21 July, 2011

June Race Recap: Spartan Sprint NY

Way back in early June, my friends and I decided to attempt the Spartan Race that was being held in NY.  Some of us had done the Warrior Dash last August so assumed it would be pretty much the same thing...right??

According to their site.... Simply, Spartan Race is the world’s leading obstacle race series. It’s an event of pure primitive craziness that you’ll never forget!

I think that description is putting it lightly...but more on that in a bit!

There were 6 of us running the race and little by little we all started arriving at the site.  In the meantime, we kept watching the races start every half hour and wandered around all of the obstacles that were around the finish line to try getting a taste of what to expect.  Oh, and we grabbed a beer because we definitely needed something to drink before attempting this feat! 

With one of the Spartan Chicks
After we all arrived, it was almost time for our heat to start so we lined up and grabbed a few photos.  Don't hate on my pink socks!  They saved my poor knees and shins from some serious beatings!

How do you like my socks?

At the start!

The Spartan organizers never post course maps because they want the course to be a secret.  So let's see if I can remember most of the obstacles....

- run up the ski mountain
- jump over fire and get doused with a fire hose at the top of the mountain
- jump over, under, and through walls that were 4-5 feet high
- get across many monkeybars
- run back up the hill
- pull a cinder block tied to a rope up a 15-20  foot pulley and then bring it back down
- crawl through sewage-like pipes
- crawl under chicken wire over boulders and tree stumps
- carry car tires up and down the mountain
- carry 5 gallon pain jugs filled with gravel up and down a 100 yard (?) steep mountain (the worst part by far)
- pull rocks in a bucket that's on skiis around a course and over hot coals (Chariots of Fire!)
- figure out a way to get yourself over an 8 foot wall
- run up and down that damn mountain a few more times
- climb up and over the slippery wall covered in soap
- traverse across a wall with hand and foot holds (almost like bouldering) without falling
- throw a spear at a target of hay
- military crawl 400 meters uphill in a CRAZY mud pit topped with barbed wire
- military crawl down 100 meters downhill in a pit of ice
- jump over fire
- get through the Spartans trying to kill you at the finish line... no joke

I KNOW I'm forgetting some and I'm not describing some of these correctly but I might be trying to forget about some.

The course was only 3.1 or 3.2 miles and it took us an hour and a half.  The mud pit alone took us about 20 minutes! So here's just a few of the photos that my friend who didn't run took for us. :)

Slippery Wall

After getting over the slippery wall
Heading towards the mud pit

Attempting the spear throwing...and failing
Getting through 30 burpees
Trying to figure out the mud pit
Somewhere in that mud pit
Are we there yet!?
Before getting too dirty
One of the Spartans at the finish line

RIP pink socks :(

The sneaker donation pile

To sum it up though...this race was AWESOME! We had such a hilarious time getting through the course. Unfortunately we don't have photos throughout like I did for Warrior but that's because this race was HARD. So so much harder than Warrior Dash!

I will say the after party wasn't as fun as Warrior Dash but I feel that the Spartan series is definitely for the more hard core.  Not as many people dressed up in costumes and there were a ton of people that went ALL out in terms of trying to win this thing!  Apparently the guy that won the day we were there broke both his wrists falling off that slippery wall but still managed to finish in first place.  Can we say crazy?! 

This was technically a Spartan Sprint, which is 3+ miles.  They also have Super Spartans (8+ miles), Spartan Beasts (12+ miles),  and the absolutely insane Death Race (48 hour physical and mental challenge in the mountains of VT).  They put on some great races and I can't wait to do it again next year!  I might even attempt a Super Spartan in the near future...we will see!


  1. WOW.

    Seriously, wow! I'm doing Warrior Dash in September and now you have me thinking of wearing some socks to protect myself. And still, Wow! That Spartan guy at the end was HUGE!! This looks really hard. I figure Warrior Dash is my "speed" - forget about a 48 hour race. No way could I handle that, although, actually, no, it would be fun to try, right?

    What a fun time. You wear that mud so well!

  2. That's quite a list of obstacles! Loved the photos because I have been curious about these races. Looks fun!

  3. Wow - that's impressive, I am pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to survive that one. Great job and glad you had fun!

  4. Oh wow!! I was a spectator at a mud run (but it wasn't nearly as insane as yours). Super impressive!! Love the pink socks!! Well the socks that started off pink! :)

  5. The socks were a great idea! My knees got really beat up at the Warrior Dash! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!! :)

  6. @FF...the knee high socks came in handy! Can't wait to see how you like Warrior. We did it last week and it was awesome!

    @Kelley...definitely a fun time! Hard, but fun.

    @runningwithoutborders...definitely awesome! :)

    @amanda...I still don't know how people sprinted and raced this. We were struggling with all the mountain climbing

    @Emily...My poor pink socks! :)

    @Niffercoo...can't wait to do it next year too!