24 May, 2011

I'm back!

My D23 trip a few weeks ago was such a whirlwind that I'm still trying to recover.  Such a great time catching up with friends down there and all of the D23 events were awesome.

As for the scavenger hunt, I think we did pretty well!  Out of about 550 teams, we can in 86th.  Not too shabby considering the unbearable heat that we all had to endure.  Some of the questions were crazy hard and some we knew before going to double check.  Definitely made us more aware of many of the details in each park.  Each park had roughly 95 questions so there was JUST enough to make sure you're constantly moving looking for answers.

The D23 Destination D events for the 40th anniversary of Walt Disney World were just as cool.  Many of the Disney Legends that helped build the Disney empire were there to tell about their stories of Walt and the parks.  The closing session on Sunday was an amazing mini concert from Richard Sherman (one of the brothers that pretty much wrote EVERY Disney song known to man) with a guest appearance from the original Dreamfinder and Figment!  At one point when Richard Sherman sang Tuppence (from Mary Poppins), I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

I'll definitely have photos and food reviews up eventually.  Trying to get through all the pics I took, as well as start summer classes for grad school tomorrow. 

As for running while there?  Yeah, it didn't happen.  We definitely walked MILES a day though through the parks.  I was exhausted each day and the thought of waking up earlier than everyone else just did NOT go over well.

Here's a quick pic of our scavenger hunt team, taken by the D23 photogs :)


  1. Sounds like so much fun! I am counting down until the Wine & Dine Half Marathon [only 4 months away!, and can't wait until my next trip down there.

    How many times a year do you try to get to WDW?

  2. Welcome back - what a fun time you must have had. Can't wait to hear more and see more pictures!

  3. Aw looks like a blast!!!! :) Can't wait to read more!

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing experience. Great job on the scavenger hunt too!

  5. welcome back! this looks like a fun hunt! I've said it many times already, but Disney does have the best races and events.

  6. I really need to join D23 -- I didn't know much about this event until it was happening and I am so bummed I didn't participate! Sounds like a BLAST, and an incredibly special event for a Disney geek. The concert with Richard Sherman...amazing!

    Congrats on a strong finish in the scavenger hunt -- I'm looking forward to your pics and reviews!

  7. WOW Richard Sherman?!!? Oh my gosh I'm so jealous! AND he sang Tuppens? That is incredible! I'm glad you had a good time! I enjoyed following your twitter updates! :0)

  8. Fellow DFB guest poster, coming along for the ride. I really enjoyed following the tweets from everyone at the hunt, and it makes me want to attend next year for sure!

  9. Thanks guys!

    @Lisa...this year is a freak year and I've been down there a LOT. Usually I only get down there twice a year though...a full week in January for the marathon and then a long weekend for Wine & Dine.

    @Karen...omg he was amazing! I have a few vids I'll post too of some of the stuff he sang. Tuppens brought everyone to tears!

    @Deej...welcome aboard! :) Promise I post more than I have lately....