26 October, 2012

My First CrossFit Competition!

Wow, I just looked back and my last training update was in August!  I won't bore you guys to death with all the details but CrossFit has been great and I'm trying to motivate myself to ramp up my running again to get ready for Goofy!  I know I know...I'm falling a little behind on that whole training thing again.

On the CrossFit front....I competed in my first competition!!  AND I didn't die!  :)  This recap is going to be long and I apologize but I know some people skip my CrossFit updates so I figure I’d refrain from posting this in 3 separate posts. If you get bored you can also just browse the pretty little pictures I post with the recap.  :)

The competition was a 3 day event, hosted by my box, and held at 2 different boxes plus a day down at the Jersey Shore (no Snooki or Situation sightings this time though!).  Luckily it wasn't a solo competition and I had 3 amazing teammates to cheer me on and hold my hand through this whole nerve wracking process!  To say I was nervous that first day might have been an understatement.  

I originally wasn’t going to join a team at all and only go and cheer and see what competing entailed.
Then the manager of the box mentioned that a team was looking for another girl and she suggested I join them (each team needed 2 females and 2 males).  I had never met any of the other 3 teammates before and everyone I talked to said that the 3 of them were ridiculously awesome CrossFitters. Yikes!  No pressure, right? :)  So I finally said I’d join as long as they realized that I’m still a crazy newbie and by far the weakest on the team.  

Day 1

My CrossFit bff and I drove down to the Jersey Shore bright and early and met up with our respective teams.  After getting branded with our team numbers, all 30 teams lined up along the coastline for the opening ceremony.  Most of the proceeds benefitted the Wounded Warrior Project and was also in honor of September 11th so it was a pretty nice tribute.  

Next up came the explanation of the WOD (workout of the day).  I had already heard part of it from some of the coaches at the box but they changed the distances on us and made it even crazier! There was a HUGE rectangle in the sand marked off in cones.  One full lap around was 1200 meters.  

The WOD:
- 2 guys run 2 laps (total of 2400 meters each) while girls wait at start
- 2 girls run 2 laps (total of 2400 meters each) while guys wait at start
- 1 guy carries 140# yoke (2 huge buckets filled with sand hanging from either end of a large PVC pipe) for 200m (halfway across the field) while rest of team does walking lunges behind him
- next guy carries 140# yoke remaining 200m while rest of team does walking lunges behind him
- 2 girls tandem carry 140# yoke entire 400m length of field while guys do walking lunges behind them
- As a team, create a continuous chain where 3 members get into a downward dog position and last teammate crawls through the “tunnel” to the other side and assumes downward dog position. Teammate in first position follows through and crawls through and gets into position.  This chain continues for the entire 400m field.  
- After all 4 teammates reach the end of the field, 400m sprint to the finish line.  

Doesn’t seem THAT bad, right????  This was by far the longest WOD of my life.  It took most teams between 55 mins and an hour and 20 mins to finish.  And I don’t think I realized just how hard working out in deep sand is. OMG.

Sand running?  MISERABLE!  And you guys know I don’t mind running!  Luckily I think my running background totally helped b/c my teammate and I were passing people (AND coaches that were competing) the entire time.  

400m worth of walking lunges in the sand?  Woah butt and hamstrings!  I was feeling those for DAYS after!  

The easiest part of the entire WOD was the 140# yoke carry with my teammate.  Luckily the two of us are roughly the same height so the weight was distributed evenly.  We had to stop and rest twice and readjust the bar but we trucked through that pretty quickly.  

OMG and then there was that stupid human chain tunnel thing.  Halfway through we looked around and there were teams just laying in the sand trying to not die.  Here’s a pic to show you what it was b/c it’s impossible to explain!  

It wouldn’t have been that bad if 1) It was shorter (obvi).....2) The sand the entire way was soft and shell free.  Halfway through the 400m, the sand got really rocky and filled with broken shells so dragging your elbows and knees through it constantly was NOT fun.  Every person was sporting crazy battle wounds the next few weeks where the sand had rubbed our skin raw. Ouch!

And then the 400m sprint at the end seemed like it was the longest run of my life!  But the second we crossed that finish line, it felt awesome!  We then quickly all jumped into the surf to wash the crazy amounts of sand off and then came back to the finish line to cheer on the remaining teams.  

Day 2

Definitely the easiest day of the competition.  It was held at another local box so it was cool to see how another box was run.  The WOD was quick, fun, but still a butt kicking!

The WOD:
- Partner Fireman Carry:
- Guys need to carry each other around the building for 2 laps.  
- Girls need to carry each other around the building for 1 lap.
*** Can carry any way possible and one person can do all the work.
- When all 4 teammates are back to the mat, run to the end of the driveway and pick up all weights and bars needed and run back to your team mat
- Assemble bars and then 200 ground-to-overhead lifts.  Any lift is acceptable: power snatch, power clean and press, etc.  As long as it’s over your head at the end and you’re stable.
- Guys need to do combined 100 reps at 95#
- Girls need to do combined 100 reps at 65#
- 200 partner medicine ball situps.  Ball must touch ground behind your head
- Guys do combined 100 using 20# medicine ball
- Girls do combined 100 using 14# medicine ball
- 100 team wall-ball toss using 14# medicine ball.  Ball can NOT touch the ground at ALL so must be constantly moving.  When one teammate throws ball up, next teammate catches it and throws it up for the teammate behind, etc.  If drop medicine ball, 10 team burpees.
- When finished, run to mat, grab weights & sprint back to end of driveway.  Un-assemble weights and sprint back to mat for finish.  

