19 July, 2011

Wine & Dine Race Program Guide is Online!

runDisney recently sent out an email to runners giving some new updates about the Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend being held at the end of Sept/beginning of Oct.

Hidden in the corner was a link to the race program!

It explains any and everything you need to know about the weekend. It also includes information about all of the changes that they've implemented since last year. Since a lot of people don't usually run night time races, there's also a few pages written by Jeff Galloway explaining how to handle the time difference in terms of rest and eating.

The biggest change with the finish line party is that there will be a few attractions open as well as the World Showcase such as Mission: Space, Test Track, and Soarin'. Also, instead of getting vouchers for a free sip and taste at the Food & Wine Festival kiosks, runners will get a free drink by the finish line area as well as a $10 gift card to use at the after party or at any other time during your stay. Sounds like a good plan for guests that don't want to stay for the party!

Click here to go directly to the race program.


  1. I wish I was running this again!! :(

  2. Can't wait for this race! Already read the program cover to cover (I am a Disney dork)! Are you running this year?

  3. EEERRRRRGGGG!!! I really want to do this one!!
    My friend that has joined me on my WDW the last two years has suggested we go again next year (since this year we are doing Vegas instead). I told her that if I go to WDW we HAVE to go during Wine & Dine weekend. I really really really NEED to do this race! :)

  4. I want to do this...I love the Food & Wine festival!!! Maybe another year!

  5. Sounds like they made some good improvements for this year's race!

  6. Sound like some great changes - last year was a bit crazy! Love the $10 gift card. I can't wait to do this again next year.

  7. @Melissa...like Daniel and I said today...there's always next year! :)

    @Heather... I am running! :) I totally read the program cover to cover the second I saw it too. Can't wait!

    @FF...definitely add it to the list for next year! Food..wine...running..and Disney?! :)

    @Dana...it'll be around for awhile (I hope) so definitely add it to your bucket list

    @Kelley... I'm crossing my fingers that all the improvements are fabulous. Sounds like they did a good job in listening to complaints

    @Amanda...definitely love the changes!