04 May, 2011

New Coast to Coast Qualifying Requirements!

Since runDisney announced their new Tinkerbell Half Marathon out in Disneyland, many people were wondering if they would change their Coast to Coast requirements.   Guess they heard us!  :)

Coast to Coast Medal

Originally there was only one way to qualify for Coast to Coast and receive the extra medal.  You had to run a half or full marathon in Florida first (either a January race or Princess) and then the Disneyland half in September in the same calendar year.   Even last year when they introduced Wine & Dine in October, you still couldn't run Disneyland first and then Wine & Dine. 

The announcement finally came today that you now can run any half marathon, full marathon, or Goofy Challenge in ANY order and you qualify for Coast to Coast.  SWEET!

1) Complete one of the following runDisney Races at the Walt Disney World® Resort:
- Walt Disney World® Marathon
- Walt Disney World® Marathon Relay
- Walt Disney World® Half Marathon
- Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge
- Disney's Princess Half Marathon
- Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon
2) Complete one of the following runDisney Races at Disneyland® Resort:
- Tinker Bell Half Marathon
- Disneyland® Half Marathon

They did put a disclaimer though that each runner can only earn one medal per calendar year.  So guess I can't try getting a second one when I run Wine & Dine? :)

Also, you do not qualify for it if you do the Wine & Dine Relay since neither you or your teammate are running a full 13.1 miles.  

My friends on ROTE mentioned that this could be the start of even bigger running challenges with runDisney.  The Rock n' Roll race series has a Heavy Medal Series where you get an additional medal for EACH new race you complete in a calendar year.  Crazy!

And I wouldn't mind the challenge of running EVERY Disney big race in a calendar year.  My wallet will surely hate me but... I'm up for the challenge! :) 


  1. Well that settles it. I'm in for Tinker Bell & Princess next year. I'm so getting the Coast to Coast medal!! :)

  2. I am sooo excited to get my Coast to Coast medal this year. I don't think I'll go for it next year, but I am already registered for a Florida race in 2012, so who knows!

  3. I so want to run a Disney race. They always look like so much fun!

  4. I agree with the ROTE friends. I can see Disney building some kind of medal system based on how many races you run in a calendar year.

  5. I'm excited you're running Wine and Dine. Like I tweeted to you earlier this week, you are really motivating me and getting me more excited.

    BTW, I linked 2 of your Wine and Dine pics from last year on my blog and credited you. If you'd rather me not, let me know (I should have asked first...eeeeks, sorry:P).

    Also...I'm turning my run into a blogging event. If you're interested in joining in, let me know :) www.goobermonkey.com

  6. Ah how cool! Eventually I want to get the Coast to Coast medal... maybe next year. ;)

  7. The Coast to Coast medal is one of my favorites and other than the normal race fees it doesn't cost you anything extra. It's a gorgeous medal too!

    I am planning on doing all the big races next year and of course then they'll announce a special medal for that after I've already done it :)! That's okay though I guess - it just gives me more reason to keep running the Disney races.

  8. Aww,man .... I can't get two C2C medals this year? Bummer. I was definitely going to try and snag another one after W&D to go along with my duplicate medals from January :)

  9. I'm still hoping i can get the C2C but I'm thinking it's not the card for this year. Hopefully gonna do the Tinkerbell Half next year and the W&D half....but we'll see! Disney ain't cheap! :)

  10. All of those races sound super fun! And that is awesome about the new requirements. One day i will get to run in one of those disney races!

  11. So on top of the new requirements for Coast to Coast, have you guys seen the new Tinkerbell medal??? It's fabulous! Definitely will help motivate people a little more to do a few more races. I'll post a pic of it in a new post later today. :)

  12. Signing up for the Wine and Dine tomorrow, and doing the Disney Half in September. <3