For the fireman carry, my teammate insisted on carrying me the entire way.  LOVE HER!  Definitely think I could have carried her but it would have taken a LOT longer.  She ran the entire length of one part and then I switched to her other shoulder and she speed walked to almost the end.  Then we piggybacked the tiny gravel hill at the end so that we didn’t land on our faces.  

The ground to overheads were a struggle for me and I def slowed the team down a little bit.  At first, she and I were doing sets of 10 before swapping.  Then I started really slowing down so I jumped out after 5 or 7 each time and she would go in and do her 10.  I think she did around 55 or  60  total and I did 45 or 40.  

Medicine ball situps weren’t bad at all.  Yay! 

Team wall-ball toss though was interesting.  Luckily we were one of the only teams that didn’t have to do burpees!  People came up to us after saying they were impressed with how gracefully we completed the task.  We just got in a groove and were a well oiled machine!  

Overall I think the entire WOD took us between 16 and 20 minutes.  

Day 3:

So Day 3 was held at our box and the owner (the mastermind of the whole competition) I think decided to drive us all crazy and had 3 separate WODs for all of us to do.  This was also definitely my favorite day though because there were SO many familiar faces there to cheer us on.  Plus it was home turf.  :)  

Each person on a team completes one of the following:
- bear crawls around whole building (roughly 400m)
- 50 85# thrusters
- 75 over bar burpees
- 100 double unders

Considering I am horrible at bear crawls, I can’t thrust 85# over my head that many times, and I never had completed a double under?  I was stuck with the 75 over bar burpees.  MISERABLE!! You have the barbell on the ground, jump over it, do a burpee, jump over it again, do a burpee.... 75 times! GAH! When I was done I’m pretty sure I laid on the ground thinking I would die.  

WOD 2:
- Max combined team weight, ground to overhead, any lift, 13 rep max
So each person had 3 tries to do as much weight as possible.  Every rep counted though so if you failed at one, you got a 0 for that.  I started at 75# and easily did it, then 85# done.  And then somehow I said ok to 100# and failed miserably bringing my total to only 160.  I forget the total weight my team had but it was around 1650.  

WOD 3:  aka the WOD from Hell.  
I think the owner was seriously insane when he thought this up.
- 400 combined team pushups, each person does 100.  No girly pushups allowed.
- Starfish weight pass. I don’t even know HOW to explain this.  You all sit in a circle with your ankles touching and leg spread out so you look like a starfish.  There’s a 25# and a 10# plate given to each team.  Must pass each plate around in a complete circle 75 times.  
- 2 rounds of 25 spins each of what we used to call dizzy bat, using a teammate as the bat.  I forget what the official name for it was.
- 25 or 50 air squats each (I don’t remember b/c we never got to that part!)

The pushups took us awhile b/c some of the team had shoulder problems.  And that starfish thing is the devil.  Seriously.  Especially when both guys on our team were over 6 feet tall, one girl was 5’9 or 5’10 and I’m 5’6”.  Just reaching to hand the weight over was a struggle!  We only got through most of the dizzy bat spins and time was called.  

Overall our team came in 14th out of 30.  AND we were the top team from our box!  Some of these competitors were BEASTS!!!  

So yes, I had an amazing time.  I want to do more of these, constantly.  The support and motivation that every person gave each other, regardless of what team or box they were from was insane.  


  1. LOVE this! I can't wait to compete in a competition. Our box is hosting one next month but I'll be out of town :( Those were some INSANE workouts! Way to push through and great job for being the top team from your box!

    1. Thanks! I'll be away for the next one at my box too and I'm bummed about it!

  2. Congrats on your first CrossFit competition! Personally, I love reading your CrossFit posts the most and wish you'd share updates on your training more often. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I'll definitely be trying to ramp up the CrossFit posts!

  3. Oh my gosh, the "WOD from Hell" sounds horrendous, I honestly wouldn't have made it past the pushups...I think I can do like 3!

    The whole thing does look like a lot of fun though! : )

    1. Haha the pushups took FOREVER!!!!!! Thanks!

  4. Girl.... GET IT!!! You are incredible. Seriously I'm so amazed that you beasted those WODs like you did. I think I would have died on the sand run. Forreal. (I hate running soooo much)

    But the med balls I would have been all about. I think they're one of my favorite CrossFit toys! (besides the GHD ;)

    1. Haha I hate med balls!! GHD's though I do love :)

  5. Oh my goodness!! This event sounded awesome! Congrats for completing your first crossfit competition, that is an awesome feat!! All of those WOD's sounded insanely awesome!!

  6. Oh my gosh!! That is so impressive!! I was exhausted just reading about it! :) Congrats!