26 July, 2012

Osborne Lights Will be Complete for Wine & Dine Half

Yesterday Disney announced that the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights will be lit from November 9th through January 4th.  What are the Osborne Lights, you ask?  It's a crazy holiday light show set on the Streets of America in Hollywood Studios where the lights "dance" to holiday music.  It's pretty cool! 

Here's a tiny clip that I took this past January before Disney took the lights down during Marathon Weekend.  Sadly my video isn't THAT impressive as some others but I didn't get a chance to video the awesome songs! 

In the past for Wine & Dine, when the race was in early October, Disney had JUST started installing the lights.  When we ran through the past two years, runDisney had them turn on the lights that were already installed and played Christmas music, however, since not all the lights were lit, it didn't have the same awesome effect as seeing them complete.

So now that the race has been pushed back to November, and the Osborne lights are making their debut on November 9th, that means the lights will be in full effect for the race!  Woot!

The Osborne lights during Wine & Dine in 2010
(My photo from 2011 was kinda dull so I'm not gonna bother posting it!  There were a lot less lights lit)

And from WDWInfo, here's a little history about the Lights!

As the story goes, Arkansas resident Jennings Osborne and his family were very big on the Holidays. In 1986, Jennings asked his youngest daughter Breezy what her Christmas wish was. She replied that she would like to see their whole house covered in lights. They had quite a large house but Jennings was determined to make his daughter's Christmas dream come true. That first year the Osborne family covered their home with a modest 1000 red lights. With each passing year, the family wanted to do more. The Osbornes eventually purchased property adjacent to their own in order to expand on their newfound hobby.
The display grew to millions of lights. There were flashing lights, multi-colored lights, custom-made light sculptures and a 75-foot Christmas tree adorned by lights. This drew onlookers from all over Arkansas. Displeased by the resulting traffic jams, the local residents asked that the Osborne family stop the annual display. Legal intervention was sought, and it appeared that the Osborne's beloved tradition was about to come to an end. When Mickey Mouse got word of this, he offered a venue where the Osborne lights could be shared with visitors from around the globe. In 1995, Residential Street at Hollywood Studios became the home of this dazzling light show. Approximately 80% of the lights that are on display come from the original Osborne collection. ** However I have heard that they are now converting all the lights to energy efficient LED lights.  

So now lets just hope and cross our fingers that runDisney has the same game plan for this year's Wine & Dine and that the lights will be lit for us to run through! 


  1. That would be so awesome! When we saw them in January, it was so magical! Running under them would be amazing!!!! :-)

  2. Does that mean they won't be up for the Marathon this year?

  3. @Danielle....Running through them was amazing!

    @Rebecca...It's hard to say but I wouldn't bet on it. This past January, marathon weekend was really early compared to most years so we had a chance to see them before they took them down. In prior years, I don't ever remember them still being lit when we were there.

  4. Awesome! Can't wait to do this race again! Good post today (Friday) on Ryan Lochte :)

  5. @Heather... Yes, can't wait either! And thank ya...any post about Ryan Lochte is a good one :)