12 December, 2011

25 Days Until the Madness Starts!

Yup, I just counted.  25 days until the 5k on January 6th!

Luckily this week was also a pretty good training week.  It was also the last official full week of school and all my projects have been presented and turned in.  Just one more class tonight and I'm FREEEEE!!!!!  (At least until next semester)

Yet again I didn't get in much running during the week but the weekend runs went really well.  So here goes...

12/5, Monday:
Was still a little sore after my 16 miler the day before so just woke up and did a nice arm workout at the gym.  It was definitely the harder of the two upper body workouts that my trainer gave me so it was a slight struggle.  Rode the bike for a few minutes to try getting some of the lactic acid out of the legs.  It felt good!

12/6, Tuesday:
Rest day since I had to go to a friend's house for their son's bday

12/7, Wednesday:
Holy HARD workout! Went to the gym with the intention of doing my leg workout and then running at least a mile. The workout was so hard I threw in the towel after I was done with it and didn't get on the treadmill.

Mostly it was all exercises on step boxes...8" and 10" plus a few with both combined.  I felt it in my legs for DAYS!  But it felt good!

12/8, Thursday:
Another rest day since it was my group presentation for class!

12/9, Friday:
Attempted my Ab Workout today and it was pretty hard as well.  Sensing a trend with these workouts?!

12/10, Saturday:
Had a good 8 Mile run!  Started out at 38 degrees but I soon warmed up realizing I probably wore too many layers!  Headed out with a friend who is training for his first half down at Disney with his son. It was nice to have someone to talk to and pass the time away. Definitely faster then I was planning to run but I felt good so we kept it up.  Kept up a 10:08 pace throughout....

12/11, Sunday:
Another back to back run....Met up with Pat in Fort Tryon Park in NYC to head out for our 18 mile run. Neither of us had been that far up in the city so it was a nice change of pace.  The park was beautiful and there was a pretty cool museum up there (The Cloisters) so we checked that out when our run was complete.

George Washington Bridge at Mile 2 on the way southbound

Decided we'd just go out an enjoy the run and not stress about time. Stuck to the West Side Highway and only got down to the Intrepid before having to turn around.  Next time we'll have to start around the Intrepid so we make it to the Brooklyn Bridge!

The Intrepid Musum at Mile 9-ish
Felt good the whole entire run...could have been b/c I OD'd on nutrition.  Took a Gu, 2 Gu Roctanes, and a Honey Stinger Waffle, plus my Gatorade and Nuun.

The Little Red Lighthouse hiding under the George Washington Bridge (Mile 16 on the way north)

Did roughly a 1 min walk at each mile. We did slow down and take a few pics along the way...couldn't help it! It was a beautiful (but COLD!) day!  When we were done we wandered The Cloisters Museum a bit, then proceeded to stuff our faces all around the East Village.

The Cloisters
I swear it was amazing, better than it looks!

X'ian Famous Foods for their Spicy Cumin Lamb Noodles, Belgian Room for lots and lots of good beer...and a hilarious bartender, and then finally Banh Mi Zon for yummy Vietnamese Sandwiches. I think we thoroughly re-carbed up....plus some!


  1. Sounds like a bunch of great workouts with very cool scenery!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, I'm definitely going to have to make it into the city for a run one day!

  3. Can't wait for the 5k, can DEFINITELY wait for the marathon! Here goes nothing! We doin Jellyrolls this time?

  4. Looks like a great week overall. So cannot wait for January to get here!

  5. @FF...thanks! I def need to do my 20 in nyc this weekend too. Definitely helps the time go by quicker!

    @danielle...you need to!! :)

    @justin...YES! I'll DM you my cell on ROTE so we can actually meet up there. I'm staying at the Boardwalk so it MUST happen this time!

    @Amanda...thanks! me too!

  6. Sounds like a great week! A friend of mine went to the Cloisters last time she was in NY and liked it.

  7. @Emily... it was definitely an interesting museum. I'd def go back!