17 August, 2012

California Dreamin!!!

So umm... I swear my friends are the WORST when it comes to peer pressure.... the WORST!!!

Yesterday someone posted that there were a few additional spots available for the Disneyland Half over Labor Day.... can you see where this is going???

Well, this just happened...

Yes, I will be there!  I found a decent flight and decided to just take the plunge.  Now I just need to find a floor or couch to crash on.  Anyone have any extra room?  :)

Side note... if you too are swayed by peer pressure...  the link to register is here.  


  1. Awesome!! I wish, but not in the cards for me this year... But two words for you - Cars Land!!!!! It is so amazing!! And three more words - Carthay Circle Restaurant. Oh and the Mickey & Walt statue. I loved all the changes. You are going to have a great time!

  2. How fun!!!
    I'm hoping to get out to DL over Labor Day 2013 since I really want to run the half and I've never even been out to DL before.

  3. I am so jealous! I will be in California for about 2 days after moving back from Chicago and totally wanted to do this- I just didn't think there would be enough time to prepare after a cross country drive and travel... yikes.

    SO going next year but for now will have to be satisfied with the Tink & Princess in 2013 that I'm signed up for! :)

  4. WOW! $180 I don't love the mouse that much. I thought $150 was pricey for Tinkerbell. Disney may just price themselves out of the market soon.
    Have a great run!

  5. @Emily... omg you're getting me even more excited!! :) I'm bumming off my friend's Carthay Circle reservation so we're doing that on Monday. Cars Land I'm like giddy about! And Starbucks at the Fiddler...haha

    @Christina...last year was my first trip to DL and I loved it! Hope you get out there next year!

    @Matt... My wallet does NOT though! :) See you in a few days!

    @Shannyn...Definitely rough with that schedule! Tink & Princess will be awesome though!

    @Jen... I rationalized it b/c there are now SO many other half marathons that are creeping up to that price. It's crazy, I know! At least Disney puts on a great show and makes it worth it. And maybe I'm used to NYC's NYRR marathon price... $255 for the full...for members!