31 March, 2011

Back in Time... Lunch at 50's Prime Time Cafe

After a day filled with American Idol, the three of us were pretty hungry and made our way over to the 50's Prime Time Cafe.  I haven't eaten here in YEARS so I was excited to try it out again.  For those that don't know, 50's Prime Time Cafe looks just like a kitchen from the 1950's.  Everyone is treated like family and the server is your 'cousin'.  They'll scold you for putting your elbows on the table and will reprimand you and put you in the corner if you don't eat your vegetables!  

We checked in about 30 minutes early and were completely yelled at by the hostess!  But not in that cheezy 50's Prime Time kind of way.  She insisted we were way too early and that we wouldn't be seated until at LEAST our reservation time so we might as well go into the park and do something else.  The three of us kinda just looked at each other surprised and told her that we understood but we still wanted to check in and we'll hang out by the bar.  After a little huffing and puffing, she checked us in.  Hmm... interesting start!

I was a little thirsty so I headed over to the bar to grab a beer.  There were a few bottles that I hadn't heard of before so I started asking the bartender about the Widmer Drifter.  This is how the conversation went...

Me: So how’s the Drifter?
BT: Dark…really dark.
Me: Oh, like a Guinness?
BT: Nah…darker and heavier.
Me: Hmm…I love Guinness, I’ll try one…thanks!

Well…this is what he served me….


Darker and heavier than a Guinness? Chris and I just looked at each other and laughed.  Luckily the beer was good though so I just figured the bartender was having a slightly off day.  Before even having 3 sips, our table was ready.  I wanted to go find the hostess and prove to her they sat us early...hmph!

We quickly ordered drinks and Shane and Chris both ordered a Peanut Butter and Jelly milkshake (at least I think they both did!).  Sounds amazing, right?  For some reason I wasn't in the mood to order one but I should have.  One sip of Chris's and I was in love.  There wasn't a HUGE jelly flavor but the combo of the vanilla ice cream and peanut butter was awesome.  We even convinced the table next to us to order one when we heard that he was weary of it.  

Cute old 50's tv shows!
PB & J Milkshake....YUM!

After ordering we passed the time away checking out all the old tv shows being played on the tv's around the restaurant and watching some of the servers have a good time with their tables.  Some of them were really getting into it!!

Since I hadn't been here in forever, I had no idea what I wanted to order.  I wanted to try everything!  I think the server sensed this because he quickly pointed out that the restaurant is testing out a sampler plate not listed on the menu that contains their meatloaf, pot roast, and fried chicken....the EXACT three things I was trying to decide between...SCORE!  I'm a huge fan of comfort foods and for some reason one of the only people I know that LOVES meatloaf. 

Oh, before I forget.  Chris has a food allergy (yes, I'm calling you out on it Chris!)  so he told the server when we first sat down and they were awesome about it.  Right away two of the chefs came to the table and asked Chris about his allergy and then went through each item on the menu and told him what he could eat, as well as how to substitute certain side dishes if he wanted.  I know Disney is always awesome about every single food allergy and concern but I had never really experienced it first hand. 

Sampler platter:  meatloaf, pot roast, fried chicken

When the food came out, it looked great.  I enjoyed everything minus the carrots and southern greens under the fried chicken.  But I'm not a fan of them in general.  The green beans weren't too mushy, all the meats were tender and juicy, and the potatoes and gravy hit the spot.  Not sure if I had a favorite of the trio!  Hopefully the sampler platter sticks around for awhile!

Everyone else enjoyed their meals too so we were happy.  The only crummy part of the meal was that our server wasn't really into the role like all the other servers.  He was a good server, just not fun and crazy like the others all around us.  Seeing everyone else have a good time was slightly depressing that we couldn't join in on the fun, ya know?  We even tried to leave our elbows on the table and everything and he didn't say a word.  Oh well....

