22 March, 2012

Calling All runDisney Runners!

So while I was in my little blogging funk, I obviously missed a ton of race recaps and fun.

For those of you that ran Tinkerbell & the Princess Half Marathons...as well as went to the runDisney meet-ups for both races, anyone want to volunteer to write recaps of the events?

I've love to get a different person for each recap but if I can't find 4 individual bloggers, then I'll turn to people to write multiple ones.

If you already wrote a recap for your blog and wouldn't mind me reposting it, that's fine too!  Just want to share stories & photos so other runners can read about them!

For anyone interested, email me at eatsleeprundisney at gmail dot com and let em know!

** Update **

I've already got some awesome volunteers for the following:

Princess Half Marathon
Princess runDisney Meetup
Tinkerbell runDisney Meetup

If anyone has a Tinkerbell Half Marathon recap they'd let me repost, just let me know! :)


  1. You can find my race report and a post about the meet up at the Princess Half here - http://runningjennie.blogspot.ca/search/label/princess%20half%20RR

    It's all kind of lengthy - feel free to do what you like with it or ask me to write a summary as a guest post! Thanks!

  2. @Jenn(ie)... Thank you for the offer but a few people emailed right away when I posted offering up their recap. Will definitely check yours out though, thanks!

  3. Hey! 2 questions- did you follow a specific training plan for Goofy? And how we're you notified about the Jeff meetup?! I'd really like to do that :)

  4. I ran the Tinker Bell half but I don't have any pictures... or a blog. I can still write one for you though.

    1. Scratch that, I have about 4 pictures and lots of Disneyland that aren't race specific, I could make it work.

  5. @Anonymous... I used Lee Hoedl's training plan for the most part. You can find it in my 'Disney Running 101' page, the link is at the top of the blog! And the Jeff meetup was announced via Twitter and the Disney Parks blog!

  6. Still going through my emails of people that offered their recaps! Will hopefully get through them today!