14 August, 2012

Week in Training, 8/6 - 8/12

The past week was all CrossFit, every week day.  That's what happens when I'm bored at home and it's too hot out to want to do a long run.  I did wrap up the week though with the Yankee Stadium 5k!

Monday, 8/6:  CrossFit

- 400m run
- 50 Pullups (did 20 w/blue - harder & 30 w/green band - easier)
- 400m run

WOD:  3 rounds for time....
- 15 hang power cleans - I used 75#
- 15 burpees

Hang Power Cleans (source)

So sadly the clock at the box konked out so we have no idea how fast we did it in.  But this was rough!

75# is a new PR for me, had only gotten up to 65# in the past!  The last two sets of hang power cleans took a bit, had to do 2 or 3 at a time towards the end.  Burpees had to be in spurts of 5 after awhile.  Do burpees EVER get easier?

Ha, I MIGHT need this.... (Source)

Tuesday, 8/7:  CrossFit

- 800m run
- 50 Pushups

- 100 Thrusters for time, max of 25 mins - used 45#
- Every time bar touches the ground, 25 Wallballs - used 14#

HOLY HARD! Last time we did 100 thrusters, it took me about 15 mins but we were allowed to put the bar down.  THIS was a whole different beast.  As long as the bar didn't touch the ground, we were still ok...so everyone was trying to figure out how to rest the bar on our bodies.  Backs, thighs, squats... it was rough.

I ended up only getting to 80 thrusters and had to put the bar down 4 times.  Total of 95 wallballs since time was called when I was mid-wallball. Tried to do 5 thrusters at a time and rest the bar somewhere on my body but it was miserable! lol

Yea...I don't want to do that WOD again for awhile!

Thrusters...yay!  (Source)

Wednesday, 8/8:  CrossFit

- 800m run
- 50 pullups (25 blue band - harder, 25 green band - easier)...baby steps!
- 800m run

- Clean & Jerks:  3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3
65# warmup x 5, 85# warmup x 3, 90# warmup x1
95# - 95# - 95# (only got 2) - 95# (only got 2) - 95# (only got 1)

Clean & Jerks (Source)

The first time I did Clean & Jerks was a little over a month ago and it wasn't to max weight, so this is a nice little PR :)

My brain just WASN'T working though, and my body wasn't having it towards the end.  I just could NOT get my elbows under the bar at all after awhile.  I got the height just couldn't finish it up.  I attempted a 6th set just to see if I could get any cleans but failed miserably.

And can't I consider this a PR for Power Cleans as well?  In the past it was 90#.

Thursday, 8/9:  CrossFit... the "Filthy Fifty"

Woah... lol

- 1000m run
- 50 Pullups (20 blue band, 30 green band)
- 1000m run

WOD:  The Filthy Fifty.... 30 minute max
- 50 Box jump, 24 inch box
- 50 Jumping pull-ups
- 50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood (35#)
- Walking Lunge, 50 steps
- 50 Knees to elbows
- 50 Push press, 45#
- 50 Back extensions
- 50 Wall ball shots, 20# ball  (I used 14#)
- 50 Burpees
- 50 Double unders

Holy Filthy!  I knew today was going to be brutal but this seriously kicked my rear.  Since there were so many of us in class at 5pm, we started at different sections of the WOD.  I started with kettlebell swings and continued my way down the list.

Umm... I only got to 10 Burpees!!  I guess getting to 6 of the 9 stations wasn't horrible.  But still.  Knees to elbows is what ate up a TON of time.  I just couldn't get momentum going and felt all off balance so I had to do like 2 at a time.  FOREVER.

And the weights weren't scaled down for the girls.  Except I realized I was using a 14# medicine ball instead of 20#.  ooops.

Friday, 8/10:  CrossFit

- 800m run
- 50 pushups
- 1000m row

- 30 Thrusters 75/45#  (I used 45#)
- 3 15ft rope climbs
- 20 Thrusters 75/45#
- 2 15ft rope climbs
- 10 Thrusters 75/45#
- 1 15ft rope climbs

Total Time:  12:23 (I think...)

Yayyyy rope climbs!  (Source)

Last time I attempted rope climbs I could really only get up to the ceiling once.  I'm proud to say I hit the ceiling EACH time for these!

Thrusters weren't bad but compared to the rest of the week, these thrusters were tame! :)

Saturday, 8/11:  Rest Day

Sunday, 8/12:  Yankee Stadium 5k

More on that later!  I'm trying to do a separate post on it! 


  1. What a week! Your warm ups include a lot more running than ours. Great job on the PRs this week! and man, those thrusters sound horrible. We've done 12 minute AMRAP Thrusters with burpee penalties for dropping the bar. and no- burpees never get easier. LOL.

  2. @Courtney... last week was an unusual amount of running. We were joking that the owner must have been bored or pissed off. :) This week we're back to a lot of non-running warmups! And thank you!