06 August, 2012

Week in Training, 7/30 - 8/5

Last week went pretty well in terms of CrossFit.  STILL haven't gotten my butt outside to run in addition to it though!  Exams are today and tomorrow though so after that, I'll REALLY have some free time on my hands.

Ugh, this is what I feel like right now! 

Oh, and those GHD's that I did last Thursday?  It still hurts to sneeze!  :(

Monday, 7/30:  CrossFit

- Deadlifts 3x5
Did a 135# warmup and the rest at 155#.  Ouch! I probably should have dropped down to a lighter weight since it took me FOREVER!  And my back was definitely really sore the next day.  Oops.  Only one way to learn I guess.

AMRAP (as many rounds as posible), 7 mins:
- 10 Wallball Toss - used 14#
- 10 Pushups - did them all the 'real' way
- 10 air squats
- 2 min rest
- repeat for another 7 mins

Total:  4 rounds, 4 rounds
Today I hated pushups.  But got through the WOD and felt good!

Tuesday, 7/31:  Rest Day

I woke up late and had class in the afternoon so no time to get to the box.  Felt good resting my back though!

Wednesday, 8/1:  CrossFit

Push Press - 15#
- 10 Second Hold
- 10 reps, 2 rounds

- Push Press, 7x2
45# warmup (5 reps)
55 - 65 - 75 - 80 - 85 - 90 (fail) - 90

A new PR!! Last time I only got to 70 or 75!  WOOT!

Thursday, 8/2:  CrossFit

2 rounds:
- 800m run
- 50 Double Unders or 150 single jump rope (I did singles)

- 21 Back Squats, used 95#
- 42 GHD (glute ham developers)
- 15 Back Squats, used 95#
- 30 GHD
- 9 Back Squats, used 95#
- 18 GHD  (or 54 regular situps), since I'm still new to GHD they bumped me down to regular situps for this round!

Total time:  14:35

Felt good the entire workout.  I know the GHD's are going to kick my butt over the next few days.  They don't hurt at all when doing them but you'll be reminded about them for days to come.   Last time I did them I sneezed 5 days later and it hurt!  :)  They ease all the newbies into them so only the veterans do GHD's the entire WOD.

Friday, 8/3:  CrossFit

"Cindy" for 3 rounds:
- 5 Pullups (used blue band)
- 10 Pushups
- 15 Air Squats

WOD:  AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), 25 mins
- 10 Kettlebell Swings, 55/35 - I used 35#
- 25 Shoulder Press, 45/25 - I used 25#
- 10 Kettlebell Swings, 55/35 - I used 35#
- 2 min rest

Total: 4 full rounds plus 10 KBS & 25 shoulder press

Woah, we did NOT think that this would be this hard!  It was all shoulders over and over and over...lol.  We were all joking how the shoulder presses would be light...yeaaaaa definitely not!  My arms feel like jello!

Post WOD:  500m run

Saturday, 8/4:  Rest Day

Sunday, 8/5:  Rest Day


  1. Wow girly! What a great week of WOD's!! I know the feeling about trying to fit in the run on top of crossfit. It's a balance thing and a rest thing. I'm hoping to figure out how to do both one of these days! keep up the great work!!

  2. @Linz... thank you! I def need to figure out how to balance the two but for now I'm just enjoying this so much!