04 April, 2012

Check Out the Disney World Running Trail Maps!

A ton of people ask me all the time about running while on vacation while at Walt Disney World.  And seriously, what better place to get in an extra few miles than at Disney?  I know the DisneyRunning site used to have a ton of trail maps but unfortunately that site isn't being updated any more.

I decided to create my own Disney Running Trail Maps section of this site to post the new and updated maps.  Many of these maps can be found by asking the front desk of any of the hotels.  If anyone on here has new maps they'd like me to use, please send them my way!

Just a word to the wise...you are NOT allowed to run on the highways and streets throughout the rest of property.  If security sees you they will stop you.  So you need to stay on a resort property and not veer off into the rest of the property.

To find the maps, go to the Disney Running Trail Maps page here:

Disney World Running Trail Maps

You can also get to the page from the Disney Running 101 Page linked above!


  1. Neat, thanks for creating the page and collecting all these maps! I've run at Caribbean Beach and the Epcot resort area before, but maybe on my next trip I'll check out a new resort. I'm hoping I'll be disciplined enough to do a 10 mile long run.

    Oh, by the way the Caribbean Beach link doesn't seem to be working for me.

  2. @Lisa...thanks for the heads up on Caribbean Beach. I fixed the link so it should be working now!