22 September, 2011

You actually have to RUN to train for a marathon!?

I bet a few of you are wondering where my training updates have disappeared to!  Well...so have I.  :)

After I got home from Disneyland from the half marathon, I somehow came down with the cold from hell and my running days were put on hold until I could walk 10 feet without coughing up a lung.  The thought of running would send me into a fit of sneezes.

 I'll save you the horror of a sick photo of me
So pretty much, my training got slightly derailed.  I was finally better two weeks after Disneyland and got this genius (aka idiotic) idea to pick up in my training where I was supposed to be and attempt a 16 mile run.  All while not having run for two full weeks prior. 

How'd the run go, you ask?  Pretty much how you expected it to after such a nice hiatus.  I started out at a slow pace and immediately decided to do the modified Galloway plan that I used for the January marathon.... run one mile, walk one minute.  All was well until about Mile 13, the furthest I've ran since the full marathon in January.  As I continued on, I felt a slight pinch in the back inner side of my knee.  Hmm... it's probably my running tights bunching up...keep on chugging.  At Mile 14, I could tell it wasn't my tights but it wasn't horrible...and it wasn't my IT Band (which is all I was worried about) so I slowed down a bit and kept on going.  When I hit Mile 15, the pain got slightly worse but again, nothing excruciating but I decided to play safe and walked/jogged the last mile (mostly walked).
Love how the pace nose dived at mile 13-ish
Are you sick of this park map yet?  Because I am...I need new trails!

I went home and jumped in a cold tub (after a quick pit stop at Starbucks to get my pumpkin coffee..mmmm) and stretched for a good amount of time.  Still had the pain every time I walked though.  As the day went on, the discomfort stayed in the side of my knee (kinda felt like the tendon) but I could also feel serious tightness in the very upper part of my calf as well as my hamstring. The cold bath did absolutely NOTHING for my left leg (where the pain was) but my right leg felt fabulous.  Even a trip to an Oktoberfest festival to drink lots of beer didn't help!

Of course Googling "inner knee pain running" will cause anyone to have a mental breakdown.  I was reading horror stories about just about anything....from just tight muscles, a popliteus muscle strain (a who?!) to a meniscus tear.  GEEZ!

I took it easy the next few days and yesterday finally made it to the gym.  Immediately sat down with the gym owner and explained what happened.  After poking and proding my knee and calf, we came to the conclusion that it was my popliteus muscle that was bothering me.  Apparently it is used to unlock the knee during walking/running.  I won't get into all the nitty gritty details here but it sounds fun, right?

Anyways, he told me to just continue to stretch and foam roll it and I should be ok.  And to take it easy if it starts to bother me but then laughed knowing I probably wouldn't.  This is coming from the guy who got me into this crazy running thing and himself runs 53 mile ultra marathons in the mountains of Vermont.  :)

While at the gym I ran half a mile on the treadmill and it felt ok.  While I was working out after, I could feel a slight discomfort but no pain.  This morning?  Don't feel a thing.  Will try running tomorrow for a bit to see how it goes!


  1. I learned what the popliteus muscle was last year when mine was inflammed. (First case of it my PT had ever encountered!) The remedy? Lots of resting, ice and anti-inflammatories. Good luck!

  2. Ay carumba! This sounds like all sorts of painful!! I've run TWICE since Disneyland, plus one Warrior Dash. I was ready to run last night and when I got into the car something just popped and my whole leg started to tingle. I figured a night off won't hurt me as much as a run might! Tonight I WILL be back at it.... and if I hurt my popliteus I'll be giving you a call!

  3. Glad you got over that nasty cold. Take it easy on the knee and hopefully it will be back to normal asap!

  4. @Megan...I've been stretching and rolling so hopefully that helps! :) Thanks!

    @FF...ouch! Hopefully your knee is feeling better!!

    @Amanda...thank you!

  5. Well, I'm going to say that time on your feet is all that matters. You definitely hung in there when I probably would have quit. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Take it easy on that knee! I ran my very first Half with a banged up knee, and it was NOT fun.

    I can't believe it is now only one week away! Please take care of your knee these last few days.

  7. I just found your blog and I LOVE it. I am relatively new to running (ran my first half in my hometown of Chicago in September) and I just signed up for my first-ever Disney race. I'm doing the marathon!!!!

    You have some really handy info here for a RunDisney newbie, so I plan on checking in often! :)

  8. @Victoria...thanks! Luckily all is well now!

    @Keith...yea yea...:) I did! Thank you :)

    @carybear21...thank you!! So sorry it took me ages to write back to you though. :( Good luck on the marathon in Disney! If you see me, definitely say hi!