31 December, 2011

runDisney Announces Tower of Terror 10-Miler & Wine and Dine Date Change

So by now this is definitely old news for a lot of people, but in case you missed some of the details, I'll post it here.

A week or so ago, runDisney kept hinting that they're going to give runners a 'Christmas gift', and teased the announcement with a few short videos.  The videos caused crazy rumors to swarm around the Disney sites and running forums. 

First video...

Second video...

Third video...

And the official announcement...

So yup!  The Tower of Terror race is back!!  But instead of being a 13k, it is now a 10-Miler.  I think it's a fabulous addition to the runDisney races, and should be a great time for all that are running.

What:  Tower of Terror 10-Miler
When: September 29th, 2012
Where:  Walt Disney World
Registration:  Opens February 14th, 2012

After the race, Hollywood Studios will be open until 3am for a post-race party.  

However... then I noticed the date!  September 29th was SUPPOSED to be the date for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.  Uhoh.... after quickly browsing the announcement, I noticed they mentioned that the new dates for Wine & Dine will be November 10, 2012.  Hmm....
I was happy with the new date in November for the sole reason that it's hopefully much cooler in November.  The weather in September is slightly unpredictable.   

Thennnnnn...I started thinking about the new November date even more and doing a little research.  That weekend in November is what everyone at Disney calls 'Jersey Week'.  All NJ schools are closed due to a teachers convention so many many many NJ families descend on Disney World that week so their children don't have to take a full week off from school.  I remember doing it for a few years when I was in elementary school too.  Crowds aren't insane...but they are slightly elevated.  

Not to mention that weekend is also Veterans Day, which means a long weekend for many people, which will bring in crowds to the parks....

Plus?  It's the very last weekend of the Food & Wine festival.  Which means that runners that come for the long weekend can't necessarily enjoy the food or the wine prior to the race due to nutrition concerns for the race.  And since the festival ends that Sunday, you can't enjoy the kiosks the Monday after the race like the majority of runners do.  

OH! And now Wine & Dine is no longer on my birthday weekend, which makes me sad.  :(  

So yeah... I'm slightly torn about the new dates.  Why couldn't they have just left Wine & Dine where it was, especially since they announced the original dates previously....and just put the Tower of Terror run in November, closer to Halloween to make it more festive??  People have been complaining on their FB site that they've already booked hotel and flights and now runDisney is ruining their vacation.  I don't blame people for being pissed off! 

There's been rumors that runDisney is attempting to phase out Wine & Dine, which would be a horrible decision if you ask me!  I'm not sure how much truth there is behind that though since Wine & Dine has been very popular the past two years and the improvements from the inaugural year were amazing.  

I won't be doing the Tower of Terror run for awhile since Wine & Dine is so close, not to mention the January races are only a few months after.  But I'd love to hear what people think!  

Will you be running the new race?  Stick to the old ones?  


  1. I'm pretty torn too, though I'm leaning towards Tower of Terror for two reasons:

    1. To go to an inaugural race. I think it'd be a lot of fun to try something new, and to compare it to Wine and Dine since it's another night race.

    2. To space out my Disney trips more, since I imagine I'll head to WDW Marathon Weekend in 2013. That way I won't be at the parks quite so back to back.

    I'm curious to hear what people have to say about this next weekend...

  2. I am trying to convince my other half to do the tower of terror over wine and dine. I haven't seen the parks in the Halloween decor and, even thought it's not my favorite holiday, could be fun! And we are planning on goofy next year so it would be better spaced for us too...need to hit lottery a.s.a.p.

  3. I was planning on doing my first Wine and Dine in 2012 but the new Tower of Terror race sounds like fun. I'm torn over which one to do because there is no way I can afford both especially so close together. I guess I will wait for more info before I decide.

  4. I'd rather do a half marathon than a 10 mile race, but the end of September definitely works better with my work schedule and it might be cool to do an inaugural race...I guess I have a bit of time to decide!

    I do like that it's another night race though!

  5. I really did like the ToT when I did it but I can't do late September. I like your thinking - they should have put the ToT in November, being much closer to Halloween. But the good news is, I now may actually be able to do W&D since it is in November!!

  6. I'm also curious about the Halloween 5K that was held during Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend since it included a ticket to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

    I am going to try to do both races though so we'll see how it goes!

  7. I completely understand people being upset about the change in the W&D dates, but I have to say that personally I'm pretty happy about the announcement. I'm not a morning person so I like Disney night events. I also like visiting WDW during that time of year. I wasn't planning on a fall WDW trip, but I'm in for the new ToT race!

    I just started a new blog, please check it out if you have time! I have 3 Disney races planned for 2012.


  8. I would love to do a night race at Disney...But I think I'll always stick to the main one in January. It feels more epic :)

  9. I'm just really torn. I mean it is possible yesterday twice I mentioned Goofy 2013. I don't even do full marathons or want to, but it keeps creeping in. I had my heart set on W&D, but I also had it set on Halloween season. So Tower of Terror may win.

    My hope is that when I get to the expo in TWO DAYS!!!! :) I'll see something and make up my mind for sure!

  10. I'm upset. I have been saving up specifically to do the Food and Wine half this year, FOR THE FOOD. I have heard such good things about it. If I can't eat anything, what's the point?! I'm totally bummed.

  11. @Lisa... I'm still slightly annoyed by the whole thing but have definitely decoded to skip ToT. :(

    @Anonymous...how's the lottery playing coming along? I keep losing!

    @Julie...Did you make a decision yet?

    @liverungrow...definitely love that it's another night race! That's a plus!

    @Emily...hope W&D works into your schedule!

    @Amanda...hopefully you can do both!

    @Lisa...Will definitely check out your blog!

    @Tink...definitely agree that it's more epic. Just SO many more people the whole entire weekend!

    @FF...Did you decide yet? :) I'm having a brain fart!

    @sierra...Totally agree!

  12. I've decided! I am already registered and stalking airlines for any dip in airfare!

  13. I'm doing both but totally agree with you on the date switch - but I guess WE don't run things at runDisney! Hmmmm... ;-) And I would totally be upset if they got rid of Wine & Dine - I love that one! But switch it back to the beginning of the festival!!

  14. @FF... good luck! I'm stalking airfare for W&D :(

    @Marcia... haha, good point. :)