24 May, 2011

I'm back!

My D23 trip a few weeks ago was such a whirlwind that I'm still trying to recover.  Such a great time catching up with friends down there and all of the D23 events were awesome.

As for the scavenger hunt, I think we did pretty well!  Out of about 550 teams, we can in 86th.  Not too shabby considering the unbearable heat that we all had to endure.  Some of the questions were crazy hard and some we knew before going to double check.  Definitely made us more aware of many of the details in each park.  Each park had roughly 95 questions so there was JUST enough to make sure you're constantly moving looking for answers.

The D23 Destination D events for the 40th anniversary of Walt Disney World were just as cool.  Many of the Disney Legends that helped build the Disney empire were there to tell about their stories of Walt and the parks.  The closing session on Sunday was an amazing mini concert from Richard Sherman (one of the brothers that pretty much wrote EVERY Disney song known to man) with a guest appearance from the original Dreamfinder and Figment!  At one point when Richard Sherman sang Tuppence (from Mary Poppins), I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

I'll definitely have photos and food reviews up eventually.  Trying to get through all the pics I took, as well as start summer classes for grad school tomorrow. 

As for running while there?  Yeah, it didn't happen.  We definitely walked MILES a day though through the parks.  I was exhausted each day and the thought of waking up earlier than everyone else just did NOT go over well.

Here's a quick pic of our scavenger hunt team, taken by the D23 photogs :)

11 May, 2011

Rest and Relaxation...Kinda

Just wanted to pop in quickly and tell you all not to worry if I don't post for about a week! 

Heading down to Florida for a few days to have fun at Disney (where else?!) with some friends.  We'll be running around the parks during the D23 Scavenger Hunt that takes teams through all 4 parks over 2 days.  Should be hilarious!  Then we'll be attending some of the D23 Destination D seminars that talk all things Disney.

I'll be back with a ton of food and fun reviews, and hopefully some more miles under my belt!  I'm actually REALLY going to try running this time while there. 

In the meantime, go check out my new post at Disney Dispatch, Running with the Mouse!

And I didn't forget about all the awesome comments you guys have been leaving.  Hopefully when I get back I can sit and write back to everyone. 

04 May, 2011

New Coast to Coast Qualifying Requirements!

Since runDisney announced their new Tinkerbell Half Marathon out in Disneyland, many people were wondering if they would change their Coast to Coast requirements.   Guess they heard us!  :)

Coast to Coast Medal

Originally there was only one way to qualify for Coast to Coast and receive the extra medal.  You had to run a half or full marathon in Florida first (either a January race or Princess) and then the Disneyland half in September in the same calendar year.   Even last year when they introduced Wine & Dine in October, you still couldn't run Disneyland first and then Wine & Dine. 

The announcement finally came today that you now can run any half marathon, full marathon, or Goofy Challenge in ANY order and you qualify for Coast to Coast.  SWEET!

1) Complete one of the following runDisney Races at the Walt Disney World® Resort:
- Walt Disney World® Marathon
- Walt Disney World® Marathon Relay
- Walt Disney World® Half Marathon
- Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge
- Disney's Princess Half Marathon
- Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon
2) Complete one of the following runDisney Races at Disneyland® Resort:
- Tinker Bell Half Marathon
- Disneyland® Half Marathon

They did put a disclaimer though that each runner can only earn one medal per calendar year.  So guess I can't try getting a second one when I run Wine & Dine? :)

Also, you do not qualify for it if you do the Wine & Dine Relay since neither you or your teammate are running a full 13.1 miles.  

My friends on ROTE mentioned that this could be the start of even bigger running challenges with runDisney.  The Rock n' Roll race series has a Heavy Medal Series where you get an additional medal for EACH new race you complete in a calendar year.  Crazy!

And I wouldn't mind the challenge of running EVERY Disney big race in a calendar year.  My wallet will surely hate me but... I'm up for the challenge! :) 

Running With the Mouse...My New Gig!

A few weeks ago I got an email from Bob McLain about contributing to his Disney site, the Disney Dispatch.  It's a wealth of information about anything and everything Disney.  Over the past few months, a fellow Disney runner, Robert, has been writing weekly articles about all things related to Disney running in the Running With the Mouse section.  Unfortunately, Robert had to step away from his writing so Bob asked me if I would like to take over.  I couldn't write back fast enough!

Go check out Bob's site and browse around.  There are a ton of great writers discussing anything you could think of, including some Disney legends and cast members!  Running With the Mouse articles will be published every Tuesday.

My first article was published yesterday, hope you like it!  :)  (Click the photo below!)

The Running Zenn of Jenn

02 May, 2011

Chugging Along...

Realized I'm two weeks behind in reporting my training!  Probably because there really isn't a whole lot to report that's exciting.

Monday 4/18:  Upper body workout, no running

Tuesday 4/19:  Jumped on the treadmill and ran at a 10:30 pace and felt pretty good.  For some reason I'm ALWAYS slower on the treadmill.  I think my running position is different than running outside.  Was going to do legs after my run but just wasn't feeling it.

Friday 4/22:  Horseback riding today and had a great lesson!  I might have mentioned it before but I had a few nasty falls in college that ended up with broken bones so for the past few years, I've been petrified of jumping.  Little by little though I've been getting back into it and my trainer and I have started from the beginning again.  Glad to report that had a great jumping lesson and didn't have any mental breakdowns.  Yay! 

Sunday 4/24:  Took me awhile to get motivated and get out there.  Wanted to get 8 in but ended up only doing 3.  Just wasn't feeling it.  It was soooo muggy out!

Monday 4/25:  Got through two sets of legs & abs and felt good.  Nothing really fun to report. :)

Tuesday 4/26:   Officially started the Runners World SmartCoach training plan.  It called for an easy 3 miles at a 10:47 pace.   It was still 85 degrees at 5:30pm when I decided to go for my run. Hot & muggy yet again so just took my time and got through it in a 10:14 pace. 

Thursday 4/28:  SmartCoach called for a Tempo Run today.  1 mile easy warmup, 3 miles at a 9:11 pace, and a 1 mile cool down.  This was harder than I thought it would be!  9:11 pace is pushing it but I know I've done faster in 5k's so didn't think much of it.  But, let me tell you... trying to keep a consistent pace was TOUGH! After an easy warm up at about 11:00 pace, I took a quick walk break and then got to it.  First mile I was ALL over the place... 8:30..9:30..ended up with a 9:14.  Second mile I was able to keep it right at 9:11.  Third mile though I could feel myself starting to drag.  Also got a side stitch that just would NOT go away.  Ended up with a 9:18 pace so I'm still happy.  Mile cool down felt great to just sloooooow down a lot and chug along back to the car.

Friday 4/29:  Another good horseback riding lesson.  Rode a new horse that the barn just got so no jumping but def a great workout.  

Saturday 4/30:  Moved up my long run to today since I have a wedding tonight. SmartCoach Plan called for an easy 8 miles at around a 10:47 pace. Planned to run though with my friend who's trying to BQ in two weeks so to say this was 'easy' isn't really right. :) Kept up a good 9:30 pace the whole run. Just felt like I was completely holding him back but he kept reassuring me that he needed an easy run during his taper. Beautiful day for it too!

So not as much gym time as I had hoped but got in all my runs this past week.  Hopefully this week coming up turns out well! :)