29 August, 2011

Training Update... T-9 Weeks Until MCM (and 19 to WDW)

I think my calculation was surprisingly correct last week! Hard to believe Marine Corps is only 9 weeks away.

Before I head out to California for the Disneyland Half this Thursday, wanted to give a quick update with my training from the previous week.

So this past week was a good training week as well...until Irene decided to make her way up the East Coast.

Monday, Aug 22nd:  Had a good day at the gym... did my full body circuit workout again and upped a few of the weights. Started running out of time though so cut out a few exercises on my 2nd set.  Also, I bought a pair of Nike Free's to do my gym workouts in and I think I love them!! :)  I was tired of wearing old running sneakers and these are so comfy!  I love that I don't have to wear socks with them. 

Tuesday, Aug 23rd:  5 Miles in the park (10:13 pace).  Attempted to wake up this morning but it didn't work.  Was supposed to do 6 but only had time for 5 after work but I'm still happy. Felt decent throughout the whole run. Hamstrings were a little tight still from the 12 on Sunday but loosened up as the run went on.  Didn't have any water with me so had to make a few pit stops at the water fountains along the way (paused the Garmin for those).

Wednesday, Aug 24th:  Full Body Circuit.  Holy bejeezuz I went to the gym twice in a week?! :) Felt good through the whole workout and did a full two sets of everything.

So for the remainder of the week I had a slight dilemma.  Hurricane Irene was heading our way and I had a 14 mile run scheduled for some point during the weekend.  Thursday I had a 6 mile run scheduled, thinking that I could take a rest day on Friday and get my long run in Saturday or Sunday.  But with the hurricane, the only nice day remaining this week was Friday.  So I held off my run on Thursday.

Of course Friday rolls around and my alarm goes off at 5:30 for the 14 miles and?  I couldn't get my body out of bed.  I seriously tried, I did!

Due to the hurricane I didn't get ANY running in during the weekend :(  I guess I'll just consider it my taper week before the half marathon?

Hope everyone stayed safe during Irene.  We didn't have any problems here.  Luckily kept power the whole storm and just had a ton of rain and wind.  A water pipe did break in our building a few hours before the storm, but it was totally unrelated from Irene.  Figures, right? 


  1. I have been learning that having big upcoming races and training all the time really makes time fly by fast! This is another example of that!

  2. Great job getting done what you did with a crazy weather week.

  3. @FF...seriously, it's CRAZY how quickly time is flying. How is it almost the end of September already!?

    @Amanda...thank you!