02 September, 2011

Woah! It's so TINY!!

I think I might have said that 50 times yesterday!  I'm talking about Disneyland, people!  Get your mind out of the gutter!

So far, I'm loving Disneyland.  Everything seems so familiar yet SO different at the same time.  I turn a corner expecting to see something, and I stumble upon something totally different.  I love how everything is so close together and walking distance but not a fan about how close the 'real world' is to everything.  Walking back to our hotel kinda ruins the 'magic'. 

The castle?  It's cute.  Don't want all of you DL die-hards to hate me but...it's just cute.  Obviously Cinderella is more of a high roller than Sleeping Beauty and got the cooler castle. :)

The rides?  I'll do a whole post on those at some point.  Pirates though is fabulous, Space Mountain is 'different' but has it's high points, Snow White kinda just abruptly ends, Buzz Lightyear wins at Disneyland, Indiana Jones...pretty damn cool too.  Haunted Mansion is closed due to the holiday overlay they're putting on it but the exterior blows ours away.  The verdict is out on the rest until I can experience them.  Oh, and Dole Whip Floats?!  Florida wins without even blinking an eye.  Why do they taste so different here?!!

Heading out to the Jeff Galloway meet in a few hours so I'll tell everyone how it went tomorrow (hopefully). 

** I do love how our hotel has free wifi...it's fantabulous!! **


  1. It is different, isn't it? I went there 2 years ago for the Disneyland half and had the smae impressions. Mostly just the way that it is right in the middle of a main road, blink and you miss it. I am used to the mile long drive leading up to Disney World. The people at Disneyland are quick to tell you that they were the first. That kind of amused me too.

  2. I had no idea the castle in Disneyland was for Sleeping Beauty... I just assumed it was a second (well, first) Cinderella castle. I'm so embarrassed - I should have known that!! Clearly I need to go there :) haha

  3. Indiana Jones!! That and Mr. Toad are my favorite non Disney World rides! Hopefully watching World of Color and Aladdin are both on your list! :)

    My first park was Disneyland and I remember absolutely loving the castle. I finally went to Disney World (finally as in not until I turned 30). But there had been a huge gap in years between visits so when I finally got back to Disneyland I remember thinking what happened to the castle? Ha!

  4. Having grown up going to WDW, I said the same thing about Sleeping Beauty Castle the first time I saw it. But I think Disneyland people say, "Wow, it's so big!" when they come to Florida. :)

  5. It's not about size!!! : p

    Disneyland is such a cool place, but feels so weird to see surrounding non Disney establishments so close.

  6. I love hearing about Disney Land. I am going for the first time in Jan for the Tinkerbell half.

  7. Having grown up in Southern Cal (but having been to WDW numerous times too) I much prefer DL. I like how everything is right there...at WDW it seems like there is a mile between each ride! Everything is pretty much the same....yet different. I totally agree. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on CA Adventure! Good luck on the race!

  8. I want to go to Disneyland sooooo bad. Hopefully will be able to soon! (coast to coast next year im hoping) Anyways, you won my gummy vitamin giveaway!! shoot me an email at sgrigely at hotmail dot com when you get home with your address!

  9. Glad you're having a great time. Wish I could have met you while I was out there. Can't wait to hear how the race went for you!

  10. So agree about the size thing! Seth said he wished he'd had his camera trained on Andrea, Tina and me as we saw the castle for the first time, stopped dead in the street, cocked our heads to the side, and then turned and said "It's so little!" I think charming was the word I ended up using for DL. It's great...but WDW has my heart!

  11. I'm kind of glad to hear about the pineapple floats. We started to wait in line but it was so long and not moving, so we left and went for a baked potato in Fantasyland instead.

    I love Disneyland. Always have, always will. I left REALLY missing Disney World. The whole time I was comparing things trying to find ways that Disneyland excelled over the World. The list was short - but I still love it!

  12. I have been to Disneyland 3x and WDW close to 20 or so. I would choose WDW every time but there is something about going to the first one too. It was a great race. The volunteers and DL personnel were awesome. I will be back again as a C2C runner in a few years.

  13. I use to go to disneyland a lot when I was a kid. I loved it. But since been to disneyworld as an adult I love DW. We went back to DL and I hated that it was surrounded by reguler crap. I also find people are ruder in Dl. Even though Dl is way cheaper for us to go I never want to go back.

  14. @Karen...definitely crazy, haha! Whenever I talked to a CM about DL and WDW I was sure to remind them that I KNOW DL was first...but still! :)

    @foodosauraus...haha, no worries, I won't tell anyone! :)

    @Emily...Aladdin was amazing! I could watch that every single day! Definitely loved Mr. Toad as well.

    @Steve...it's crazy how different they are. At least no one can argue that WDW doesn't have the best castle.

    @JStone..yeah...the surrounding area totally throws me off and kinda ruined the magic for me every time we left. I like being immersed in it 24 hrs a day.

    @Kelly and @Lisa... you guys are going to love it!! Can't wait to hear about Tinkerbell!

    @sugarmagnolia...California Adventure was a serious construction zone when we went but I did enjoy it. I def want to go back when they're done fixing it up!

    @Stephanie...definitely try to get out to DL asap. Coast to Coast is worth it! :)

    @Amanda...we'll just have to meet up another time!

    @beth..."charming" definitely describes it perfectly! My CA friend wouldn't let me go to Disneyland until he got there just so he could see my reaction!

    @FF...ahhh..there's a secret to getting on a short line for the pineapple floats! :) I'll let you in on it next time I see you.

    @DawnofRunning...completely agree! Seeing the first and original was something special.

    @Anonymous...I noticed a few rude people too while there but didn't pay attention enough to compare it to WDW. I'll keep an eye out next time!