24 August, 2012

Adventures in Paleo Cooking, Part 2

I've got a few new recipes that I attempted and totally loved so I wanted to share them!  I'm also in the process of making Ropa Vieja and Cuban 'Rice' but I'll save that review for the next installment.

Keeping Paleo is getting easier, minus the beers that are always available when I head out with friends. I've been trying to stick to cider (which is gluten free) whenever I can but some times it's just really hard and I REALLY want to try that new awesome beer on tap.  I definitely still feel so much better than before so it's a great motivator to stick to this and not cheat as much.

Being in Disneyland is honestly going to be somewhat of a free-for-all.  I hate to admit it, but there are just some things that I REALLY want to eat when I'm there that just aren't Paleo.  Ummm....Mickey shaped beignets?  Yes, please!  I'll be making healthier choices when I have the option but I'm on vacation and I'm going to enjoy it!

So anyways....here are the most recent Paleo cooking successes!  Sorry none of these photos are mine but I was getting lazy and way too hungry to dig out my camera!

Almond Strawberry Stuffed Chicken Breast (Civilized Caveman Cooking)
- I didn't have spinach b/c I didn't want to buy a whole bag for just a few days.  Cut the recipe in half and I still had SOOO much stuffing.  After rolling some stuffing in the chicken, I skipped pan searing it and just popped it into the oven, pouring the extra stuffing around the chicken.  I love cinnamon so doused the chicken and stuffing in it.  It was a great combination of flavors and I loved the crunch of the almonds!

Mine didn't have spinach.... (Source:  Civilized Caveman Cooking)

Apple Bacon Rosemary Pork Burgers (PaleOMG)
-  Easy and tasty!  I used 5 slices of bacon instead of 6-8 and it still was delicious.  Out of a little over a pound of meat I was able to get 4 normal sized burgers out of it.  Might use sage instead next time to change it up.

Balsamic Grilled Chicken w/Sundried Tomatoes (Civilized Caveman Cooking)
- SO good and SO easy to make!  Since we're not allowed to have grills (stupid condo rules!), I just threw this in a pan with some sliced up zucchini and put it in the oven.  Also added some chopped garlic and diced sweet onions.  30 mins later, voila!  Didn't specifically measure the liquids but it was delicious.  Made only 2 servings and now a little bummed I didn't make more!

I was WAY too hungry to take my own photo... but luckily George's food photo skills are MUCH better than mine!

Source:  Civilized Caveman Cooking

Zucchini Almond Butter Muffins (Carrots 'n' Cake)
- I was browsing all the blogs in my reader one night and when I got to this post by Tina, I realized I had all the ingredients already in my house.  So at 9:30pm, I turned on the oven and made these babies. Like Tina said in her post, the muffins aren't sweet, just VERY slightly do you taste the honey, and they're hearty/dense.  But they tasted great!  I actually was only able to eat about 3 of these on my own...the other 6 mysteriously disappeared.  And this pic reminds me that I need to buy muffin cups....

Source:  Carrots 'n' Cake

I also attempted to make cauliflower rice and it was Good!  I'm SO not a fan of cauliflower so I was very skeptical but this didn't taste like it at all.  Didn't really follow a recipe but used olive oil in the pan, salt, pepper, garlic powder, chopped sweet onions, and about 1/2 a cup of vegetable stock.  I want to master the recipe and then I'll post it on here at some point.

Side note... WHY did it take me so long to think of freezing leftover stock into ice cube trays and then transferring the cubes to a freezer bag?  I always throw so much stock and canned liquid out b/c it's just me cooking.  I now have enough vegetable stock in the freezer to last me awhile!  Score!

And of course I had a Paleo #Fail!  There's always got to be at least one failed attempt, right?  I attempted to make barbacoa (a pulled beef dish) in my slow cooker but I think when I was making the sauce, I underestimated the spiciness of adobo chili powder.  I followed the directions perfectly but apparently my chili powder was exponentially hotter.  My eyebrows were sweating!  I now sadly have 2 more servings of this stuff in my freezer and have NO idea what to do with it but I really don't want to throw it out.  Mixing it with avocado and tomato seemed to help though and I paired it with cauliflower rice.  I will be attempting it again.... I think.  


  1. Those recipes look awesome and I'm not even eating Paleo. Definitely adding these to my list - thanks for sharing!

  2. I am hungry just looking at the pictures. Thanks for posting.

  3. @WeRunDisney...you're welcome! I love that they're great recipes no matter what eating plan you're on!

    @Shawn...no problem, hope you enjoy them!