they were taken all over Hollywood.

View before it got busy!

Unfortunately I think I was too hungry to take a photo of all of Pat's food too but I have all of mine!  I love me a good onion soup so when I saw a seven onion soup, I couldn't pass it up.  I was forewarned though that this isn't traditional French Onion and no melted cheese would be present.  

"Steakhouse 55" Seven Onion Soup

This was delicious, even without the melted cheese.  It was heartier than traditional onion soup and I was surprised at how filling it was.  There were parmesan crisps in there so I still had the cheese flavor.  When the dish was presented at the table, the bowl was empty except for the 'non-soup' items....the parmesan crisp, parsley, etc.  The server then poured the soup into the bowl at the table.

Filet Mignon

I ended up ordering my go-to meal at a steakhouse, the filet mignon.  I've tried every other cut of meat but this is still my favorite.  The filet was cooked perfectly medium as requested but it wasn't my favorite filet ever.  It was seasoned nicely but I still felt as if it were missing something.  It also wasn't as tender as I had hoped.  But it was still enjoyable and I devoured it.

For side dishes, we chose the green beans with bacon and the mac and cheese with bacon.  You can obviously never have too much bacon!  Both were very good but I think the string beans were my favorite.  I'm not a fan of blue/gorgonzola cheese or anything in that moldy family and I could taste it a bit in the mac and cheese, hence my slight aversion to it.  

Sauteed Green Beans with Applewood-Smoked Bacon
Macaroni and Cheese, 4 cheeses and bacon

The winner of the meal though, hands down, was dessert.  The server raved about the chocolate layer cake and I was tempted to try it but Pat and I couldn't keep our eyes off of the Root Beer Baked Alaska.  I'm in LOVE with root beer and root beer floats so this was right up my alley.  We had no idea what to expect but we ordered it anyway (Pat nixed the idea of ordering the chocolate cake as well lol).

The root beer float was just that, a mini root beer float.  But the baked alaska was amazing.  There was root beer ice cream under the meringue and the meringue was charred perfectly.  It reminded me of Fluff, the marshmallow topping that we used to make sandwiches with.  I could have easily had another order of this since it was so light.

"Root Beer" Baked Alaska - Root Beer Ice Cream, Root Beer Float Shooter Pound Cake

At the entrance of Steakhouse 55, there were a few photos of Walt that I had to snap pics of.  The lounge was pretty busy when we arrived and looked like a nice place to grab a drink.   Maybe next time!

Photos of Walt by the entrance
Photos of Walt by the entrance


  1. That steak looks outrageous! I'm salivating!

    1. Such a good meal! I'm still dreaming about that root beer dessert trio :)

  2. Jason and I LOVED Steakhouse 55!! We still talk about the steaks we ate! LOL I loved all the pictures on the wall, too! :0)

    1. Seriously, I can't wait to go back!