18 July, 2011

T-Minus 15 Weeks Until Marine Corps!

I've said it a million times and um, I'm going to say it again... time to seriously get my butt in gear and start officially training for this marathon! Let's do a little recap from the past few weeks, shall we? Don't worry...there's really not TOO much to report. ;)

The last week in June (the last time I said I needed to get things in gear), was actually a great week of training...

6/28: Actually woke up before work to run, I'm impressed with myself! :) 3 semi easy miles. Was definitely muggy so had a hard time getting a deep breath in. Legs felt good though even after my leg workout the day before.

7/1: Started up SmartCoach again and it called for a 3 mile tempo run at 9:11 pace, plus a 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cool down. First mile of the tempo run felt great. Actually had to slow down to keep the correct pace. Hit it right at 9:11. Was still keeping a good pace until I had to turnaround halfway through mile 2 and ended up with a 9:18. 3rd mile I just could NOT pick up the pace any more. It was getting muggier and harder to take a deep breath but I still pushed out a 9:22. Not perfect but I'm happy!

7/3: Holy rain, Batman! It was drizzling when Robby and I got to Central Park and the minute we parked, the skies opened up. Mother Nature was NOT happy...thunder, lightning, torrential rain, the whole shibang. We waited it out a bit and when it slowed down, we sucked it up and went outside. It rained for the entire run...boo! We had planned on 10, SmartCoach told me to do 8, so I'm kinda happy with 7.55. We did take a break for Robby to find a restroom and then walked around a few unexpected lakes so our pace def was affected. We were soaked to the bone though by the end. After awhile we gave up trying to go around the huge puddles and just started running through them. My poor poor sneakers! :)

And here's when the training kinda dive bombed....took a slight full week off due to class/exams and then the shuttle launch! All of the crossed fingers seemed to have helped! The shuttle went up on it's first attempt on Friday and it was absolutely AMAZING!!! Dad and I also got a chance to enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal and then the remainder of the weekend wandering around Disney and eating very well. Hopefully I'll get some of those reviews up too.

Here's just one of the shots I took. I have SO many I still need to go through!

7/11: Upper body workout

7/12: Ran for the first time with my running store's running group. Of course I pick the hottest, muggiest day of the year so far to go! 93 degrees and humid as anything at 6:30pm. We ran 3:1 intervals, which I liked in this heat. It was nice to take the walking breaks! Of course I couldn't go into the store without spending money on a whole new running outfit... *sigh*

But look how cute! :)

7/15:  Woah...WHAT was I thinking!??! Wanted to run at 9am but work got in the way. Didn't get to the park until 12:30pm... and it was 87 degrees and sunny and humid! :( Mile 1 was supposed to be a warmup and then I wanted to ramp up the speed. Unfortunately Mile 1 was my fastest mile.  The heat/humidity/sun completely sucked every ounce of energy out of me. I had to walk multiple times and was NOT happy about the whole situation. But, I got it done...moving on! :)

7/18:  Felt pretty good but the humidity was still pretty high. Was supposed to do 3 miles at a 9:11 pace and looks like I hit it dead on! 2nd mile was slowest prob due to the turnaround halfway through. Was kinda hard to get a deep breath in but didn't feel horrible!  Oh, and did I mention that I actually woke up at 5 for this run? Earliest wakeup yet! Didn't get to the park until 6, but that's still the earliest start too. :)

So hopefully there won't be as much pink on the sheet from here on out. Oops!


  1. Looks like you've stayed busy. I'm sure with the next race coming up you'll do more training.

    Looks like the shuttle launch was amazing.

    Very cute new running outfit.

  2. I like your spread sheet. I should do something like that for myself, it might help me.

    That is an AWESOME shuttle picture!!!

  3. That shuttle pic is AMAZING!! How cool that you were able to see it. Love the new running outfit - it is super cute. Your spreadsheet is inspiring me to make one. I just love spreadsheets - especially if they are color-coded. :)

  4. PS - what kind of camera do you have? I'm looking into buying a DSLR. I'm still trying to decide between Canon and Nikon (although I'm leaning toward Canon). Watch - you'll have something other than a Canon or Nikon and I'll have to start all over again! :)

  5. @Amanda... Thank you!

    @FF... the spread sheet has been a life saver. I'm somewhat anal about keeping track of things lol

    @Emily...thank you! I'm addicted to spreadsheets :) I use a Canon 7D for all of my photos. I used to use a Canon Rebel xTi which I loved too before I upgraded. Then I rotate between 3 or 4 lenses. I'm a huge Canon girl so I'd say go for one of those :)