30 July, 2012

Week in Training, 7/23 - 7/29

So since I have a lot of extra free time on my hands lately, I've pretty much been spending it at the gym!

Plus I found a whole page dedicated to Ryan Gosling CrossFit Memes... hilarious.

Monday, 7/23:  CrossFit

Warmup:  2 rounds
- Burgenor Warmup
- Junkyard Dogs & Over Unders

- 100 Overhead Squats 65/35, used 35#
- However, every time you put the bar down or rested it on your shoulders:  5 pullups & 10 burpees

I broke everything up into about 30-35 reps
Only had to do 10 pullups and 20 burpees!  Woohoo!  Used the blue band for pullups and it wasn't that horrible :)

Total Time:  8:58

After the WOD, one of the guys in class who is a crazy runner asked if I wanted to work on sprints.  Did 10 rounds of sprints up the driveway at the box, increasing speed each time.  Definitely need to do these more often!

What I felt like after the sprints....

Tuesday, 7/24:  CrossFit & 3.5 Mile Run

Holy hot outside!  So I somehow got this great idea to run to CrossFit today since it's only 3.5 miles-ish.  Class was at 9:15am so I headed out around 8:30am.  I definitely underestimated the heat and it def kicked my butt.  And the hills!  GAH!  Plus the stop lights.  I haven't run on major roads in years and I forgot how annoying the lights are.  I think I had to stop at each one.  Definitely had to walk at one point up a big hill b/c I was so hot but I made it to the box before class started!  I was a sweaty sweaty mess though and proceeded to get made fun of the entire class for dripping on the mats.  :)

Deadlifts, 45/25 - I used 25#
- 10 second holds at bottom
- 10 reps, 2 rounds
In between rounds the rest of the class ran 400m but I got excused due to my 3.5 right before.  Score!

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), 20 mins
- 10 Pushups
- 20 Kettlebell Swings, 55/35 - I used #35
- 10 Pushups
- 2 Minute Rest

Total:  6 rounds

The first 10 pushups in each round weren't bad and I could do traditional pushups each time.   The 10 pushups right after the kettlebells though?  I could barely feel my arms so I had to drop down to girly pushups.  I guess 60 pushups and 60 girly ones aren't so bad!  :)

And instead of running home, the instructor offered me a ride home.  I'm not ashamed to say that I took him up on that offer.  The thought of going back out in that heat wasn't enticing.  :) But soon I will be running to and from the box!

Wednesday, 7/25:  CrossFit

Warmup: (2 rounds)
- 400m run
- 100 jumping jacks

WOD:  (5 rounds)
- 3 Deadlifts at 70% 1 Rep Max of Power Clean (65# for me!)
- 1 Hang Clean at same weight
- 50 Air Squats

Total:  9:04

Woah... Deadlifts and hang cleans weren't so bad at all!  It was the 5 sets of 50 air squats!  Felt great after though!

Cooldown:  800m run

Thursday, 7/26:  CrossFit

So if Fran wasn't bad enough last week, today we had to do "Narf", which is Fran in reverse!

- 9 Thrusters  - 65#
- 9 PullUps - Blue Band
- 15 Thrusters - 65#
- 15 PullUps - Green Band (easier... sad!)
- 21 Thrusters  - 65#
- 21 Pullups - Green Band

Woah, I'm not a fan of Narf!  I had to break down the thrusters big time.  Towards the end I could only do 2 at a time before dropping the weight.  I wanted to do at least 2 rounds with the blue band but my arms just wouldn't allow it.

But I did beat my Fran time!  But that's probably due to me doing more of the 'easy band' pullups.

Total Time:  12:13

After the WOD a few of the guys and I did sprints up the driveway of the box.  10 rounds.  I was exhausted and they were SO much harder than Monday's sprints!

Friday, 7/27:  CrossFit

I think my body was telling me it's time for a break! :) It just did NOT want to workout today.

-1000m row
- 100 Double Unders (or 300 regular jump rope)

WOD:  (7 Rounds, 25 min)
- 10 Floor Sweepers 95/65 - I had to drop it down to 55#
- 10 Box jumps 24/20 - Used 20"
- 10 Push Press 95/65 - Used 55#
- 10 Box Jumps 24/20

4 full rounds and 2 Floor Sweepers

It was tough, towards the end I felt like I was in slow motion!

Post WOD:  800m run

Saturday, 7/28:  Rest Day

Sunday, 7/29:  Rest Day


  1. Damn that is a killer workout week! Way to go :)
    That Ryan Gosling website made me gafaw in my office...best.

  2. @Sarah... I'm addicted to all the running/CrossFit Ryan memes! :) And thank ya!