11 June, 2012

My Week of Training, 6/4 - 6/10

For the Week of 6/4 - 6/10

Monday, 6/4:

Shoulder Press, 3 sets of 5
45# warmup - 65# complete fail, couldn't even get it over my head - 55# - 55# - 55#

- 25 Pushups (did the 'real' pushups, yay!)
- 5 Deadlifts 315/285 - I did 115#
- 25 Pushups (still did the 'real' ones but it took a tad longer lol)
- 10 Deadlifts 225/185 - I did 95#
- 25 Pushups (switched to girly pushups & even those were near impossible!)
- 15 Deadlifts 135/95 - I did 95# again

It's days like this that make me realize I'm such a weakling!  :)

Tuesday, 6/5: Rest Day, my hip flexor still hurt from the 5k

Wednesday, 6/6:

10k Run

OK so I'll categorize this as both CrossFit and a regular run.  Kinda like when they mesh together.  :)

Finish: 59:57... although my Garmin said we only ran 6.05 miles.  Regardless, still a butt kicking.  I haven't ran 6 miles in FOREVER and it was a wakeup call.  My time was decent (for me) but I just felt kinda run down.  Need to look more into Paleo for Athletes.

Thursday, 6/7:

1/2 mile run
Also did 5 reps of each move from CFT right before going into first set.  Warmup weight was lower.

CrossFit Total (CFT):  1 Rep, 3 times.  Adding weight each time to find max weight

- Backsquat:  95# - 105# - 115#
- Shoulder Press:  65# - 67.5# - 70#
- Deadlift:  115# -135# - 155#

Total (take last number from each move and add them):  340

Felt good with this!  It was my first time doing back squats but I think I could have gone a little heavier.  Shoulder press is always hard for me since I still don't have much upper body strength.  And deadlift surprised me.  That last one at 155# was hard as CRAP but I got it done!

Cooldown/Post WOD:
- 50 Burpees  (blah!)

Friday, 6/8: Rest Day to get rested for the 10k tomorrow!

Saturday, 6/9:  
NYRR Mini 10k

I was debating making a separate entry for the 10k but the way the morning started out, I decided not to.  :) 

So I knew the race wasn't going to be amazing when I woke up at 3am and proceeded to puke for about an hour. Was finally able to get to bed but woke up at 5:45 to head to the race.  The NYRR Mini is the very first all women's road race and they were celebrating their 40th anniversary.  Pretty cool! 

Met up with some friends from ROTE and we had a fun morning!  

Race wasn't horrible but started getting bad stomach cramps and side stitches the first 3 miles. Slowed down a bit and they went away. After that just decided to coast to the finish!  The hills in Central Park get me every time!  LOVED the ice pops at the finish line though, perfect way to end the race.  And every woman that finished received a carnation.  See?  I made the NYRR page!!

Sunday, 6/10:  Rest Day


As for the whole food and Paleo thing... this week was a toughie.  The weekend consisted of a Yankee game and a graduation party.  Not to mention the oven has STILL not been delivered.  Thanks a lot, Sears! So trying to cook meals for myself is near impossible unless I drag all my groceries to my dads house...which I did.  Eating out hasn't been impossible but I was getting bored with the options. 

However I did try two new Paleo recipes from PaleOMG that I liked.  And yes, I was on a curry kick for some reason.  I think I'm curried out for a few weeks now.  :)

Coconut Curry Chicken Noodle Bowl
**  Used 3 cups kale, chicken broth instead of vegetable, no coconut cream concentrate (didn't have any), no fish sauce (just added more coconut aminos), plus threw in a small can of water chestnuts for a little crunch. Awesome! 

Minus dad's tablecloth, I think it looks good!

Curry Meatballs
** Used bison instead of beef, and only 1 can of coconut milk.  Really easy!

Photo from PaleOMG

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