26 August, 2011

Race Recap: Yankee Stadium 5k

Earlier this month, my friends and I ran in the Yankee Stadium 5k.  If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a huge Yankee fan.  Have been going to games my whole life and grew up loving the pin stripes.  :)

So when I heard that there's a 5k that runs through the stadium and on the field, I coudln't wait to register!  We signed up the day registration opened and then just had to sit and wait until race day came.

The race waves were based on estimated finish time and for some reason they put me and my friend in the 9:30am wave.  We got to the stadium bright and early and just wandered around a bit waiting for our other friends to show up.  Since we already picked up our race numbers the day before, we didn't have to wait in the long registration line, which was nice! 

There was some slight chaos prior to the race start though. Everyone knows that Yankee Stadium security isn't the friendliest. I guess it kinda comes along with the territory, but you'd think that for a fundraising 5k they'd be a little more personable, right? Negative.

Runners were completely given the runaround all morning prior to the race and security was the one to thank for it. At registration, the volunteers were directing runners to a certain gate for bag check/bathrooms/spectator entrances, etc. When we got to the gate we were told to go to, security acted as if we had tried to steal Steinbrenners' World Series ring collection! Eventually things got sorted out and the volunteers themselves were very friendly and helpful but seriously security...be a little friendlier.

When it was time for our wave to start, we were brought into the main concourse, or Great Hall to line up. It was still slight chaos in there and runners were commenting that it was much more organized the year prior. Wave 2 (us) was in line to start running and Wave 1 hadn't even started yet. I believe they also eventually let in Wave 3 which just led to more chaos.

We look so serious!

A few newscasters and 'famous' people said a few words (no Yankees unfortunately, they were in Boston getting their butts kicked :( ) and then Wave 1 was off. Wave 2 moved closer to the start line and waited for the 'gun' to go off. From here on out, I really have nothing to complain about!  The gun went off and the race started!! The first loop around the main concourse was a little tight in spots but thinned out as time went on.  I believe there were 300 people in each wave.  

Ahhhh room to breathe!

After two loops around the main concourse, arrows directed us to head down one more level to the field. It was pretty cool going 'backstage' and seeing where things take place. We then rounded a corner and were on the field! This was by far the coolest part of the whole entire race and easily worth the money that we spent to register. We ran two laps around the warning track and then headed back into the main stadium. Since we didn't know if or when we'd ever get on the field at Yankee Stadium again, we completely took our time and stopped for a million photos. :)

Our first glimpse of the field!
Our cheering squad
You can see me on the jumbotron taking this photo :)
Slightly sweaty but on the field!

Oh, the sweaty photo reminded me of the weather. It was MUGGY! Within the first mile, I was a sweaty mess. Luckily I wore a black tank top and you couldn't really see sweat marks. After our two loops around the field, we then had to run up ALL the stairs in the stadium to the upper deck, run around that level, run down the ramps back to the Great Hall, then back up the stairs for 1 more lap and then the ramps to the Great Hall to the finish line. CRAZY! I hate walking up all those stairs during regular baseball games... during a 5k was NO fun!

At least we get a nice view from up here!
View of the Great Hall on the way down the ramps

After crossing the finish line, we quickly grabbed water, bananas, bagels, and our medals. The medals were a little weak but the shirts were kinda cool. Of course I can't find photos of them right now but I'll definitely wear the shirt to the gym! After meeting up with our cheering squad, we all headed out to Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem for some fabulous yummy goodness. :)

Would I do this race again? Definitely! But honestly only because it's at Yankee Stadium. The price was a little steep... $40 fee plus you had to fund raise an additional $60 or else they charge your credit card the difference on race day. So $100 isn't ideal but it does go to a good cause. They said runners raised over $600K that day for cancer research, which is awesome.


  1. The entire 5k was in the stadium? That is so crazy, but cool!

    I think you look rather pretty in that "serious" picture! :)

  2. I had never heard of this race, I definitely want to give it a go & maybe get my dad to do it with me next year. Thanks for the recap!!!

  3. Wow. What a cool idea! But the security and high fee? Yikes!

    But still. Neat shots. And I love the photo of you with the Yankees sign in the background!

  4. Wow - what an excellent location for a race. How fun to get to run around Yankee Stadium. Glad you had a good time.

  5. I am no Yankees fan (I am a Phillies girl) but this race looks awesome, chaos aside. I'd sell my soul to do one like this in Philly!

  6. @Victoria...yup! The whole thing was inside the stadium. I didn't think we could pull off 3.1 miles just running in circles but we did! And thank you, I actually love that 'serious' photo. When I saw it on their page I got excited!

    @xcar...definitely do it next year! I've convinced a bunch of people to do it with me too. :)

    @kilax...yeah, the fee was high but much of it did go to cancer research so I feel better about it.

    @Amanda...thanks! I wish I knew about it sooner!

    @Laurie...Do some digging and see if they do. I know a few stadiums have something similar. My friend who is a Boston fan said he'd love to do this at Fenway. I don't think you could PAY me enough :)

  7. How cool!! I love the picture of you on the field.

  8. Very cool! I'm not even a real baseball fan and even I would be all over that. I am so excited about our short time on the field THIS WEEKEND in Anaheim, and I know nothing of the team at all. Such a fun experience you had there!

  9. Wooh! That's a nice run. I forget when was the last time I have run. I missed it.

  10. @Emily...thank you! I can't wait to do it again!

    @FF...how awesome some Anaheim? :) Granted I think this was cooler but I'm biased.

    @Spartan..thanks, you should get out there!