27 August, 2011

Final Race Instructions Posted for Wine & Dine Weekend

photo from runDisney

It's crazy how quickly time is flying by!  Runners registered for Wine & Dine Weekend received emails yesterday with the final race instructions and bib waivers already.  If you haven't received the email yet, check your spam folder.  Mine was hiding out in there. 

Doesn't seem like much has changed in terms of what we need to do:

Race Waivers

Half Marathon Final Instructions

Half Marathon Relay Final Instructions

Halloween 5k Final Instructions

Kid Race Final Instructions

I will be more prepared this time around and hopefully won't have the same turn of events like last years race!


  1. Me too. Have a feeling they made some good adjustments. Working on some ROTE sweatbands for my arm (gotta represent).

  2. So wish I was doing this again. I think it'll be so much better than last year and yes the experience should make quite a difference!

  3. @JStone... ohhhh! sweatbands are a great idea! Last year it was too hot to wear my hat so I just hooked it on my water belt.

    @Amanda...There's always next year :)

  4. This race sounds like such a fun race!! :)

  5. @FF... you'll just have to make sure to fit it in one year! :)

    @destination262...definitely a unique race! Can't really beat the afterparty. :)