After finishing our meals, we knew that there was one dessert we all had to have....s'mores!!! They serve the best ones here so we quickly ordered one for us all to share.  It definitely didn't disappoint either.  The marshmallows were perfectly toasted and the chocolate was perfectly melted.  I could have easily eaten the whole thing myself but I was good and allowed the boys to have some too. 


Overall, I really enjoyed coming back here after my long hiatus.  All the food was very good.  The only thing I had a slight problem with was the service and other cast members we encountered.  From the crabby hostess, to the misinformed bartender, to our unenthusiastic server....something just seemed slightly off.  It was a semi-early lunch so they couldn't have been all burnt out for the day but who knows. I'd definitely go back though in a heartbeat!  I could live off pb&j milkshakes and s'mores!

30 March, 2011

Marathon Week Day 8: Hollywood Studios & the American Idol Experience

After my awesome breakfast at Kouzzina, Chris came to pick me up and head over to Hollywood Studios. Chris had been planning on auditioning again for the American Idol Experience and wanted to show me what the whole audition process was like. Also our friend Shane was going to come watch and hang out with us for the day too.

Right when we entered the park, Chris and I quickly made our way to the audition area and Chris got started!

Some of this MIGHT be out of order but I'm trying to remember how everything happened.  We originally sat in a waiting room with a bunch of ipod's and headphones that contained all of the possible songs that contestants can sing during the show.  There were a few other people in the room practicing and singing a few lines of possible songs. 


Chris then sang for two separate judges in private rooms and they informed him that he made it as a competitor on one of the shows for the day.  The initial auditions were really cool to watch and I got to be a fly on the wall and just sit in the back of the room while Chris sang a capella for one judge and then to music for another judge.  The second judge discussed with Chris which song he should sing for the actual show.

After making it through to the actual show, Chris was selected to be the contestant that had a mini video made about his audition.  A one man camera crew and director came out to introduce themselves and we headed outside where all of the backdrops were for the show.  Chris had to sing in front of the backdrop while they filmed him and then the director (is that what you call him?!) then proceeded to quickly interview Chris about where he's from, why he loves to sing, his favorite singer, etc.  It was cool! 




After filming for the video finished, Chris and I were free to wander the park for a little bit before he had to go back in for hair, makeup, and voice coaching.  We quickly made lunch reservations at 50's Prime Time and then wandered and interacted with some of the Streetmosphere characters while we waited for Shane to show up.  When Shane came, Chris had to head back so the two of us wandered a bit and ended up watching the Disney Channel Rocks performers.  I really need to catch up on my teeny-bopper Disney music because I had NO clue what ANY of them were singing!!  I also ran into Karen and her husband and they said that they would come to the American Idol show to watch Chris...yay!!

Shane and I headed over to the American Idol area to get our priority family & friends seating and when we entered the studio, Chris and the two other contestants were already rehearsing. 


Soon the rest of the studio audience was ushered into the room and the show was about to start!  Watching the whole show was really cool.  Pretty much just like the real American Idol show.  There were three judges (definitely type cast to be just like Simon, Paula, and Randy) and each contestant sang a song and then got torn apart by the judges. 



Chris did awesome and sang 'I Don't Wanna Be' by Gavin DeGraw.  I thought he was great and I forget what the judges said exactly but they were pretty funny but definitely harsh!  The other two contestants did pretty well too but an older lady that sang 'Black Velvet' ended up winning. 

After the show was over, the three of us wandered a bit more and then headed over to 50's Prime Time Cafe to grab some lunch before I had to leave.

Since this was my first American Idol Experience, I honestly had NO idea what to expect.  The real American Idol doesn't really interest me so I never made it a point to see the show while on vacation.  Glad I did though and will try to make it to more shows next time I'm in Hollywood Studios!

29 March, 2011

Opa! Kouzzina Breakfast Review

While staying at the Boardwalk Inn for a few days after the marathon in January, I was lucky enough to have breakfast at Kouzzina twice. For those that don't know, Kouzzina is Iron Chef Cat Cora's first restaurant. Every time I've eaten there in the past, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had dinner there when it first opened and this Greek girl definitely approves of Cat's Greek recipes! They were definitely slightly different than what I grew up with but everything I had was delicious.

