15 March, 2012

The Long Overdue Dopey/Goofy Recap - The 5k Adventure

I figured after 2 months, no one would want to hear about my Dopey/Goofy recap but I guess I was wrong! Thanks for sticking around guys!

I'm going to break this down into a few posts, one for each race.  For those just joining, this past January (yes...3 months ago...), my friends and I headed down to Walt Disney World to run in the Dopey Challenge.  What's that?  Starts with a 5k on Friday, a half marathon on Saturday, and then a full marathon on Sunday.  Yes...we're crazy.

Many of the race photos are borrowed from my friend Daniel! (Check him out on twitter @danielwanderman)  I'm secretly going to blame Dan and say he's the reason these recaps took so long.  He JUST started posting his trip photos and I needed photos to steal.   :) (kidding kidding!)

Family Fiesta 5k Featuring the Three Caballeros

The first of our three crazy early wakeup calls.  Luckily this one eased us into the rest of the weekend since I believe our alarms went off at 3:30am, I think.  We all quickly got dressed and headed down to the buses.  Jumped on and were at the starting area in no time.

We had so much time to kill so we just wandered, and bummed around, and bummed around some more.  To pass the time we jumped in line to take photos with the Three Caballeros!  Ran into a bunch of friends too and then finally headed over to the starting area.

With Fruit Fly!:)

The gang with the Three Caballeros

Let me preface the rest of the recap with this... :)

After registering for the 5k, runDisney announced another runDisney meet-up and run for the first lucky 40 people to respond.  Well? Daniel, Patrick, and I were all selected..yay!  Problem was?  The meet-up was immediately after the 5k and at Hollywood Studios and NOT Epcot where the 5k was.  That caused a slight dilemma.  Should we skip the 5k and achieving Dopey or cross our fingers and hope and pray that we make it to the meet-up in time? One of the awesome ROTErs, Stephanie, offered to give us a ride right after the 5k to Hollywood Studios so we don't have to waste time with Disney transportation, so that was perfect.  THANK YOU STEPHANIE!:)

So ok... keep the whole time limit in mind and you might understand why I slightly didn't enjoy the 5k experience. 

This was my first Disney 5k and it was honestly completely unorganized.  There are no official 'corrals' and this isn't a timed race.  However, when the announcer told people to line up for Wave 1 if they ran between a 6-9 minute per mile pace, EVERYONE and their mother jumped into the corral.  NOT cool.  We were trying to be courteous so we held back for Wave 2 but seeing the hoards of much slower runners and walkers cross that start line seriously pissed me off.  When we were told to line up for Wave 2, we couldn't get over the barrier.  I started freaking out because we seriously had to hurry and get to the Jeff Galloway meet and we were already going to be late.  If I had known everyone was going to be rude, I would have just jumped into Wave 1 and said screw the rules like everyone else.  No one would let us over the barrier and Wave 2 came and went.  Finally Wave 3 was allowed in the starting corral and I sprinted to the front of the pack.  I was so annoyed by then that I just wanted the whole thing over with.  Luckily at the start though I ran into Susan from ROTE so saying hi cheered me up a little bit!

Photo thanks to @DanielWanderman

We had wanted to run the 5k with our friends Christina and Courtney but since we were pressed for time we had to sadly say bye to them and Dan and & I took off.  We had NO intention of finishing that quickly since we wanted to save our legs but we had no choice.  We just needed to get the race over with.

The race itself was cute and fun! I just wish we had more time to enjoy it!  By the time we ran past all of the characters, the lines were 20 people deep at least so there wasn't even a thought to stop for photos! However the sunrise over World Showcase was beautiful!

While running backstage, we saw this family all decked out Star Wars gear.  I HAD to get a photo of them! Also have a photo of their faces but since there's kids in the pic, didn't want to post it without getting their permission.  But you get the idea...

Oh, did I mention we also didn't check our bags??? Running with them was NOT fun! (Pic thanks to @DanielWanderman)

Rounding Spaceship Earth! (pic thanks to @DanielWanderman!)

Hey look! A big golf ball!  (pic thanks to @DanielWanderman)


Our fabulous rubber bling  (pic thanks to @DanielWanderman)
After grabbing our medals, we high tailed it out of the runner area and ran into Patrick as well as Stephanie who was waiting for us with car keys in hand.  I honestly can't thank her enough for driving us over to Hollywood Studios!  You're a life saver Steph!

