02 August, 2012

The Great Medal Caper, 20th Anniversary Medal Mystery!

UPDATE 8/2:  2nd video has been posted and added to the bottom of this post!


Looks like runDisney is going to make us work to see the 20th Anniversary Marathon Medal!  They posted on FB and Twitter just now that Donald stole the medal and we have to help find it.

There are a few videos to watch that help us 'find' him, as well as pics and stuff that we have to 'Like' to move Mickey along in the quest.  However, to move onto the next 'reveal', enough fans have to like and share the items!  Hopefully this isn't as frustrating as the Tinker Bell announcement! :)

Screen Shot from runDisney's FB page

So I guess the faster we all band together and go through the motions, the faster the medal will be revealed?  Hopefully?  :)   Start liking and sharing!

Check out the Great Medal Caper on runDisney's FB page and let me know what you think!

I'll definitely continue to update with any news I find!


2nd video has been posted!


  1. This is too slow... I was hoping to see the design TODAY, and at this rate, we'll be luck to see the medal by next week. People, you need to start liking the pictures on the FB page!

  2. Seriously, this is painful (and not in a good way).

  3. What a cute video...I don't think I've ever seen Mickey's eyes blink before, haha! I know this is the 5th anniversary of the Princess half marathon too so I really hope they do a special medal for that as well, it will be my first Princess! This makes me wish I lived closer to Florida (or they'd do some more runs at Disneyland in Cali!)

  4. @Danielle.. SO glad they finally released the medal today!

    @Mike...it definitely took a LONG time to reveal the medal!

    @JStone...hahahaha, yes...I agree :)

    @Shannyn... I think the blinking and talking Mickey's are only around during the stage shows and stuff. They haven't made their way to the character meet n greets yet! And there will DEF be an anniversary medal for Princess! Keep an eye out for it!