But now back to breakfast!

The first time I went with Nicole, I decided to try the Vegetable Flatbread - Scrambled Eggs, Roasted Red Peppers, Spinach, and Feta.  The spinach was tossed in a light dressing and was delicious.  The flatbread was perfectly crisp, eggs cooked well done (I had asked for them that way), and feta was creamy.   While I enjoyed the flatbread, I kept thinking it was missing something though.  Probably would have been better if there was crumbled sausage on it, but that's the carnivore in me talking.  I usually always have some sort of extra protein (sausage, bacon, etc) with breakfast when I go out to eat but I'm sure my vegetarian friends would love this even more than I.  Or maybe caramelized onions or something.  There was some sort of flavor missing!

I also had a pot of french press coffee and nothing beats fabulous coffee! :)

Should have moved over some of the spinach for the pic!

I think Nicole had the french toast and said she enjoyed it.  Sadly I didn't take any pics though!

The lobby of the restaurant had been slightly updated since I had last dined there and I liked the changes.  It looked a lot less like Spoodles (the restaurant that used to be here) and had more of a Cat Cora touch to it. 



The second time for breakfast I headed there solo on my last morning before heading to Hollywood Studios with Chris.  I had a nice table in the corner and just wanted to relax and enjoy my last morning in the World.  My waitress was attentive and helpful and kept making sure I had everything I needed.   When I asked about the blueberry orange granola pancakes, she highly recommended them so I placed my order, along with another pot of french press coffee. 


The pancake was AMAZING!!  I couldn't get over how delicious and perfect it was.  Even think I tweeted a picture to my friend Daniel mid-meal to brag a little.  :) You can't see in the photo, but there were blueberries also cooked into the batter.  The orange flavor wasn't overpowering and I think it was only from orange zest, which was perfect.  It barely needed syrup, which is a huge plus in my book.  The chicken sausage was also more flavorful than I've had during previous meals here so I think they changed them up a little.  Yum!! Could easily eat this on a regular basis...pretty much daily.  :)

I couldn't finish it all but managed to enjoy every single bite I had.  After paying and taking the rest of my french press coffee to go, I headed out to enjoy the rest of my last day.

Already counting down the days when I can go back for more pancakes. :)

28 March, 2011

Marathon Week Day 7: 3 Parks in One Day, plus a little Ye Haa Bob!

OK...so I only have a few more posts to wrap up my January trip recap so lets see how far I can get before something else side tracks me! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not sure if I mentioned it in an earlier post but today was the day that I was supposed to fly home.  And then Snow-pocalypse 2011 hit the northeast.  Tuesday night I got an email from Continental saying that due to the snow I can change my flight without penalty so I quickly jumped at the chance.  I mean...an extra day in Disney? Sign me up!  Was able to extend the reservation at the Boardwalk too so everything was set.

Ready for a crazy busy day? :) 

Wednesday morning Nicole and I woke up and headed to a yummy breakfast at Kouzzina before making our way to Animal Kingdom to meet up with a few others.  The Kouzzina review will come in a post right after this. :)

disney photopass pics, Jan 2011disney photopass pics, Jan 2011

After some Photopass pics, we made our way to Everest for a quick ride with the Yeti and then headed over to Dinoland to attempt to smuggle a dinosaur back into 2011.  Around then Jackie and Lindsay arrived so we took a quick ride on Primeval Whirl (my first time!). 

disney photopass pics, Jan 2011

Megan and Chris came as we were exiting so we all headed towards the Lion King show so some of us can get our monkey fix. :)  I had never seen the Lion King show and I'm so sad I hadn't seen it until now!  It was awesome!! Other friends had told me that the Nemo show was better so I went and saw that and wasn't really impressed.  Now I definitely have to see Lion King every time I go.  The performers were all really talented and entertaining!






