22 August, 2012

Getting Excited!

As the Disneyland countdown winds it's way to 0, I'm getting more and more excited.  Last year was my first trip to Disneyland EVER so it was a total overwhelming unique experience.

But what am I looking forward to this time around?

The teeny tiny castle... :)  

From last years half marathon trip

I know I joke about it all the time, but I honestly do like it!  I just like to joke around with Keith since he loves DL and I love WDW.  The Sleeping Beauty castle walkthrough is pretty cool and something unique you can't see in FL.

Cars Land! 

Source:  InsidetheMagic

Since I wasn't planning on heading to Disneyland for awhile, I only half paid attention to all of the Cars Land hoopla that was going on.  It seemed awesome but I was waiting to get excited.  Well now?  I can't stop reading about it!  It sounds beautiful!  And I have to make sure that we go during the day AND at night.  It looks stunning!


Need I say more?  Since Pat will be joining me on this trip, we're heading to Steakhouse 55 (we couldn't make it there last year) and Napa Rose.  Napa Rose MIGHT have been one of my all time favorite meals EVER.  Yes, EVER.

But on a cheaper budget, we obviously need to stuff ourselves and carb up with Mickey beignets every day, Mint Juleps, and of course Dole Whip floats.  However... to joke around with Keith some more.... Disneyland dole whips are MUCH different than WDW dole whips, I swear.  Slightly different taste, different texture, slightly smaller... and I think WDW's are better.  However... Disneyland does include the cute little umbrella and a cherry.  :)

Pistachio crusted lamb chops at Napa Rose

Mickey beignets!

Dole Whip floats!

World of Color

We did get to see it last year but we didn't have a great spot so I'd LOVE to see it again with a much better view.

Source:  Tom Bricker at TouringPlans

Pirates of the Caribbean

I know they have the 'same' ride in Florida, but it's SO much different and I will easily say that Disneyland's is better.  The ride is much longer and there are so many other scenes to see!

Source:  Cory Disbrow's Flickr

I'm pretty sure the list could go on and on... but I'll spare you guys until I get back!

What's everyone else looking forward to? 


  1. This year is my very first trip (EVER!) to DL. I'm so excited! We're doing 5 park days, an Angels game, walk in Walt's footsteps, Steakhouse 55 and Carthay Circle. Whoo!

  2. I am really excited to see the new things at DCA... Cars Land, the new entrance area and we tried getting reservations for Carthay Circle but they were already full, so we plan on going to the Lounge for drinks and apps!
    I had not heard of Steakhouse 55 before, but it looks great!
    So excited to get there!

  3. @Beth... We're doing 5 days as well. That's what we did last year and we still didn't see everything, although we really took our time. I hear the Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour is amazing! You'll have to let me know how it is. And I totally forgot to mention that we were also doing Carthay Circle. I can NOT wait!

    @Heather...I would definitely try calling again about Carthay! When I decided to finally book the trip, my friend called to add us onto his Carthay reservation and they were able to if we just bumped the dinner down by 20 minutes. Keep checking! Steakhouse 55 is in the Disneyland Hotel and is supposed to be scrumptious!

  4. We ate at Steakhouse 55 in January after Tinkerbell. The food was awesome. Super pricey though and the waiter we got? Absolutely terrible. Killed the whole experience :( Hope you have a much better experience!


  5. Carthay Circle is delicious!! Cars Land is so amazing. The line for Radiator Springs was still ridiculous when I went a few weeks back - fastpasses are usually gone by 9 a.m. but the single rider line wasn't too bad. I agree with you on Pirates!! And I'm bummed you still aren't going to be able to experience Haunted Mansion.

  6. What did you think of the Indiana Jones ride? It's easily one of my favorite Disney park rides. We did the single rider line the last time we were there and it's kind of cool bc they send to the front of the line through a "secret" way. Just something to try for a different experience. Plus, the wait is a lot shorter.

    Disneyland half in 2010 was my first half and this will be my 3rd year doing it. Aren't you glad you changed your mind? ;)

  7. I can't wait to hear what you think of Cars Land!! And good luck with the race!!

  8. Ha ha, just saw this post! "Teeny tiny" castle, hmmph! I feel like you and I are going to tease each other like siblings till we're both 90. :p

    Can't wait to hang out with ya!

  9. @Anonymous... hopefully we'll have better luck with service!

    @Emily...I can't WAIT to eat at Carthay and see Cars Land!

    @Jaime...I really liked Indiana Jones! Reminds me a little of Dinosaur but a million times better. DEF glad I decided to register!

    @gfreerunner....thank you! I'll be hopefully writing full recaps of the trip and Cars Land!

    @Keith...hehehe it IS tiny!!! And yes, we will be taunting each other for decades to come :)

  10. I have been to DL a zillion times as a SoCal resident and just moved back here from Chicago. I have never been to WDW but will for the first time for the Princess Half in Feb 2013- I cannot wait to compare the experiences and sights/scenery of both!

    I also cannot wait to see how California Adventure looks after the remodel and the new Cars Land, SO excited!

    1. I'd love to hear what you think of WDW when you get back! And you get that awesome new medal for Princess! California Adventure looks so much better than it did, but I only saw it while it was under crazy construction. Cars Land is gorgeous!