02 November, 2011

New 2012 WDW Marathon Weekend Course Maps & Race Program!

I was in the middle of writing my Marine Corps Marathon recap when I saw that runDisney posted the course maps for all of the January races, as well as the race program!!

Then I calculated... the race weekend is in NINE WEEKS!!! Yikes!

Looks like the course maps are VERY simplified compared to previous years.  Also looks like some things have changed but I'm not sure if that's just due to the simple maps.  Although definitely seems like the marathon is NOT running around World Showcase and past Yacht & Beach Club this year?  Meh.  Don't like that.  World Showcase was one of the best parts! 

Honestly?  NOT a fan of the new maps.  There's no mile markers, water stops, nada, nothing.  I'm hoping that runDisney releases maps with more detail soon.

Click the links below to bring you to runDisney's links!

2012 WDW Marathon Course Map

2012 WDW Half Marathon Course Map

2012 WDW Marathon Relay Course Map

2012 Family Fiesta 5k

2012 WDW Marathon Weekend Race Program


  1. Looks like the part around the lagoon at Epcot is the run around World Showcase mile 24 abouts... but yeah according to this map it looks like we don't run by the Yacht and Beach...booo. Hopefully it's a "map" thing.


  2. I'm bummed as well. Was hoping for a bit more excitement for my 1st full marathon. I'm sure it will still be memorable as Disney always puts on the best events.

    You're doing Goofy's challenge as well, right?

  3. Thank you! This January will be my first WDW race - The Goofy! We are staying at the Beach Club so I was hoping to run by there! I am sure it will still be fun, although I was looking forward to the world showcase tour!

  4. I was totally staring at those maps earlier this morning! The simple version is nice, in a unique new way to show us the course, but yeah - too vague. And I want to know my water stops. I'm not bringing my own either way, but still I just want to know.

  5. It does look like we go through World Showcase, but unfortunately it looks like we head out the back entrance to DHS and down Epcot Resorts Blvd. That is upsetting, and it doesn't make sense that they would move us the BW/BC/YC area to a road that they would have to close for the duration of the race.

  6. 9 weeks???? No, that's impossible! It can't be!


  7. So excited. Need to redeem myself in the Studios after a horrible meeting during W&D.

  8. Those maps are terrible! For the prices Disney charges for their races, they should be kind of ashamed of half-assing it. Unless the runners are running in a circle around Spaceship Earth, this seems like a fail.

    And I'd be bummed if the course didn't go through the YC/BC area -- I'll probably be spectating, and that's the prime spot.

  9. I thought the maps were simple too. I was hoping for mile markers and water stops like the previous maps had so I knew what to expect for my first 1/2. Hopefully, they will come out with other maps soon.

  10. In case you guys didn't see my update...


    The courses for both races is staying exactly the same as in previous years! Whew!!

    @Daniel...I am doing Goofy! :)

    @Sara...good luck on Goofy!

    @Niffercoo...then I guess I shouldn't mention that it's now 30 days away!?!?!

    @Elyse...good luck on your half!