Nicole had to head out around here so we said our goodbyes and then the rest of us headed to Flame Tree BBQ for a quick pick-me-up.  Pretty sure I had the chicken and enjoyed it! After we were thoroughly stuffed, we headed over to Kilimanjaro Safari and then Pangani Trail. 






Around now Megan had to leave too so we started to head to the front of the park.  While on our way to the front though, we ran into Santa!! YES, Santa Claus! :)  There is a guy that ran Dopey (the 5k, half, full) who looks just like Santa and wears a Santa hat while running.  Chris had actually been the one to give him his medal so we stopped to talk to him.  After talking to a few other runners, a lot of people said they had seen him running as well. 

This guy was awesome.  Totally played into the character and was the nicest man.  Even his wife had a Mrs. Claus look to her.  When he found out Chris was the one that handed him his medal, he reached into his pocket and produced a Santa coin to present to him.  Really cool!  Also while we were there talking, a little girl came up to him and Santa got down on his knee and was talking to the girl completely in character.  Kinda melted our hearts a bit.  He then mentioned that he and his wife had to 'head back up north' so we said our goodbyes.  I think Chris was a little smitten... :)


After saying bye to Megan, the remaining four of us jumped in cars and headed to Epcot for a quick walk through.  Obviously we had to stop at Karamell Kuche for a quick snack, right?  Quite possibly the best caramel peanut apple EVER!  Also somewhere in our Epcot time line we took a ride on Spaceship Earth.  Chris and I had a great future picked out!


Thoroughly satisfied with our snacks, we decided to make our way over to the Magic Kingdom to get in some of the Fantasyland rides that we haven't been able to ride since our trips started.  We played around in the new Winnie the Pooh and were thoroughly more entertained than the little kids.  The honey wall was awesome!


Philharmagic, Snow White, and It's a Small World were also on our agenda and after that Chris and I stayed behind to watch Wishes while Lindsay and Jackie headed over to Port Orleans Riverside to grab a table to see Ye Haa Bob and meet up with Katie, Shane, and the gang. 

Chris and I lucked out and saw a Photopass photographer by the castle putting his camera away.  Since he was in the perfect spot for photos, we quickly asked if we can stake out where he was standing to watch Wishes.  Set up my camera and Gorillapod and then waited for the show.  Wishes was awesome like always!  Why do I always tear up when I see it? :)  I'm such a sap and Disney knows how to do fireworks!

disney photopass pics, Jan 2011



After making our way out of the park, we quickly headed over to Port Orleans Riverside to meet up with the rest of the crew.  I had never seen YeHaa Bob and was totally entertained...he was hilarious!!  I love how much the crowd gets into his songs and plays along.  If you haven't been yet, DEFINITELY go!  I can't wait to see him again!


After a few beers and tons of laughs, we all started heading out. Chris dropped me off and we made plans to meet up again the next morning so I can watch him audition for the American Idol experience before having to head to the airport. :)

27 March, 2011

Race Recap: Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Not sure if the running gods I prayed to before the race actually listened!

Yesterday I ran the Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon with my friends Tony and Patrick (Pat ran Goofy this past Jan so you might remember him from all my Disney pics!).  I mentioned in my last post that I honestly hadn't really ran in about a month.  Work, school, and India just got in the way and at most I ran 10 miles the whole month.

I knew this half marathon would be a challenge.  Not only due to the inconsistent training, but also because Sleepy Hollow is HILLLLY!  Everyone I talked to warned me about it so I was slightly nervous. 

Tony and I drove up bright and early and quickly went through packet pickup.  It was FREEEZING!  High of 40 was scheduled but at 8am, it was much lower than that.  The goody bag was pretty decent, especially for being an inaugural race: long sleeve tee, reusable shopping bag, water bottle, chap stick, protein bar, free coffee coupon, vitamin sample, and a few extra coupons and fliers.  The only thing we were slightly disappointed about was that there wasn't a Sleepy Hollow theme on the teeshirts.  We kinda were hoping for a headless horseman somewhere! :)

Stupid me didn't bring any gloves or a hat so when Tony went into the convenience store to grab coffee, I saw they were selling cheap gloves so I bought a pair.  We headed back to the car to warm up and get ready and talked with Pat to figure out where to meet.

