05 December, 2011

New Prices for Disneyland Half Marathon 2012

There's been quite the buzz online about the new pricing for the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2012.  It went up...a lot!

$150 by February 26, 2012
$165 between February 27 and April 15,2012
$180 on or after April 16, 2012

Last year it was:
$125 by February 6, 2011
$145 after February 6, 2011

The late fee last year isn't even as much as the starting price this year, not to mention that just a few years ago it was $90! 

It's a hard price to swallow, especially considering that both half marathons held at Disneyland aren't run completely on Disney property.  Most of the race is held in the streets of Anaheim.  And while there is some fun crowd support, it's not 100% Disney like in Florida. 

$25 increase might not sound like much, but the prices continue to go up yet many runners are complaining that their money is getting them less.  Less characters on the course, less food at the finish, etc.

I guess good thing for me, I wasn't really planning on running Disneyland in 2012 at all.  I'll be waiting a few years to run it again, unless Disney comes up with a medal or something to run every single race in one calendar year.  Then I'll make the exception.  :)

What do you guys think?  What is too much for a half marathon?  What do you factor in when deciding to fork over that kind of money? 


  1. OMG! I was looking for a late summer/fall-ish half to add onto my schedule for 2012 and Disneyland was one of the top contenders. But $150, for earliest registration? Incredible.

    And $180 for a HALF marathon is just out of control. I don't think any half will ever get me to fork out that kind of money. (I can't say race in general, bc I would pay that to run NYC one day...) You can run Marine Corps twice for that amount of money!

    It seems that prices are going up quite a bit (esp RnR) and things are becoming less important to race organizers. Seems like details are falling by the wayside, like running out of medals, on-course energy drinks, etc. The registration fees keep increasing and race quality is going down. Makes you think, where is that money going?

  2. I think $125 would be the most I would pay for a half - might pay slightly more for the any of the races at Disney World simply because I love the experience, nothing compares to it if you are a Disney fan. I ran the race at Disneyland and it was just not the same race experience largely because you aren't really running at Disney.

  3. I will not pay more than 80$ for a half marathon. I am cheap ass graduate student and can't afford anything more than that. I would save and shove off the money for a disney race, but not for the one in Annaheim, especially after reading your recap and talking with some other runners who did the race. I will probably save and do the one in Florida. It looks like so much fun and the bling is huge. So, wish me luck that I land a job that will let me do that. :-)

  4. I think I am going to do the Disneyland half this year regardless of cost - I haven't done one yet and I really want to ge tthe Coast to Coast medal! :)

  5. Okay, after paying out the ass for Vegas - which you may have seen by now has had countless bad reviews - yeah, this is just too much!! And after doing Disneyland this year -- definitely too much!!!

  6. wow...very dissapointing
    I am glad I did it this year.
    will not pay 150 for a half.

  7. @Melissa...yeah, it's hard to swallow! The NYC Full is currently at around $200 to enter. I'm guessing by the time I get into the lottery, it's going to be about $250. Since its on my bucket list though, I'll be forking it over regardless! I know NY posted details about where their money goes (mainly permits, cops, etc), would love to see it for every race!

    @Karen...definitely agree with the Florida races! Being a Disney fan helps that though :)

    @melie...Yeah, I'd pass on Disneyland too and stick to just a Florida one soon! :)

    @dnardi...Coast to Coast makes up for the increased price, especially since you're not paying extra for the medal. So since it's your first one, I would quickly agree that it's worth it! :)

    @FF...omg I've been reading horrrrror stories about RnR! :(

    @Caroline...Crazy, right? I don't get it!

  8. I posted on this same thing yesterday...I will be doing it in 2012, but I have to say if it goes much higher after that I'm going to have to think hard about it. It's getting very expensive and starts at $10 higher than the starting price for the Half and Full in WDW in January.

  9. @Amanda...I'd do it again when the medals change possibly. Didn't think of that yesterday when I wrote this! I have a Disney Running budget calculator for 2011 and it's getting slightly out of hand!

  10. Boy these prices are getting crazy. I love Disney and Disney races, but I wonder when it gets to be too much. I know for me and most likely most people each race turns into a long weekend with air fare, hotel, park passes and meals it ends up being a quick $1000 before you blink.

  11. Good thing I wasn't planning on Disneyland 2012! I would NOT pay $150 much less $180 for a Half Marathon. I'm used to paying $130 for a full, but I won't pay over $80 for a Half! Just ridiculous.

  12. @bill...it's definitely insanely expensive when you add in the whole Disney trip to the budget! :(

    @Kirsten...Hopefully Disney realizes that they're starting to price themselves out of budgets!

  13. I'll be there, paying my full $150 ... bet they sell out too.

  14. I ran the 2011 Disneyland Half (my first Half and the most AMAZING experience!!) and was going to do the 2012 to get the Coast to Coast medal (I'm running the Princess Half in Florida in a couple weeks), but I'm not sure if it's worth it anymore. After all the money I'm forking out for my trip to Florida I'm not sure if running it again just for the extra medal is worth it! Especially since I would like to check out other half marathon series! I am a little addicted to the cool medals, but honestly, the one I have right now hangs pretty lifelessly on my bookshelf, but the memories with my friends will be with me forever!! :)

  15. @Anonymous... Considering I just plopped down $150 for Wine & Dine... I got sucked in too. :)

    @Anonymous... It's all about the memories and usually worth the money spent!