07 December, 2011

Race Waviers/Bibs and Final Instructions Posted for Disney's Marathon Weekend!

It's all getting to real now, right?

Here's all the info that runDisney just posted.  I didn't have a chance to go through all the details but wanted to at least give you guys the links!

All Races:  Link to download and print your waiver, which includes your bib number

Full Marathon Final Race Instructions
Marathon Relay Final Race Instructions
Half Marathon Final Race Instructions
Goofy Race & A Half Final Race Instructions
Family Fiesta 5k Final Race Instructions

Who's freaking out JUST a little bit?  Yeah..me! :)


  1. O.M.G. Freaking. OUT!!

    But in a good way!

  2. Almost as crazy as stalking the URL to see when the #s are posted. : )

    Can't wait!!!!!

  3. Is the waiver site official? I haven't found anything confirming that it's official yet...

  4. Never mind. For some reason the link didn't show on RunDisney for me last night. :P

  5. Jenn, You will be great and I am sure it will be a blast.

  6. Love it when this stuff comes out...Printed it out as soon as I saw it last night!

  7. Hey Jenn,

    Are you getting any emails from runDisney for Marathon weekend? So far, the only time I know there is new info is when you post it. I signed my wife up for the CHEAR stuff, and she is getting emails, but I don't have anything.

    Thanks for being my news source! :-)


  8. @FF...Yes! Totally freaking out!! GAHH!!!

    @Katy...makes it seem that much more real now :)

    @JStone...now WHO would stalk the link?! :) Me? never!

    @beth...yup! I didn't show up for me right away either

    @bill...thank you! :)

    @Tink...yes! can't wait!

    @Amanda...I have to print mine today at work!

    @hubsterdisney...I didn't get an email until a day or two ago but I know other friends that haven't received anything at all yet. Seems like they're slow in getting them out this year!