About 30 mins before race time, we headed back to the start line and found Pat right away.  While on line for the porta-potties, we met a guy who has run Disney a few times and did Goofy the year before.  Always fun to talk to a Disney running fan!

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon
Ready to race!
Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon
Race start under the huge flag

We headed towards the start line and got the Garmin ready.  After the National Anthem, we were off!  The first mile was a speedy blur.  Most of it was downhill as we headed towards the water so when the watch beeped at 8:45, I was amazed.

Mile 2 was still pretty speedy and beautiful right along the water.  Minus the crazy wind gusts and my frozen face, it was enjoyable!  However, my IT Band started acting up REALLY early in the race.  I had to stop a few times to adjust my IT strap hoping that would stop the pain but nothing worked.  SO FRUSTRATING!

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Then Mile 3 is when the hills started. Ouch!  Was able to keep around a 10min pace though until Mile 6 when I really had to use a potty break (TMI, sorry...).  There were only 2 porta-potties and the line was CRAZY.  I knew though that there wasn't another toilet break until near the end so I had to suck it up and wait.  Mile 6 ended up being a 14+ minute mile due to the wait which annoyed me.

From there on out, I just couldn't get back in my groove.  I tried everything and just couldn't keep anything faster than an 11 minute mile.  My knee kept bothering me due to the crazy hills so that didn't help at all.

The hills!! I'd like to re-categorize them as mountains.  They were NEVER ending! There was one long, never ending climb up a highway that eventually turned around and backtracked down the highway.  Every time I thought the turnaround was coming, the hill just kept on going.  At one point I saw Tony on his way down the hill and pretty sure he shouted to me from across the way that he hated me for making him register for this race. The guy next to me laughed and commented that he hopes we're still friends after. 

Here's just a quick view of the elevation of the whole course...

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

My knee HATED the hills so I couldn't even pick up speed on the downhill parts.  Around Mile 10 I came to terms with myself that I just wanted to finish in one piece and to enjoy the rest of the race.  It really was a beautiful course so I tried to ignore the pain in my knee and look around a bit.

At Mile 12.5, the police on the course kept telling us that we were almost done.  Then with a quarter mile to go, there was the steepest hill we had seen yet!! REALLY?!! The girl next to me uttered a few choice words under her breath and we both laughed.  I think she's still on a hunt to find the guy that created the course.  :)

I 'sprinted' down the finish chute as fast as I could and crossed the finish line in 2:25:58.  Actually ended up being my 2nd fastest half marathon but it seemed like it took an eternity.  Glad it was over, I grabbed some water, a bagel, and banana and went to find Tony & Pat.

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon
Started out speedy.... 
After putting warm clothes on, we headed to the bar in town and had a much needed beer or two and a cheesesteak.  Hey...I just burned at least 1300 calories and my body hurt...I deserved that cheesesteak! :) And it was fabulous!

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon
Cold, tired, wind burnt, & in pain...but loving my Hennepin beer!

After we finished, Tony and I drove through Sleepy Hollow cemetery to take a look. Unfortunately my camera battery died so no cool pics but it was beautiful. Need to go back in the fall!

Overall it was a good race. It was my fault that I was under prepared. The hills were a killer but I think if properly trained, I would run this one again. The volunteers on the course were abundant and helpful. Always there to give an extra cheer to keep you going. The water stops were always stocked and the spectators on the course were always cheering even though there wasn't a HUGE amount of them. Loved the little kids giving runners high fives as we ran by...cute!

Now time to stretch, foam roll, and strengthen that IT Band again...*sigh* Stupid stupid IT Band...

24 March, 2011

Stupid Jet Lag...

