26 August, 2011

Jeff Galloway Meet-Up at the Disneyland Half!

runDisney has done it again!

Photo from runDisney

Yesterday on their Facebook page, they posted a quick teaser saying to be on the lookout on the Disney Parks Blog about a unique opportunity at the Disneyland Half.  To me, that could only mean one thing.  They posted the same announcement right before the Wine & Dine Half in October and I was one of the lucky ones selected.  My recap of the event is here

I had my fingers on the refresh button right at 2pm and the second I saw the blog post go up, I followed the directions, sent my email, and crossed my fingers.

A little before 4pm, someone on the runDisney FB page said that the list had been posted so I quickly headed over to the blog and, there it was!  And, to my surprise, my name was on it!!  Quickly browsing the list of names, I instantly recognized my friend Patrick, as well as a few other Running of the Ears clan.   The confirmation email came a few minutes after that. 

I'm SO excited for this meetup!  While I don't officially use the Galloway method to run my races, I do use a run-walk method for my full marathons.  Plus, Jeff was definitely a wealth of knowledge in regards to other running information such as nutrition, stretching, preparation, etc so I'll be sure to pick his brain.  Doesn't sound like it will be a run like last time, but a Q&A with him, as well as a chance to see the runDisney portion of the expo before anyone else does.  Time to go shopping! :)

Will definitely write up a full recap of everything and post a ton of photos.  I was excited before this but now next week can't come soon enough!!


  1. Cool!! I saw that post, but it was like 30 minutes after it went up. I figured everybody else was faster, so I didn't even try.

    Have a great time - looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. Enjoy reading your blog!

    What a cool thing to get to do! I use the Galloway method for all of my running, which I only began this past spring. I'm hooked now, and I have registered for my first half marathon ever, the Princess 2012!

    Good luck!

  3. Congratulations! I hope they do this for W&D.

  4. I can't believe both of us were able to get in. It's gonna be fun, really looking forward to it. Disappointed that there won't be a run w/ Jeff, but maybe they'll have one for W&D and I'll have to try for that too!

  5. Congrats! Unfortunately, I had to work and couldn't even try for this one. Glad you'll be there and can tell us all about it.

  6. @FF...thank you :) Next time I need to post on here to let people know to get ready!

    @Jennifer...thank you! Good luck on Princess! I hear it's SUCH a fun race, I really hope to do it one day. It'll be perfect for your first!

    @JStone... Thanks! I'll bug them when I'm there and ask them about W&D

    @Patrick...seriously! When I saw your name on there I was thrilled!

    @Amanda...thank you!