30 August, 2011

Full Body Circuit Workout

I know a few people have asked on DailyMile about my full body circuit workout that I do at the gym.  Some of the exercises have some strange names that are hard to explain so I finally sat down and became best buddies with Google Images and tried to find photos that best portray the exercises!

So I now present to you....my workout.  :)

A normal full body circuit workout for me is 2 full sets of 15 reps of each exercise.  Normally I do each exercise once and then repeat the whole thing again.  Sometimes if I'm feeling like a change, I'll do each exercise twice, right after another, and then move onto the next one. 

1. Squat Press (with 32 lb bar) - the photo makes this pretty self explanatory

Image from womenshealthmag.com

2. Ball Wall Squats - hold each squat for 5 seconds before standing upright.  Made sure your hips don't fall in towards the wall.  If they do, move your feet out some more. 

Image from thebonearchitect.com
3. Side Lunges - I do these across the gym (usually 20-25 steps in one direction and then reverse to go in the other direction).  Feel the burn!

Image from beprettythinkpretty.blogspot.com

4. 5-Cone Touch - I couldn't find a photo that used 5 cones but this is similar.  I also have a cone directly in front of me, above the two in the photo, as well as 2 more cones below the 2 in the photo and further away from my body.  All 5 cones create a semi-circle.  Stand on one foot at the base of the semi-circle of cones and bend down and touch each cone.  After one semi-circle, return to the beginning.  You should touch 10 cones while balancing on each foot. 

Image from fit-pro.com
5. 1 Minute Side Step Ups on 10" Box - I couldn't find a good photo of these either.  But the photo shows the motion.  Stand one one side of a 10" box and alternate side steps for 1 minute. 

Image from beexercise.com

6. Flat Bench Press (55 lbs) - Self explanatory as well!

Image from fitnessdestination.com

7. Assisted Pull Ups - I have horrible upper body strength so working on my pullups.  Hoping one day I won't need the assistance!
Image from fullfitness.net

8.  Resistance Band Archery - OK, there were NO photos of this exercise that I could find.  Tie a resistance band to a pole  or something else stable and simulate an archery movement, ALMOST like the girl in the photo...but not quite as weird :)

Image from 43things.com

9. Curl & Press - Another self explanatory one

Image from thatsfit.com

10. Tricep Rope - Again, self explanatory.  I don't bow out my hands/wrists though at the bottom of the pull.

Image from bringingyoufitness.com

11.  Lateral Dumbell Raises - For some reason this is one of the hardest exercises for me!  And can I point out that the model in the photo has the exact body I want...

Image from muscleandperformancemag.com

12. Alternating Quadruped w/Ankle Weights - Do 15 on each side and then switch

Image from coreperformance.com

13. No Peek Crunches - Another hard one to find a photo of.  Most medicine ball ab crunches have you bring the medicine ball over your head and to your knees.  Not this one.  It's called 'no peek' because you are never supposed to see the medicine ball.  Keep the MB above your head and lift into a crunch and raise your shoulders off the ground.  Lower and repeat.

Image from ibodyfit.com

14.  1 Minute Russian Twist Crunches - For some reason these might be my favorite ab exercise ever! I don't keep my arms extended like this but maybe I should?

Image from eastbaytrainer.com

15. Lower Ab Reverse Curl Incline - So after my favorite ab exercise, now comes of my least favorite!

Image from ab-core-and-stomach-exercises.com

As time goes on, I'll gradually increase the weights when an exercise gets easier.  Also, my gym owner will suggest modifications on certain exercises to change things up.  But for now I'm really enjoying this whole circuit!

What do you guys think?   What are your faves?  Least faves? 


  1. Lunges - those things always seem so easy ... at first. But wow, I always feel it the next day!

    Those exercise balls look so fun. I haven't seen those at the YMCA, but then I haven't looked yet, either.

  2. I'm a fan of the squat press! Or shall I say that J. Alabama (the hubs) is a fan of the squat press -- so whenever we workout together that one is always a go to for us! Thanks for posting these, it looks like a killer workout! :)

  3. Thanks for posting this!! I really need to start doing more strength training / weights and this is very helpful. The Russian Twist Crunches look especially painful! :)

  4. Using abdominal exercise machines but probably one of the most important benefits is the absence of impact. Elliptical trainer workouts are generally safe for the joints and provide a no-impact workout as opposed to a treadmill where your feet hit the deck with every step.

  5. You are an animal - that's a great, tough workout. I have to say that I have been horrible about strength training and know I need to get back in to it.

  6. This is a great exercise. It would be helpful for all the people who enjoy workouts.

  7. @FF...ugh lunges are my enemy. I hate them! Definitely keep an eye out for the huge stability balls, def fun!

    @destination262...haha, squat press does all sorts of fabulous things for the rear :)

    @Emily...I've been slacking a little but it's definitely semi-fun. The Russian twists are painful but for some reason I really like them!


    @Amanda...I've honestly been pretty horrible lately with going to the gym but I need to kick myself back into it!