I've been trying to write a new post since I got back on Monday but sitting in front of a computer is a sure way for me to fall sound asleep.  Hopefully I'll finally finish this post before the sleep monster takes over.

India was absolutely awesome.  I'll write a recap post about it at some point and post some photos but for now I'll just say that it was a great trip.  Crazy, chaotic, & peaceful all at the same time, exactly what everyone told me it would be yet also the exact opposite of what I had heard it would be.  Everyone we encountered was ridiculously nice and helpful.   And the food?!  I gained 6 pounds in 11 days, no joke.  Sad, I know.  Totally worth it though since Indian food is one of my favorites. 

While trying to get over this jet lag, I realized that I have a half marathon on Saturday.  And uhh...my training has pretty much been non-existent since the 10 mile race I did last month.  Don't think my 5 total miles in India will help me much and I haven't had time to get to the gym since I've been back.  Yikes!  I'll just pray to the running gods and hope I get through this in one piece.

Few new fun things on the Disney running front.  There's a new race that is going to be announced but Disney is keeping it suspenseful and releasing clues one at a time.  The first official clue went up today so I'll add more info as bits and pieces come out. 

Not to mention I still have to finish my trip recap from January! Yikes! :)

16 March, 2011

Taking a break from enjoying India...

India is amazing!! The drastic contrasts in this country have definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things but she's a beautiful country with beautiful people. I still have 5 days here and sad that it's half over. I'll fill in all those fun details later.

But to prove that I'm even more crazier than some of you thought... just wanted to give a little update....

I'm registered!!!! :) Didn't register for the 5k yet though but I'll do that when I get home :)

Plus, there's a Disney Visa discount which got me $30 off!! WOOHOO!!!

Ok, going to wander Bangalore :) Namaste!

10 March, 2011

Marathon Week Day 6: MK, Crystal Palace & Illuminations!

I'm trying to get one more post out before I head out to India. Pray that my flight takes off on time today. We're supposed to get 2-3 inches of rain in only a matter of hours. I've been hounding the weather sites and Continentals like crazy.

So descriptions might not be too detailed...but we got lots of pics!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

After our entertaining day of Drinking Around the World, I knew it would be kinda hard to get the gang moving really early in the morning to make an 8am ADR for Crystal Palace.  Luckily Pat was up and already ready over at his resort and a few texts later, we were both on buses heading to the MK. I caught the MK bus just as it was pulling up so my little sprint tested out my tired marathon legs, ouch!

I love love love seeing the Magic Kingdom when it's empty.  I always try getting an 8am ADR when the park opens at 9am.  There's a calm that hovers over Main Street before all the chaos of park guests running around to get to the big attractions.  It's awesome.

Pat and I wandered slowly up Main Street so that I could take pictures.  We were both pretty hungry though so I threw in the towel after awhile.  Plus it was dreary out but still pretty cool. 


Toy Soldier
Horse Drawn Streetcars

Empty Main Street

Main Street

disney photopass pics, Jan 2011
Stupid crane!!

Partner Silhouette

We checked in quickly and were seated only a few minutes later.  Crystal Palace has REAL COFFEE so I was happy already by the time we sat down.  Our waiter was pretty good.  I think he got frazzled or overwhelmed at one point so we lost him for a little bit but we didn't have any complaints.

We put our drink orders in and then headed right up to the buffet.  Definitely think that Crystal Palace has the one of the best breakfast buffets on property.  I think between the two of us we tried pretty much everything but since I didn't plan on writing a review about it, I didn't take pics of everything.   The blueberry pancakes were the only thing I wasn't a fan of, but it's only because they were still raw.  The taste would have been enjoyable but...meh.  Made to order omelets are always my highlights anyways.  And their puffed french toast was still good as always though!

And of course...we got to meet Pooh and Friends!



Smootches for Tigger


After stuffing ourselves at breakfast, we wanted to do as much as possible before Pat had to leave.  Very impressed with ourselves..we got a LOT done and did a few attractions that neither of us have done in years, maybe decades!

