22 October, 2011

Single Digit Freak Out!

I've been missing...I know! Story of my life lately. :)  But I honestly figured I'd spare you guys my venting for awhile.

It's officially 8 days until the Marine Corps Marathon and to say I'm freaking out is an understatement.

Went for an 18 mile run last Saturday and it went miserably wrong. By Mile 10 I was sluggish, by Mile 14 I was miserable, and by Mile 16 I threw in the towel and walked one more mile to my car and cut the 'run' short at Mile 17. Not sure what went wrong. I thought I was properly hydrating and eating during the run, but I must not have been property hydrated before the run. I was feeling great up until Mile 10 though, singing to the songs on my iPod, enjoying the view, taking photos with my camera, etc. And then? BLAH!

See?  Even pretty scenery couldn't help after Mile 10!

I didn't feel horrible after the run though, which I'm happy about. I was slightly sore but nothing I couldn't handle. And then? I woke up Wednesday (remember...my run was on Saturday) and my heel HURT!! With every single step. Hmm...that's not good, right? It can't be from running, since I ran 4 days prior, so I have no idea what it could be.  Possibly the stilettos I wore the night before to the bar but high heels usually never bother me.  Who knows.

Unfortunately, it's Saturday again and the stupid thing still kind of hurts. Definitely not as bad as when it started but it's there. I've been icing and rolling and stretching. We'll see.

So yeah, the race is in 8 days...I didn't get the training in that I needed, and I'm going in with some random mystery ailment.  Oh!! And the weather forecast for the race? Rain!!! Seriously... I need to get myself out of this mental funk by next Sunday!

I promise (I hope) that my next post on here will be slightly more happy. 

I did get a fabulous massage yesterday though and do feel better overall.  I think I need to go monthly for a massage just for my mental well being.  SO relaxing!  

I will say on a happier note... I am in LOVEEEEEE with my iPhone 4S!!!  Smitten!   And I have a crush on Siri.  :)  She and I are going to be the best of friends!


  1. You are going to do just fine in the marathon! I know you will :-) I am on opposite camps on the smart phone debate. I just got rid of my iPhone and got an Android and love it so much!

  2. You'll be fine next weekend, I know it! Positive thinking girl :) Get lots of rest, and watch some YouTube videos of MCM to get you in the spirit. And I'm going to need some moral support when I start having a breakdown of my own ... possibly mid-week lol

  3. Ah, the pre-race bad long run that sucks the confidence right out of you...Been there and done that :).

    Listen to your body and take it easy - you should be tapering so your body is telling you that if wants to rest.

    You'll do great at your race. The crowd and festivities will pull you along and you'll have a great time!

  4. You'll do great! You'll get pumped once you get to the packet-pickup

  5. Hope the race goes well! I know you are going to do great!!!

  6. That trail really is pretty though!

    It's getting so close .... go hydrate! Relax! Sleep! Have a great time!!

  7. @melie...iphone traitor! :) Haha, my friends love their Droids as well!

    @Melissa...the youtube videos helped! :) Congrats Ms. Marathoner!

    @Amanda...Thank you :)


    @Karen...thank you! :)

    @FF...I love this park, although I'm getting SO bored of it since all of my long runs are there lately. I need new scenery!