13 April, 2011

A Good Week of Training!

I'm hoping that the great feeling I have from the previous week's workouts will stick around for awhile.

For the first time in MONTHS I was actually able to get to the gym at least 3 days, plus get a nice long run in on the weekend. 

Monday (4/4):
After my fun 8 mile run in NYC the week prior, I wasn't up to going for another run the very next day.  Headed to the gym instead and got a serious arm workout in.  Put my headphones on so no one really talks to me and just got it done.  I LOVE my gym and the people there but since it's such a tiny gym, it's like a second family.  Everyone stops and talks to each other so sometimes that 1 hour workout can turn into 2 hours.  With the headphones, most people know I mean business.  :)

Tuesday (4/5):
Woah, two days in a row!  I completed a one mile warmup run on the treadmill, hoping to get back and get a few more miles in when I was done with weights.  Worked out the legs and abs and after that was done, my legs felt like complete jello so I decided to forego the additional running.  Still felt great though.  I've been slacking working my core so glad I got to get a good workout in.

Saturday (4/9):
The gym on a Saturday?  Unheard of for me!  Even the gym owner almost fell off his chair when I walked in.  Went in and did my 3rd and final part of my weekly workout, two sets of my full circuit that totally kicks my butt.  I was pretty gross and sweaty by the time I was done.  No real cardio other than some hilly bike climbs that are part of the circuit but I was happy to get a full weeks worth of strength training in!  I'll try to add more cardio in at the gym next week.  Baby steps, right?

Sunday (4/10):
My friends and I got together in the morning and headed back into NYC to get in our 10 mile run.  We were going to do a different part of the West Side Highway but decided to head over to Central Park instead.  I've been to Central Park a MILLION times but have never ran in it.  I knew it could get hilly at points but we figured that was a good thing.  We took it fairly easy since my friends were doing their first 10 mile run ever.  Happy to say we all did really well and had a great time!  We got a little turned around at one point and took a wrong turn so instead of running the perimeter of the park, we decided to run around the reservoir for a bit.  Didn't take my camera but definitely next time so I can take pictures to show everyone how beautiful it is!  There were also SO many people out running that it helped pass the time away. 


So that was my week of training last week! To say I'm happy is an understatement. I finally feel really good about training again! Plus, I'm currently trying to plan out a marathon training plan to get me to the Marine Corps Marathon as well as the Goofy Challenge. When I get all that in order, I'll post my plan for others to see and critique.

Also have an update on all the Disney races I'm doing, as well as a new announcement hopefully the end of this week on the new Disney race that they're being so secretive about! :)


  1. Sounds like some great training! How do you decide when to fit in strength training? Do you have a set schedule?

  2. @Niffercoo... The owner of my gym creates a training plan for each client of his. Based on how many days a week I can usually get to the gym (3x), he suggested one day of upper body, one day of lower body/core, and a third day of a complete full body circuit which works everything including cardio. Each workout is roughly 1 hour, not including additional cardio I decide to add! I don't have set days to do anything, just when I can get to the gym!

  3. Your training is awesome! What an awesome place you get to train. I mean you train where I'd go for a destination race!

    I'm getting ready to register for WDW in January! I just sent an e-mail to two of my friends inviting them along for the ride. But even if I go alone, I'm totally going!

  4. Great training week! I'm seriously thinking about Goofy next year!

  5. @FruitFly... I could say the same about you! I'd love to run in Oregon one day! Any word from your friends about Jan?

    @Savannah...thanks! :) And yayyyyy Goofy!

    @Chris...thanks :)

  6. I think right now, well, I KNOW right now I am going. I am registered and have the time off from work. I am pretty certain my friend Jessica is coming along for fun and to cheer. So now I just have to be nice and not pester the BF and see if he'll join us!