28 June, 2011

My Goofy (and Marine Corps Marathon) Training Plan!

I've been going back and forth with how to set up my training plan for Goofy for quite some time now.  I had to make sure to properly train for the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct 30th and then transition right into Goofy training.  Looking at the schedule, I'm slightly overwhelmed, not gonna lie!

When I was training for the full marathon last January, I only ran 3x per week.  I talked to my gym owner/trainer and he said that was definitely ok to do.  This time around, I have 4 runs a week planned leading up to the Marine Corps Marathon and then 5 runs a week for Goofy.  I will be COMPLETELY ok if I have to skip a smaller run each week due to my schedule, just as long as it's not my long weekend run or another 'big' run. 

To come up with the training programs, I mixed and matched a few to work better with my schedule:

- Leading up to Marine Corps, I based my training on Hal Hidgon's Novice Marathon Training Plan 2
- After Marine Corps and leading up to Goofy, I used fellow Disney runner, Lee Hoedl's Goofy Plan

Since my training has Marine Corps thrown into the mix, feel free to head over to Lee's Goofy Plan page where he lays out the plan completely with training officially starting in September. 

You guys will be seeing a bit more of Lee's information and videos around here soon.  He creates the most amazing youtube videos about all of the Disney races he completes and I can't stop watching them! Not to mention I get teary eyed watching most of them.  He's graciously allowed me to start posting them on here for you guys to see as well. 

So here it is...finally!  My Marine Corps Marathon/Goofy Challenge Training Plan!

This is definitely not the end all, be all, training plan.  Everyone is different and this might not work for everyone.  Plus I'm sure I'll be tweaking this as time goes on.  Some people insist that you don't have to do back to back runs when training for Goofy, which I can understand.  I just know that for myself, I need to be mentally prepared and this will get me there.  

Oh, and I'll be updating that excel file and posting my progress...hence the color coding for 'Run Complete!' and 'Run Fail' boxes. :)

I've also updated the Disney Running 101 tab at the top of the page to include links to a few of the training plans that I have used, including the Jeff Galloway plans from the runDisney site!

What do you guys think?  Any Goofy runners agree?  Disagree?  Suggestions? :) 


  1. I'm not a Goofy runner, not even a marathon runner, but I think it looks like what I'd put together if I was making this attempt. I tend to totally slack for a few weeks after a race and you won't be able to do that. It's one of the things I was worried about when considering going from W&D to the January full for 2012. I'm not registered for January, BTW. Too much going on with the kids & the business, but maybe January 2013. Hope I get to see you in October!

  2. Wow, the Goofy training looks like a lot. I was sort of envisioning just doing what I would do for marathon training and then adding in the back-to-back long runs after MCM/RnR Savannah. I was also thinking just one additional 20 mile run. Why did you do them every other week? Just curious... I have until Saturday to decide what I'm going to do about January! LOL

  3. I have never trained for more than a 5k before, but from what I've read about running training, this looks like a good mix of getting your legs strong and adjusted to many miles for several days in a row, and having some tapering before the big weekend.

    I'm curious to hear about your progress, here and on Daily Mile, and your posts are kind of making me want to do a Goofy one day too. :) (Though I'd start with a marathon the first year...isn't it good to have more excuses to get to WDW?)

  4. Looks pretty similar to what I did last year. I had a marathon the first week in November then went straight into Goofy training. When it was all over, I was definitely looking forward to a training break! Enjoy :)

  5. @Jen...I slack right after a big race too, which worries me. But hopefully I can take a week off and be ok before jumping into Goofy. Definitely hope to see you in Oct!

    @Lisa...that's how my Goofy itch started, I was reading about others training and registering for it! Watch out! :) (I would def start with the marathon first too though, although I know a few crazies that did their first marathon and first Goofy in the same weekend!)

    @Karen...Just looking at the training calendar makes me look forward to the break in training in January! :) Thanks!

  6. Yours is one of the first blogger MCM plans I've seen, thank you for posting this! I like the "run fail" also - that really helps you get your runs done so you DON'T have to code it that color :)

    I just started tearing apart my plan (AGAIN) last night, bc the week of my 20 miler I am running a half, and I have to cover 7 miles before the race. Thought about moving the 20 to the week before .. I don't know. The plan is a disaster now haha.

  7. @Melissa... you're welcome! I was actually looking for MCM plans too and hardly found any. I'm SURE this plan will get torn apart as well down the road but I at least wanted something to try going by. As for your 20? See how it goes leading up to that week (or week before). I think both ideas will work!

  8. That is an impressive plan!! But it looks do-able. And I love color coding! I'll be following along with your progress!

  9. This is crazy! I am sure you can do it! :-)

  10. @Emily & @melie... thanks! Definitely crazy, so I'm crossing my fingers, hoping for no injuries, and jumping right in! :)

  11. It is all so over my head that I have no advice, comments, suggestions or even any questions!

    I will say that I'm excited to see your friend's videos. A good Disney running video always inspires me to get out and get moving!

  12. I totally think that your plan is doable. I really like the idea of doing two long runs on the weekends. I am sure that will help as you prepare for the Goofy/Dopey Challenge.

  13. I was actually wondering what type of training you would have to do for Goofy. I am super super excited for you! I hope to someday be able to do that race too! It sounds intense yet AWESOME!! :)

  14. @FruitFly...be prepared to shed a tear. I dont know if I'm just a sap or what, but his videos make me get choked up!

    @Rachel...thanks! I think it'll definitely help getting my body used to running on that short of a recovery time. We'll see :)

    @destination262...thank you! I'm excited and terrified all at the same time!

  15. I totally think that doing back to back runs is super important. Not only physically, but mentally you have to be prepared for the feeling the second and third day - it's tough to get going that first few miles of the marathon and you have to know how to get yourself through that.

    Just be sure you don't over do it and end up injured. Listen to your body and be kind when it tells you to take a rest.

    I agree that you can skip a short run once and a while, but do everything you can do get those long runs in. Time on your feet is super important.

    I was able to take this on walking only three to four days a week. It really depends on your base training and the shape you are in when you start. Of course, your goals will play in to this as well.

    I am also the kind of person that actually likes to cover the full distance in a dress rehearsal so that I can make sure nutrition is right, hydration is right and clothing will work.

    There is not much better than the feeling when you get that Goofy medal placed around your neck!

  16. Wow! My running friends and I have been talking about the Goofy run, good for you! Your training plan looks good and I would definitely not hesitate to take a bit of a break between MCM and goofy training. your body will thank you for it...Good luck!

  17. Jenn!! You're crazy girl but I still love you! :-P
    Josh and I are doing the W&D relay (Team Runatouille!) and I've started training for the full in January but haven't had the balls to register....yet.

  18. @Amanda...I definitely think back to back runs are needed for my mental stability. Maybe not as much physically, but I always need to know I can mentally do things!

    @Rene...thank you! Unfortunately my training hasn't been as strenuous as I wanted to but I think I'm still on the right track!

    @Sarah... :D yeah, I question my sanity sometimes! And can not WAIT until W&D, love love love your team name. Drinks at the after party? :) And I'll bug you about the full when I see you too hehehe

  19. I don't quite remember how it happenned, but I managed to sign up for my first marathon, the MCM 2012, as well as the Goofy Challenge 2013. A little freaked out at the moment but your training plan and the fact you finished are both very motivating. Thanks for sharing!

  20. @Nicole... Good luck with the races! Feel free to ask anything you can think of. I will admit I didn't really stick to the training plan above but I can proudly say I survived both races. I slacked off for a bit and paid for it but I would totally run both races (or all 3 I mean) again! Don't freak out, just take each race one at a time!