14 April, 2012

Anyone out there CrossFit?

So the more and more I hear and read about CrossFit, the more I really NEED to try it out.  I love short, intense workouts that get me in and out of the door fairly quickly. Not saying CrossFit is definitely for me but I won't know until I try it, right?  Also veering away from my normal gym and gym family will be hard but I've been lazy and unmotivated the past few months. 

I have been skeptical of combining running and CrossFit but then I found CrossFit Endurance and that seems like a perfect combination.  Now to just find a box that buys into the Endurance idea as well.  Soon I want to go check out the couple of boxes that are in my area.  It does scare me though that even the Endurance programs don't believe in the long slow distance runs.  Yikes! 

I need a swift kick in the ass and I'm fairly certain CF will seriously kick it for me. 

So give it to me...who does CrossFit?  What do you think?  Anyone out there try it and hate it?  Any long distance runners out there that CF?  Tell me EVERYTHING!

Quick video of what CrossFit is...


  1. We Crossfit. I currently have a torn calf muscle so running hasn't been on the table lately. I'll let you know once I start running again.

  2. I've been wanting to try it for it awhile. I'm hoping it will help with marathon training. I found a free introductory class in my area. I might go check it out.

  3. I just found your blog through following some runner blog links and fell upon this post. I've been CrossFitting for almost two years now. I had to stop running for a while because of some overtraining injuries and my former running coach had just started CF and got me into it. I love it even more than I love running! I feel like a stronger runner and I'm better on hills because of CF, but I haven't figured out how to fully fold it into endurance training yet. Half marathons are no problem, but I tried to wrap full marathon training around CF and made some errors. Anyway, check out my blog if you're interested. I've been writing more about running than CF recently, but page back a while and you'll find the CF posts...also, the video you posted is my single favorite CF video!!!!

  4. I have a work colleague that does cross fit, but he's not a huge runner. He does love CF though!

  5. @Rebecca... Thanks! Good luck on your recovery!

    @Julie... Let me know how it goes!

    @Jen... Thanks for all the info! Will definitely check out your blog, just subscribed so I don't forget :) The full marathon is the big one I wonder about, not to mention the crazy Goofy challenge in January!

  6. I have been doing CrossFit out of my garage for 3 years. The workouts are intense and generally shorter in length. To get started properly you need to visit a few Crossfit gyms and talk to the coaches/owner. Remember the gyms are scheduled and coached, so classes are at a fixed time. Many of the gyms(sometimes called boxes)do not have drop in time, so be aware of this.

    I personally love CrossFit workout and do the 3 to 4 times per week. If the workout are done correctly this is all you need. I run about 2-4 half marathons a year, but Mostly I am a mountain biker. My last running event being the WDW Half Marathon in Jan. You will need to determine how you want to approach the running add on. CrossFit Endurance will have you doing another 3-5 workouts per week on top of the standard CF WOD (work out of the Day) so you will need to schedule split workouts into your life. For me this is plenty hard. (job/wife/kids)

    I am a really slow runner, but the CrossFit workouts help minimize running injuries and significantly help my cycling.

  7. @Mossy... Thank you for all of the info! I definitely want to go to a box instead of doing it at home. I know myself and I need the actual motivation and to be there in person. I made an appointment to check out the box I'm interested for tonight and to talk to them. Luckily two of the coaches at this box are Endurance certified so I'm going to pick their brains about how to combine the two. I'm concerned about training for Goofy since it's SO much more running. In terms of their schedule, they have a slew of classes each day too and it fits well with my current schedule.

  8. I am just seeing this...a little late. While I do not CrossFit, I am in a boot camp style class with a trainer that does a lot of "cross fit type exercises." I know this is not the same, but I wanted to chime in just to say that doing this 2-3 times per week has had a HUGE improvement on my running. I had some of the same fears of adding these type of workouts to my running, but getting stronger has made me a much faster, stronger runner. The trick for me is just to make sure I am still getting my miles in along with the strength work, but now that I have done it I would never want to go back to being "just" a runner. Started classes in October and have crushed PR's at 5K, 10K, 10 mile & half. You will not be sorry & you can DEFINITELY still be a runner!

  9. @Stacelet... Thank you for the input! It definitely sounds similar to CrossFit and I'm glad to hear about such a huge improvement! I definitely need to figure out how to combine the two and make enough time for running. Right now though I'm still trying to get the hang of CrossFit! can't wait until they all mesh together.