05 December, 2011

It Was a Good Week for Training...

I started to write this post last night when I got in bed but I think I was passed out before 3 words were jotted down.

This past week I hit every major workout/running goal that I had planned.  I missed a few regular workouts and a cut a short run even shorter but I'm completely OK with it.  It feels like I'm actually back in the groove of training and even though there's only 32 days left until the races start, I feel pretty good with where I'm at.

11/28, Monday:
After having talked to my gym owner the previous week about getting a new workout routine, I got to the gym but the workout wasn't ready yet so I went through a quick circuit that he put together for me. Felt pretty good!

11/29, Tuesday: 
Went to the gym and my new workout was ready! It's split into 3 days per week. However, there's 2 complete different workouts depending on the week. So Week 1 I'll do Workout A and Week 2 I'll do Workout B, then back to Workout A on Week 3. Slightly confusing at first but it'll definitely keep me into it.
First upper body day today...Did 2 sets and then jumped on the treadmill for a boring hot mile. It was too stuffy in the gym and I just wasn't feeling it.

11/30, Wednesday:
Forced myself to run 3 full miles on the treadmill in the morning :) Found the trick I forgot about since college... cover the treadmill screen with your towel so you can't see the seconds slowly tick by.

12/1, Thursday:
Rest Day...I had class :(

12/2, Friday:
Skipped my leg workout for the week since I planned on doing some serious running over the weekend and just did my ab workout in the morning.

12/3, Saturday:
Yes, I'm actually going to say that I felt great during a run! Was running completely late and was crazy pissed off when I first got to the park (long story). Started my run and started to relax. Wanted to get in 10 but due to being late, only was able to squeeze in 6.  Semi-negative splits for the first time in a LONG time too.
Miles: 10:19, 10:32 (dunno what happened there), 10:00, 10:07, 9:53, 9:53

Wore the Brooks Pure Cadence and they felt great. I could definitely feel the feet and ankles trying to adjust and they were a little tight, but no pain and I still love these sneakers. :)  I'll review them after I get a few more miles in them!

12/4, Sunday:
First back to back run of this whole Goofy/Dopey training. After doing 6 the day before, I went out for 16 today. Wasn't sure how I'd feel but I'm happy to say, I felt good!!  It was freezing at the start...36 degrees. Started to warm up right away though. Ended up at 60 degrees by the time I finished. Felt good the whole entire time, slightly tired the last 5 miles but nothing horrific. Ran the first 3 miles because I honestly forgot to walk. Started walking at 4 and then continued to walk 1 minute every mile.

At mile 4 had the new Peanut Butter Gu. Hmm...it's good. But I was expecting more peanut butter taste. It's more sweet than I would have liked.

Mile 8 I had a Vanilla Honey Stinger Waffle and OMG they're amazing! Next time I might cut it up and have them throughout the run.  It looks like a squished ice cream waffle cone, with a denser texture.  SO good.

Mile 12 I had a Chocolate Raspberry Gu Roctane. It was also decent, slightly medicine tasting though. But with it's 2x caffeine, I think it definitely gave me some energy at the end!

Feet, arches, and ankles are definitely sore but nothing too horrific. Definitely not in the mood to run again though.  I also didn't wear my CW-X tights because umm... they kinda ripped after my 6 miler so a new pair should be here today. :)


On to other news, there's some runDisney news that should come out today or tomorrow.  Waivers look like they're getting ready to be posted, and the new pricing for the Disneyland half was released.  I'll post about those hopefully tomorrow and Wednesday though!


  1. Glad to hear training is going well! I've been eyeing up the PureCadence myself - def need to give them a shot

  2. Awesome week - glad you got back to back runs in, that'll definitely help next month.

    I always cover the time on the treadmill if I can, otherwise it seems to go super slow.

  3. Great week! Where do you keep your snacks for the run? I live in Miami and since the weather is nice I don't run in a jacket or anything with pockets. I will run my longest run this Sunday of 7 and was thinking of trying a gu at mile 5. I don't want to hand carry it and have it get to hot. Suggestions ?

  4. Oh, I tried the stinger waffles on my run this weekend too! They are so yummy, just a little crumby to eat on the run -cutting them up sounds like a good idea though!

  5. @Melissa...so far I'm seriously in love with them! Try them when you can!

    @Amanda...have to jump on the TM today after work, I'll be using the towel trick for sure. Problem is...I forgot my iPod at home :(

    @runnerwanabegirl...I wear a water belt for my long runs. Since my long runs are in the parks, and they shut off the water fountains early December (they already did), I have to carry all of my supplies. I use the Nathan Speed 2. It has a pretty big pocket where I can put my gels and stuff. Would you be comfortable wearing one of those?

    @dnardi... definitely crumbly! I'm still finding waffle crumbs in my car and in my water belt! But they were SO good it's worth the crumbs I think!

  6. Oooh, I've been thinking about the Brooks Pure Cadence shoes. I'll be interested to hear what you think.

    Sounds like a great training week! And great job on the back to back runs!

  7. @Emily...So far? I love them! I think I have about 15-20 miles on them so far and it's like running on clouds, yet they're technically semi-minimalist sneaks. All raves so far!