27 October, 2011

For a Little Laugh Before the Race.....The Day After

I still have a million things to do before driving down to DC tonight but wanted to post these two quick videos since they've made me smile and laugh each time I've watched them!

I remember that wobble the day after the Disney marathon and how entertaining it was for my friends to laugh at me.  Can't wait for the same jokes on Monday!

OK, now back to work...need to get some work done, finish writing a paper for class tonight, pack, go to class...and THEN meet my friends so we can drive down to Washington, DC!

Tour of the White House tomorrow morning and then the expo...woohoo!

(And yes, I'm obviously in a better mood than my last post.  Still freaking out about the race but hey...can't do much about it now, right?)


  1. Love 'em!!

    This makes me very curious about how I'll feel in January while trying to walk around WDW after 29.3 racing miles! ... perhaps I should just rent an ECV!

  2. Those are hilarious! I loved hanging out with you and Keith the day after the race, and getting in and out of every ride made us groan and limp.

    Have a safe ride down to DC!

  3. Those videos are completely hilarious. I needed a laugh and that did it. Thanks for sharing those.

    Good luck on the race. I am sure you'll be just fine and do great!

  4. Lindsay (@linzertort)October 28, 2011 at 9:43 AM

    omg Jen that was so funny! Good Luck! Jackie and I will be thinking of you!

  5. @FF...it's going to be entertaining, and oh so fun to hobble around!

    @Lisa...Yes! Always awesome to hang out, especially with the runners limp! :)

    @Amanda...thank you!

    @Lindsay...thank you ladies!