08 April, 2011

India Recap in Pictures... Celebrating Holi in Mumbai

Mumbai was probably my favorite city that we visited.  It's hard to explain but it was more upbeat.  Would have loved to stay there a few more days to wander.  One of the places we were able to see was Dharavi, the slum that Slumdog Millionaire was based in.  Definitely a moving and eye opening experience and it definitely puts things into perspective.  Photos weren't allowed but I wouldn't have felt right taking them if they were. 

Didn't take too many photos of the actual city but we were lucky enough to be able to experience the Holi festival while we were there.  Holi is a Hindu celebration of spring, and also called the 'Festival of Colors' where every Hindu comes out and parties like crazy and throws colored powder and water at each other.  It was so much fun to wander and see everyone having fun!  Luckily we stayed relatively clean (compared to everyone else) and all of the locals had a great time helping us celebrate without going overboard.

The Taj Hotel...amazing!

In our hotel lobby the morning of Holi

Our first glimpse of Holi celebrations!









Survived Holi pretty clean!!!


  1. Wow - the colors!! It looks like everyone is just really enjoying it. Very cool! And compared to most, you DO look very clean. Slacker! ;)

  2. That looks like a lot of fun!! But I would have been nervous about the camera getting ruined!!

  3. @FruitFly...haha, we def stayed MUCH cleaner than everyone else! If you get the powder wet, it's MUCH harder to get off your skin. Since we were flying home that day, we were trying to not get too messy. Although on the plane home there were a TON of people who were still bright pink and blue. haha!

    @Niffercoo...yeah, I was really nervous about the camera. We originally put our cameras in huge plastic bags but the bags just got in the way.