29 November, 2011

Updated Course Maps for January runDisney Races

Earlier this month, runDisney posted new race course maps for the January races but most people weren't too thrilled about them.  They were very basic and hard to read.  Plus, they didn't have any mile markers, etc.

Luckily, new course maps were posted!  It's still the basic maps from earlier, but this time they added mile markers, water stops, etc.  Makes them slightly easier to understand.  I still like the old maps that had a lot more detail but these are definitely better than earlier.

Also, both the half and full marathon courses have stayed exactly the same.  A friend on Running of the Ears sent an email asking about changes, and the response was that nothing has changed.  That's a great thing though because I actually really liked the full marathon course!

Here's the new links to the maps:

2012 WDW Marathon Course Map

2012 WDW Half Marathon Course Map

2012 WDW Marathon Relay Course Map

2012 Family Fiesta 5k


  1. Gah! I can't believe the weekend is coming up so quickly!

    Do you think the half goes through Magic Kingdom? I think the original map showed us running through the park, but it's harder to tell now.

    I also want to talk January plans soon! Woohoo!

  2. Hey Lisa! It does still go through MK! Enters from the side of Main Street by Tony's, runs towards the castle, makes a right into Tomorrowland, once in Fantasyland it heads through the castle then out towards Adventureland and backstage. :) I'm glad that someone from ROTE emailed and asked if any of the courses have changed...and I LOVE that their answer was no! haha

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I hadn't stalked the website in a couple days, so I didn't see the change. Freaks me out that 3 of those 4 maps apply to me. ME??!?!! The biggest slacking in the running community?!?!

    The relay one is kind of funky. It looks like you switch off before the first runner even hits the 13 mile marker. I'm sure that's not the case, but it is kind of misleading.

  4. I like the full marathon course too! I read a race review one time that described the race as boring because you ran through too many back lots and stretches between the parks. Seemed like such a weird complaint to me as the Disney races offer more to look at along the way than any other race I have done. Love them!

  5. Yeah...I was super glad that they at least put the water stops and mile markers in, but I agree the other maps were way easier to follow!

  6. I wish I were going. Maybe next year. I will just have to relive it by reading yours, Lisa's and Ronda's blogs. Best of luck with the Goofy.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing! This is so helpful for me to know!

  8. @FF...CRAZY to think how much we'll all be running, RIGHT?! Can't wait to hear how you love the relay!

    @Karen...definitely not boring to me really. Love that Disney throws in so much stuff to keep you entertained!

    @Amanda... I feel like a kindergartener created these :(

    @bill...finally a comment worked? :) Hopefully I'll see you there next year! Thank you!

    @Sara...glad it helps!