05 April, 2011

India Recap in Pictures.... New Delhi

Where do I even begin? The trip to India was awesome but hard to describe.  We traveled to New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai and each city was completely different.  Chaotic, crazy, and beautiful is probably the best way to describe everything.  We took a side trip to the Taj Mahal, which was gorgeous as well.  When we weren't meeting with companies and other organizations to discuss doing business in India with my MBA class, we were able to wander the streets and take in all the excitement around us.

Since words can't justify the trip, this will mostly be a photo journey.....I'm going to break this down into smaller posts, most likely by city. Our first stop on our adventure? New Delhi!

New Delhi was definitely an overwhelming experience at first.  It was our first city, definitely the most populated of the places we visited, and an intense way to break into our India adventure.  After the first day, I started getting used to the hustle and bustle and started to really enjoy the city.  If I had a few more days, I would have loved to wander some more and I think we all would have felt more comfortable. 

Enjoy the pics!

Traffic at 1am
Traffic in Delhi at 1:30am on our way to the hotel from the airport!

Family Transportation
Typical family transportation....and this was a small amount of passengers compared to what we saw later in the week!

In the street
The streets of Delhi

Doing Business
Doing business in Delhi

Street Food
Some of the street food

Colorful Sarees
Beautiful colorful Saris

Dried Fruit & Nut Market
Nut & Fruit Market
Preparing for Holi
Preparing for Holi (a Hindu festival celebrating spring and the 'Festival of Colors')

In the spice market
In the spice market, an intense experience where even the locals were choking and coughing on the intense smells and spices in the air!

Elena and I started the Holi celebration early!
Celebrating Holi early....a shop owner selling powder decided to show the two of us how to properly celebrate...

Negotiating Rickshaw Rides
Negotiating prices for rickshaws to get the whole class back to our bus

All in rickshaws ready to go
Ready for our rickshaw rides

Wide Load
Wide load!

Buying Saris

Street Food
More street food


  1. Loved this recap! The colors, the street foods, the street scenes. It brought back a lot of memories from my own trip, and I think it's wonderful that you were able to go with a business class. So cool. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow great pictures, thank you for sharing. I love looking at everything in the background!

  4. I saw some of these on facebook earlier, too! Great photos! Its just crazy how different it all is. Those saris are just gorgeous, right?? I imagine it had to be an amazing experience!

  5. Cool pictures! It is always interesting to see what things are like in other parts of the world. Looking forward to more!

  6. @Lisa...thanks! I've been wishing I was back there the minute I got home. It was awesome!

    @Victoria...thank you :)

    @Heather...thanks! It was complete sensory overload. There was SO many things going on all at once!

    @FruitFly...The sari's were absolutely stunning. I would have loved to take more photos of people but didn't want to intrude.

    @Steve...thanks! I LOVE seeing other cultures, especially ones so different from ours.

  7. Wow. You can tell how busy everything is just from the photos! I love how colorful it is there :)

  8. @kilax...the colors and chaos were amazing!