31 August, 2011

Race Recap: Warrior Dash NY

Get ready for photo overload!

The week after the Yankee Stadium 5k, we ran in our 2nd Warrior Dash. A few of my friends ran with me the year prior and we had such a good time that we immediately registered again when it opened. Even better was that past runners got a discount entry, score!

Woke up bright and early and started our 2 hour trek north to Windham Mountain, where the race is held. Easily parked and took the shuttle up to the main lodge area and checked in to pick up our race bibs, shirts, and warrior helmets!

One of my friends had ran at 8am (our race started at 1:30) so we met up with him and compared how dirty he was with our fabulously clean clothes....

We grabbed a huge beer to share (we didn't all want to drink a huge liter before running!) and then hung around and watched the craziness unfold around us. These were by FAR the best costumes...

Before we knew it, it was time to line up and get ready to run ourselves.  I knew from last year that the first part of the run was torturous.  Windham Mountain is a ski resort and the race starts at the bottom of the mountain by the base lodge.  Runners have to run up the long windy green circle trail along the edge of the mountain.  Green trails don't seem so bad when you're snowboarding down them.  But running up them?  That's another story!  This incline was NEVER ENDING!!

I'm not going to talk about all of the obstacles...just the ones we have photos of :)

Going up!
Still climbing, we came to our first obstacle, the tire and car crawl.  A few old cars in the way and you had to get over them...

Still going up!! Yes, I surrendered

The next obstacle was new...a balance beam up and over and back down. Some people were freaking out about the height and I'll admit for some reason my nerves were a little shaken even though it was only a few feet high.

Next up was the muddy lake, or whatever they call it. They had fake logs in the lake that you had to get across. The frigid water felt FABULOUS after running up that damn mountain!

New this year was the tire weave. Just lots of car tires hanging by rope that you had to get through. Since no one was around us, it was pretty easy. But once those tires got moving, it was tough not to get nailed by one! I think my friend purposely attacked me with them.

Heading back down
You want me to smile!?

After the regular cargo net, we ran into the horizontal cargo net. It's hard crab crawling across that thing!

Finally we saw the finish line in our sights! We had to get through a very bumpy and not very slippery slip and slide. I have bruises from that thing!

And then take a death defying leap over fire....

And then the Warrior Dash's infamous mud pit...

Smurfs in the mud!

And we're done!! :)

After meeting up with our support crew, we tried to figure out how to clean off. They had make shift showers but they were freezing and hardly any water actually hit you. For some reason, they had shut down all of the bathrooms inside the lodge, probably because it was getting too muddy. They said that the restrooms were 'out of order' but I highly doubt that. I ended up making friends with two random girls who were also looking for a bathroom so we created a curtain out of towels which allowed me to change into dry clothes. Thanks ladies!

Oh...and the photo below? That's a mud line...NOT a tan line!

Like my mud line?

After drying off, I got to show off my medal and warrior helmet :)

We all met up again and were starving so found some open grass in the field and took turns going to get food. A pulled pork sandwich, corn on the cob, and Magic Hat beer had never tasted so good! We hung out for a few more hours enjoying the chaos and taking in all the awesome costumes.

Super Mario Kart!

They also had a Big Air Bag that my crazy friends decided to jump into. I decided to pass today, maybe next year!

It was another great day overall! The course was slightly different than last year and I think it took longer to complete. The after party was fun as always. Only things I would change? Keep the restrooms open please! And allow credit cards when purchasing tickets for food. The line for the ATM was insane.


  1. Did that guy climb through the car instead of over it? LOL.

    The whole race looks like so much fun! I hate that I missed it when it came to Florida :(

  2. I'm doing Warrior Dash the Saturday after Disneyland -- so I was happy to read this and see your ATM advice. I'm just going to go into mine also assuming they don't take cards so that way I'll be prepared!

    What did you use for a camera during that?? Have I already asked you this? If so, yeah, I need an answer again - my memory is just that bad some times!

  3. This kind of race just uplift my spirit to join and struggle for more obstacle challenges. Great post!

  4. Wow, that looks tough and fun at the same time. Quite the mud line you had there :)!

  5. I used to ski Windham as a kid. I can't imagine going up it, nice job. Good luck at Disneyland!!

  6. I love the helmet!! That might make the race worth doing right there! Looks like a lot of fun.

  7. @Victoria...haha, yes, he did! Those are the crazy friends I have *sigh* Definitely try doing it next year!

    @FF...saw that you loved Warrior!! Ugh, and sorry I didn't write back sooner... I used a Pentax waterproof digital camera. Poor thing might have gotten a little too much mud in it though this time around. :(


    @Amanda...Definitely a hilarious day all around!

    @JStone...Windham doesn't seem so treacherous coming down, right? What a pain in the arse going up though! :) Thanks!

    @Emily..helmet is TOTALLY worth the whole entire race. They're awesome!