29 October, 2012

Adventures in Paleo Cooking, Part 3

I also hope everyone on the east coast is staying safe and dry during crazy Hurricane Sandy.  I'm writing this Sunday night and as of now it's just really windy out.  Hopefully when this auto posts on Monday morning, everything will still be up and running.  We already got word that work is closed since all NY and NJ mass transit has shutdown (Thank you Governors Christie and Cuomo)!  Gym is closed in the morning too so looks like I'll be sleeping in and attempting to clean and get some stuff done around the house before the power goes out!

Also, congrats to everyone that ran the Marine Corps Marathon this past weekend!  Seeing all the updates gave me serious jealously pangs.  It might have been my worst full marathon to date, but I still loved it.  Will need to do it again soon.

So anyways...here's a few more successful recipes that I stumbled upon!  And of course, I've had a few fails that I won't post here.  But apparently I just can't find decent pumpkin cookie or pancake recipes.  Or I just can't follow baking directions, who knows.

If you guys try any, let me (and the author of the recipe!) know how it is!

Chicken Mole (Everyday Paleo)
- I'm not sure I'd call this a traditional mole like any of the others I've had but I totally enjoyed every bite of this.  I think next time I'll add more chocolate and maybe some peppers in adobo sauce for more heat and smokey flavor.

Photo from Everyday Paleo

Crockpot Ropa Vieja w/Cuban 'Rice' (PaleOMG)
- Threw this all in the crockpot at night and in the morning it was ready!  I used a Bottom Round cut of beef since that's all Whole Foods had and it came out pretty good.  It had some great flavor but didn't remind me much of ropa vieja.  It was more of a stew kinda.  But still yummy.  The Cuban 'Rice' was also really good...but you put bacon in anything it's awesome, right?

Photo from PaleOMG

Fig & Rosemary Pork (Meals and Miles)
- OMG I loved this!  I followed the recipe exactly (but used dried rosemary instead) and then also added between 1/4 and 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar with the chicken broth.  I didn't really measure it out, just poured it right in.  I also needed to cook the pork longer since I think the tenderloin was still a little frozen in the middle.  The fig sauce was delicious and I could eat it by itself with a spoon!

Photo from Meals and Miles

Fire Roasted Bacon Meatloaf (Civilized Caveman Cooking)
- Seriously one of the BEST meatloafs I've ever had!  I made a different BBQ sauce than what was on his site and I def need to use George's BBQ sauce recipe.  I think it would have been better.  The meatloaf wasn't dry at all and had great flavor.  I added an extra heaping Tbs of almond flour to keep it together.  Also broiled it towards the end to get it crispy on the outside.  YUMMMMM

Photo from Civilized Caveman Cooking

Flourless Tahini Cookies  (La Cucina di Kait)
- I had about a cup of tahini sitting in my fridge for the past few weeks and needed to get rid of it.  A quick google search brought up this recipe and it was SO easy!  I had all of the ingredients in the house.   I used 2 Tbs of cocoa powder and topped half of them with chopped walnuts.  They're cakey in texture and I really enjoy them!  They're messy though, they don't look anything like the pic.  My dough was like peanut butter so I just spoon dropped the dough onto the cookie sheet and thats how I left them.

Photo from La Cucina di Kait

Stuffed Zucchini (Everyday Paleo)
- I'm not a fan of mushrooms so I omitted them but then the mixture needed something.  I threw in a little bit of marinara sauce to give it a little more substance and it was really good!  I used dried rosemary and probably should have used fresh.

Photo from Everyday Paleo


  1. Stay safe during the storm, Jenn!

    Did you get into Paleo when you started CrossFit, or after you had been doing CF for a while?

    1. I got into it right when I started CrossFit. I had researched it for awhile before I started but decided to start both at the same time.

  2. Oh that Crockpot Ropa Vieja is a favorite around here! It's not very Cuban (I grew up with a 100% cuban grandpa so I may be spoiled) but it is still delicious. and yes, bacon makes everything better.

    1. It is so good! I want to find a recipe that is more Cuban too though so I have both to make!