So overall, I was slightly disappointed with the 5k.  I understand that it was supposed to be for fun and not timed, but I thought it was completely unorganized.  Even the local 5k in my town seemed better run.

Will I do the 5k again? I'm not so sure.  If one of my non-running family members wants to run it, then I'll definitely do it with them.  I also know that I would have enjoyed the 5k a LOT more if I didn't have to be somewhere immediately after.  The stress of knowing I'm going to be late wasn't fun.  If I can casually stroll the 5k and take photos, I'm sure I'd enjoy it more.  But to pay $50 for a 5k and have it be that chaotic, wasn't really worth it for me.  I will be doing Goofy again in 2013 so the thought of Dopey is luring me in.  Guess we'll see!   :)

Ok, round 1 of the Dopey Challenge is officially posted!  3.1 Miles out of 42.4 completed!!!

Up next? The half marathon! (Plus I'll get the runDisney meet-up recap posted after all the race recaps)


  1. Glad you waited to post. Fun to relive the memories from January! :-)

  2. Great recap! That stinks about the corrals. I remember for the Expedition Everest Challenge, all non-teams were in wave 1 and it irritated me too, but I couldn't blame the runners for that.

    It seems silly about the timing for the Jeff Galloway thing, maybe they will change that for next year?

    I can't wait for the rest, it looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. I have done a lot of the runDisney 5Ks and I did think this one was not very organized. Honestly, I was back by the 13 - 15 minute time signs and I never heard the announcements for the waves. There was not good sound back there and it was so crowded we sort of got pushed in to the corrals. I didn't even realize they were doing waves until after we started. I would have been happy to wait for the later waves if I would have heard that announcement.

    This was one of the first times I've seen them do waves for the 5Ks and it seems like they are doing this more frequently as the Never Land 5K had the same sort of start.

    I am sorry you had to rush through the race, but I would have rushed to get to the Jeff Galloway meet up too!

    Hope if you decide to do another runDisney 5K you'll have a better time. Most of them are really more organized at the start.

  4. Yeah, I did that 5K too and the start was sooooo confusing. When they told us to get into the corral, I assumed that all the waves were lining up in the corrals and I got in the 9-11 (or whatever, something like that) part of the corral. I assumed wave 1 would go, and then we would, but to my surprise, everyone around me swept me up into wave 1. I was all WTF?! Maybe I was so tired that I didn't follow directions correctly or something...but yeah, that whole start was such a train wreck! (I have run two other Disney 5K previous to this one and they were NOT NEARLY as bad!) I'm glad you managed to find some fun moments, though, even though it was a mess!!

  5. Yeah! So excited to read all of your race recaps! I can't beleive you guys ran with your bags!

  6. Have you signed up for the Wine and Dine yet?

    Anyway, I added a link to my Wine and Dine 2012 blog post to yours.

    If you'd like to check it out, here's a link:


  7. The start sounds super chaotic! And that would have stressed me out to get over to the Jeff Galloway meet up. And I can't believe you ran with your bags! Can't wait to read about the rest of the weekend.

  8. Crap! You finally wrote yours, which means I have to write mine now. It'll be up tomorrow at www.allthingswdw.blogspot.com

  9. Nice race report Jenn. I am looking forward to the other 2.

  10. We must have been by each other at the start, too. I am pretty sure we waited for the 3rd wave - if it was the last.

    I had a blast, but I didn't have anywhere to be like you did. I'm impressed you pulled it all off.

    Glad we got to run into each other again!!

  11. @Twins...thanks! It also reminds me to write these sooner. I know I left out a few details! :(

    @Dayna...thank you! After reading some comments and other recaps I definitely can't blame other runners. Guess it was runDisney's fault for not being clear about the waves/starts!

    @Amanda...ahhh! I honestly didn't even see the pace signs for people to line up! Definitely can't fault the runners then, it was just overall unorganized!

    @Christina...haha, it wasn't just you so you were following directions! I just think they were totally unorganized and didn't tell people what they wanted before people started lining up!

    @liverungrow...That was definitely the most annoying part of the run! There was too much crud in those bags and I couldn't hold it properly the entire time! :)

    @Denny...thank you! I registered for Wine & Dine the day it opened. Will definitely check out the blog, thanks!

    @Emily...thank you! After the transportation hiccup at the half, the rest of the weekend went completely smoothly!

    @JStone...glad I'm not the only procrastinator. Loved your recap!

    @Bill... thanks!

    @FF...I'm sure there will be plenty of other run-ins between the two of us in the future! haha

    @Daniel...why thank YOU! :)