Heading into Adventureland we made a quick walk through of Swiss Family Treehouse.  I hate to admit it but I haven't seen the movie so this never interests me.  Plus it's just overall dull.  On our way to Pirates, I saw that Aladdin's Magic Carpets had NO line and Pat mentioned that he's never been on so what did we do?  Ran into line and acted like little kids and then jumped on the Jungle Cruise. 


Pirates was sadly down (and it ended up staying down for the rest of my trip, or at least every time I went to Magic Kingdom) but Pirate Goofy was there to pass the time away.   This Goofy was entertaining!  Although I think I lost my ability to translate what mute characters are trying to say to me on this trip.  I was having such a hard time 'communicating' with every character!  I had to rely on the PhotoPass photographers sometimes to translate, which did kinda make it funnier.

Goofy was showing how he was tired and sore after running...and then Pat and I posed with Goofy in our fabulous running poses.  :) 

disney photopass pics, Jan 2011Goofy decided to run with us  

Frontierland and Liberty Square were next.  I think we quickly got through Thunder Mountain, Country Bears, Hall of Presidents, and then ended up at Haunted Mansion. 

crazy bride

grimm grinning ghosts

Quickly walking through Fantasyland, we jumped on Snow White's Scary Adventure.  Glad I did since they announced that it'll be closing for the refurb!  Headed to Tomorrowland after that and were going to wait on line for Space Mountain when an awesome lady came running up to us and handed us Fast Passes that were good for right then! Score!

Buzz Lightyear was next and I somehow got conned into going on Stitch.  I miss Alien Encounter!! I knew when to hold my breath though so didn't gag at the corndog part.  :)


It was almost time for Pat to head out but we headed over to Toontown to get one last glimpse before it shut down for good.  Now, neither of us had ever been on Barnstormer. So we joined all the little kids on line and went for a ride.  It was definitely cute and I'd like to see how they revamp it for the new ride in Fantasyland.  After a quick walk through of Mickey's house, we made our way to Adventureland to get the best treat ever...Dole Whips!! :)

First & last ride on Barnstormer...

Pat had to sadly leave after our Dole Whip adventure so I started wandering Magic Kingdom solo for a quick bit.  I headed over to Carousel of Progress and while I was on the ride, Andy had texted me saying that he was on his way to Magic Kingdom too.  We met up around Main Street and the light hitting the castle was awesome so of course a few pics had to be taken. 

The castle...Pinkish Castle

We were both starving so headed to Cosmic Rays for some grub.  Honestly don't remember what I ate, but I just remember it was ok.  Nothing amazing.  To pass some time away, we headed to Astro Orbiter for a spin.  When we got up to the platform, the cast member assumed that the two of us would ride in one rocket.  Now... Andy and I aren't big people.  But he is 6'6" and I was carrying around my huge camera bag.  We attempted to squeeeeeeze into one rocket and I wish there was a camera filming us.  Eventually two other cast members walked by seeing us struggle and laughed.  They were amazed the original CM assumed we'd go in one rocket!  I quickly moved over to another and we had a grand old time spinning high above Tomorrowland.

Andy hadn't been to any of the monorail resorts so we took a detour from Epcot to wander each one quickly just so he could get a taste.  Stopped by Basin in the Grand Floridian and the Wyland Gallery at the Poly to browse for new items but came out empty handed.  On our way back to the monorail at the Poly I heard someone calling my name and started looking around.  My blogging buddy Ed recognized me from here and wanted to quickly said hi.  It was really cool to finally put a face to a name!  Since we were going in opposite directions though, it was a quick hello and goodbye and we were on our way to Epcot.

It was almost time for Illuminations and we were hungry too so we stopped into the cafe in France and I grabbed a mini quiche with ham and cheese and found a pretty empty spot to set up my camera.  As always, Illuminations was fabulous! 




After getting our fireworks fill, pretty sure we called it a night. I was still exhausted from the race so Andy headed home and I snuggled up in the fabulous beds at the Boardwalk!